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Offering a line of premium skin care products for both men and women, interested consultants can expect to earn a lot by joining Votre Vu. By becoming a brand ambassador for the company, you do not only get the chance to earn large commissions but you also get attractive bonuses and rewards.

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How Votre Vu Started

Votre Vu is a skin care company that is popular for its naturally formulated line of skin care products. Founded by Harold Zimmerman and Dave Proctor in the year 2007, Votre Vu was introduced to the public the following year using a multi-level marketing framework for distribution. Votre Vu products are all imported from France and are exclusively produced by a group of skin care experts who had been in the industry for eight decades before Votre Vu was introduced to the American public.

Despite being relatively new to the direct selling industry, Votre Vu has already experienced much success. In fact, within the first two months of being launched, Votre Vu managed to recruit over 1000 consultants and sold over a million-dollars worth of Votre Vu products. Combining superior French skin care products with Zimmerman and Proctor’s innovative marketing strategies and branding, Votre Vu has managed to level the playing field between their products and other more well-known brands in the skin care industry. Votre Vu now has thousands of ambassadors in all 50 US states, making the company one of the leading distributors of French skin care products in the country.

Votre Vu Skin Care Products

Votre Vu offers a wide-range of skin care products that are all made from natural ingredients that are harvested from the French countryside. The founders of Votre Vu work closely with their French partners to come up with various skin products that target different skin problem areas to ensure that blemish-free and young-looking skin can be achieved, regardless of age.

From moisturizers, skin cream, toners, facial scrubs to body lotions, sun block, and lip balms, Votre Vu’s product base has expanded over the years to cater to the different skin care needs of people. Votre Vu best sellers include products from their anti-aging collection and products for sensitive and dry skin. Votre Vu also has a special line of skin care products made exclusively to cater to men. From shaving sets to facial scrubs intended for the special needs of men, everyone has something to look forward to from Votre Vu.

Aside from creams and lotions, Votre Vu has also developed beverages made from an assortment of fruits and herbs that aid in giving people youthful and glowing skin. Votre Vu SnapDragon beauty beverages have become a popular option among many consumers because they do not only taste good but they offer a host of benefits for the skin.

Votre Vu also has a special collection for those experiencing common skin problems such as acne, oily skin, and dry skin. Consumers can purchase these products per set or individually depending on availability. However, since Votre Vu regimen sets comes complete with all essential skin care products that can easily be adapted to one’s daily beauty routine and are relatively cheaper than other high-end brands in the market, it is highly recommended that products be purchased in sets.

Each Votre Vu product is made by some of the best formulators in France and goes through various tests to ensure that strict standards of quality are maintained. What sets Votre Vu Skin Cremes apart from other brands of skin care is the fact that these products are able to deliver what it promises without costing the consumer an arm and a leg. Votre Vu products can give you youthful and beautiful skin without the expensive price tag—proof that clear and beautiful skin does not necessarily have to cost a fortune.

Votre Vu Business Opportunity

Skin care products have experienced an exponential boom when it comes to consumer demand. With the advent of new technologies, it has become possible for experts in the skin care industry to come up with new and effective products to combat the detrimental effects of harsh chemicals, smog, and pollution that the skin is exposed to everyday. As people have become more informed about the harmful effects of exposure to external elements to the skin, they have also become much more particular about the products that they use and have become much more thorough when it comes to their skin care regimens. This is why Votre Vu offers such a remunerative business opportunity, as the market for skin care products has significantly increased over the past decade.

Votre Vu offers everyone a chance to become independent consultants. Since they offer luxury skin care products, there is much more potential for growth for the company, as people want quality and not mass-produced skin care products that hardly do any good to the skin. As a brand ambassador for Votre Vu, you will not only get large discounts on their products but you also get an opportunity to earn.

Votre Vu Starter Kits

Before you can start your own Votre Vu venture, you will first have to purchase a Votre Vu starter kit to help launch your career as a brand ambassador and entrepreneur. Votre Vu offers two starter kit options:

Standard Starter Kit

The Votre Vu standard starter kit comes with over $400 worth of Votre Vu products and is available for only $199. This kit comes with all the basic products you need to jumpstart your own Votre Vu business.

Premium Starter Kit

The premium starter kit comes equipped with the same Votre Vu products that are available in the standard kit except that this one comes with some additional tools to help you start a successful venture. This kit comes equipped with various business tools, free website hosting, and your own Votre Vu master debit card so you can easily access your commissions. New consultants who purchase the premium kit can also avail of free shipping on their next Votre Vu product purchases. For only $399, you can purchase the premium starter kit and double your investment within just a few weeks of becoming a Votre Vu brand ambassador.

Votre Vu Compensation Plan

Votre Vu offers brand ambassadors five ways by which they can earn money, these include; profit from retail sales, fast start bonus, team bonuses, lifestyle bonuses, and as well as a matching cycle bonus for sponsoring and training new brand ambassadors.

Votre Vu brand ambassadors are given a 30% discount on their purchases and if they sell votre vu products for full-price to consumers, they can earn as much as 30% profits in retail sales alone. You can also avail of your third purchase for 50% off, giving you a chance to earn more. Team bonuses are also another way by which you can earn more money, as consultants are given a bonus if their team does well in a week. You can also earn commissions by recruiting other interested parties to your team and commissions can become exponentially higher as your team grows.

Attractive bonuses and leadership promotions are also in store for top-performing consultants. To make the most out of Votre Vu’s compensation plan, it is recommended that you follow the Votre Vu 5-1-1 plan. If you market your products to at least five people, host or attend one Votre Vu soiree or market your products to individual customers, and recruit at least one person in a week, you can earn maximum weekly profits and be eligible for a host of bonuses.

Host a Votre Vu Soiree

Hosting a Votre Vu soiree is much like having your very own slumber party at home except that you will be introduced to a line of luxurious care products. From skin cream products to delightful beverages, you and your guests can have a taste of what Votre Vu is all about. To book a Votre Vu soiree, you can contact a Votre Vu Brand Ambassador and let her know how many guests you are expecting so she can bring enough products for your guests.

Votre Vu hostesses are given attractive rewards for hosting a soiree. As a hostess, you can get up to $200 worth of Votre Vu products for free and you can also purchase three additional items for half the price. This is a great offer especially since Votre Vu offers nothing but the best in skin care products. 

Perhaps the biggest advantage of joining Votre Vu lies in their product base. Since skin care products are consumable commodities, you can get many loyal customers for each soiree you attend. Once your clients see how well these products work, you can expect them to order again after they have finished their supplies. Votre Vu offers a great opportunity for all interested consultants. Having achieved what Votre Vu has within its first two months after it was launched in 1998 is an impressive feat for a company so you can be assured that you are in good hands with Votre Vu and that you can double every cent you invest in the company.

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