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Est. Consultants
25% - 40%
Downline Commission
3% - 12%
Startup Cost
Products Sold
Skillet Meal Seasonings, Sauces, Organic Products, Jams & Jellies, Dressings & Marinades, Dippers & Dip Mixers, Breakfast, Breads & Doughs, Bouillons & Soup, Grapeseed Oils
Food & Cooking

Wildtree has been in the direct sales industry since 1996 and has experienced continuous growth and success since its inception. Interested representatives can expect to earn personal sales commissions of up to 40% and sponsorship bonuses of up to 12% when they start their own Wildtree business.

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  • Company Overview

    Wildtree is a direct sales company that specializes in healthy ready-made food mixes, sauces, and dips. The company was founded in 1996 by Leslie Montie, a full-time working mom with two kids who suffered from health conditions that placed major restrictions on their dietary intake.

    The idea behind Wildtree was borne out of Leslie’s children’s medical condition; since she wanted to provide healthy food alternatives to what they used to eat without taking the fun and pleasure out of eating good food, she sought the advice of her parents and together, they came up with new recipes and methods of preparing food that were suitable to the dietary needs of her children without taking away the delightful flavors of their favorite dishes.

    Now, Wildtree is a successful direct sales company that offers meal time solutions and healthy food options not only to people with dietary restrictions but to families who are looking for healthier alternatives to pre-packaged foods that are typically available in stores.

    Wildtree does not only offer a healthy solution to meals but the company also offers the convenience that comes with pre-packaged food products and mixes without the preservatives.

    The company now has thousands of consultants representing Wildtree products all across the country and continues to provide healthy and delicious food options to individuals and families in the country.

    Wildtree Products

    Wildtree offers a wide selection of food products featuring various cuisines from around the world. Their collection of culinary blends include sauces and food mixes from Indian Cajun seasonings, Jamaican jerk seasonings, and herb mixes to classic American favorites like meatloaf mixes, Italian pasta sauce mixes, and even Italian salad dressing mixes, their selection caters to almost every taste and preference.

    The company also offers a line of breads, pizza, and pancake mixes where you can find almost every variety and flavor of bread and dough; from Banana bread and beer bread. Their collection is sure to satisfy even the most sensitive of dietary needs.

    In addition, Wildtree also offers ready-to-use dips and sauces including: blazing buffalo dips, onion blends, a selection of European dipping oils in a variety of flavors, guacamole seasoning, among others.

    All Wildtree products are exclusively distributed through their team of independent representatives all across the country.

    The Wildtree Business Opportunity

    Even from the beginning, Wildtree’s primary method of selling is through direct sales. Starting your own Wildtree business is very simple, you can sign up with an existing representative or directly contact the company through their website to get in touch with a representative near your area.

    As a Wildtree representative, you will not only get the privilege of exclusively distributing the company’s products but you also get to start your own business and build a career in direct sales.

    By joining Wildtree, you are not signing up as an employee, you are signing up as an entrepreneur with your own business. The best thing is, you get all the benefits of an independent venture plus support and training from your uplines and other company representatives.

    You have the freedom to set your own work hours, how much you want to sell, how you want to sell, and even how much you earn. You can choose to work part-time on one month and full-time the next; your Wildtree business is patterned to suit your lifestyle and financial needs.

    Wildtree Parties and Host Rewards

    Wildtree employed the party-plan system in 1999 and is still primarily a party-plan company today. Anyone who is interested in hosting a party is welcome to do so, you simply have to contact a Wildtree representative near you to book a date. As a host, you can be eligible for their rewards program if your party sales reach the minimum required.

    Eligible parties require at least minimum sales of $350. Party hosts can expect to earn 15% to 20% of their party sales in free Wildtree products plus purchase up to three items at half the price off or even more depending on the party's sales. You can get a chance to purchase an additional item at half the price for every new party booking your guests make at your party.

    Over the years, Wildtree has proven that eating healthy does not have to come at the expense of eating good food. Through their vast line of food mixes and seasonings, every family can have a good meal while meeting the dietary requirements of those with special needs. No matter how busy you are; a good and healthy meal is possible with Wildtree.

  • Compensation Plan

    Wildtree representatives all have an unlimited potential for income. As a representative, what you earn will depend on your personal sales every month and as well as the number of downline representatives you sponsor.

    Initially, you can earn personal sales commissions ranging from 25% to 40% and this amount applies even to new representatives. You can also earn 3% from your downline’s commissionable sales.

    Once you reach the leader status, you can begin earning up to 40% commissions on your personal sales and up to 12% sponsorship commissions from your recruits.

    The great thing about Wildtree’s compensation plan is that they give higher rewards, the higher you climb up their leadership hierarchy so if you want to build a career in direct sales and make your Wildtree business your full-time source of income, you can expect high commissions within just two months of reaching sales goals and sponsorship goals for each leadership rank.

  • Starter Kit

    our Wildtree business kit is your key to launching your Wildtree business. After signing up as a representative, you simply have to purchase your starter kit and you’re all set to start your own business.

    The Wildtree starter kit is offered to new representatives . The kit comes inclusive of full-sized products as well as a selection of sample products to serve in your first few parties.

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wrote 6 years ago

Helping busy families create healthy organic meals. Diet is the most important thing that we can do to care for ourselves and our loved ones... and with Wildtree, you don't sacrifice flavor!

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