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Est. Consultants
40% - 50%
Downline Commission
Startup Cost
$219 - $899
Products Sold
Adult Products
Health & Eco Friendly
Home Office
655 Plum Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 US

Pure Romance is a direct sales company that offers relationship enhancers for women. The company is dedicated in providing safe and high-quality products to improve and enhance the experiences of women and as well as in providing profitable business opportunities for long-term financial success.

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Pure Romance - Our Thoughts

The direct sales industry primarily revolves around common everyday products like cosmetics, personal care products, candles, home décor, home organizing tools, scrapbooking, and jewelry, among others. However, there are several direct sales companies that go beyond what is commonly offered in retail locations, direct sales home parties, and websites. One such company is Pure Romance, a direct sales company that offers relationship and romance enhancers.

Founded in 1983 by single mom Patty Brisben, Pure Romance was established to provide safe and high-quality products that promote women’s sexual health. While such products are generally considered taboo especially in highly conservative societies, it is necessary to provide women with a venue to access safe products especially when it directly concerns their sexual health. This is the primary principle behind Pure Romance; the company wants to correct negative connotations about such products and to encourage women to express their sexuality and freedom over their bodies without being constrained by stereotypes. Having had over a decade of experience as a direct sales representative, Patty Brisben, inspired by what she saw as lacking in an industry as promising as direct sales, quickly went ahead and built her business from scratch. Now, the Ohio-based direct sales company is the biggest distributor of relationship enhancers and romance-related products in the direct sales industry and has over 75,000 independent sales consultants all across the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Puerto Rico.

Pure Romance Products

Pure Romance offers a wide selection of products primarily targeted at women. They offer a line of beauty, cosmetics, massage, and bath products. Among their product offerings is a wide selection of relationship enhancers for women. They offer everything from flavored lubricants, enhancement creams, and performance enhancers for women, different types of vibrators, vaginal exercise tools, adult toy cleaners, and vaginal dilators, among others.

Pure Romance also offers a line of relationship how-to books featuring sexual positions and tips for an enhanced sexual experience. Aside from products for women, Pure Romance also carries a few products for men, including performance enhancers and as well as male adult toy enhancers.

In addition, women can also find quite a selection of lingerie and bedroom apparel and as well as products for improving sexual health such as wipes and cleaners. All pure romance products have been tested for quality. These products are not only intended to provide a pleasurable experience but they also ensure the safety of women’s sexual reproductive health.

Pure Romance Business Opportunity

From the very start, Pure Romance was established as a company for women. Aside from their primary goal of opening up women’s minds and teaching them to become more comfortable with their sexuality, Pure Romance also provides a business opportunity. Whether it’s to pay for a student loan, mortgage, credit card debt, or a car loan or you just want to earn a decent income while having enough time to spend with your family, Pure Romance recognizes the importance of providing a comfortable working environment with flexible work hours and most importantly, a feasible financial plan to help women achieve their financial goals. By becoming an independent consultant for Pure Romance, you will not only be of service to other women but you are also given the first steps to financial freedom and success. To join the company as a direct sales consultant, you can either contact an existing consultant or visit the company’s website and fill out the new consultant application form.

Pure Romance Starter Kits

Pure Romance offers four types of starter kits, depending on how much you would like to invest and earn initially.

Bronze Starter Kit

The bronze starter kit is available to new consultants for $149. It comes inclusive of over $330 worth of Pure Romance products from all their different collections.

Silver Starter Kit

The Silver starter kit is offered to new consultants for $199 and comes inclusive of $725 worth of Pure Romance products. It also comes with all the essential business tools for launching your business.

Gold Starter Kit

The Gold Starter Kit is available for $599 with a retail value of $1600. It comes with twice the products available in the silver starter kit and also comes with all the necessary business supplies.

Platinum Starter Kit

The Platinum Starter kit is ideal for those who are looking to start a larger-scale operation even at the beginning. This kit is available for $1399 with a retail value of $3800. It comes with multiple stocks of creams, cosmetics, bath products, enhancers, books, and as well as bedroom accessories. It also comes with business supplies.

All starter kits come with the following business supplies: an incentive guide for new consultants, a planner, rewards book, consultant manual, 50 postcards, 50 business cards, catalogs, cue cards, 25 hostess brochures, 50 invitations and order forms, a tent card, and a consultant website. The gold and platinum starter kits also come inclusive of 50 plastic bags.

Pure Romance Compensation Plan

Pure Romance offers unlimited income potential for independent consultants. As a Pure Romance consultant, you have complete control over how much you earn. Your retail sales commission will depend on how much you make for each party, which means that the more products you sell, the higher your income potential. The company offers personal sales commissions ranging from 35% up to 50%, which is higher than what most direct sales companies offer. You can also sponsor new consultants into your team, which will entitle you to monthly sponsorship commissions and leadership promotions. As an independent consultant, you will also receive unlimited training and support from your upline representative and get access to group bonuses and volume bonuses for exceeding the monthly requirement in sales.

Pure Romance Parties and Host Rewards

Anyone is welcome to host a party for Pure Romance, provided that they are 18 years old and above. To host a party, you simply have to contact a consultant and provide the necessary details and she will take care of everything else. Qualified parties are eligible for hostess rewards. Hostesses can earn 10% in Pure Romance credits for minimum party sales of $250 and above. The hostess rewards program also comes with a free hostess gift, a free item, and up to two items at 35% off.

Pure Romance is one of the biggest direct sales companies specializing in relationship enhancers. Aside from providing great business opportunities to women who want to earn a decent monthly income, Pure Romance also provides a safe and comfortable venue for women to shop for intimates and romance-related products.

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wrote 2 years ago

I have been using Pure Romance products since 2004. I have been in and out of the company but this last time I decided I am making it. I've been in almost 2 years now! I love the company's products and mission. I love the people and everything about it. If you love a product you can share with anyone. I believe it's very important to believe in what you do and have a passion for what you sell! I will make this my full time job in less than 5 years!

Helpful (2)
wrote 8 years ago

I have been with a couple other Direct Sales Company, and this one has been by far the best I have found. The sister consultants and customers are amazing! I have also never sold a product that I enjoy more. Every shipment is like Christmas!

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