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Est. Consultants
25% - 35%
Downline Commission
6% - 13%
Startup Cost
$75 - $230
Products Sold
Bath & Body Products
Cosmetics & Skin Care

Your cosmetics, your clothes and your hairstyle all reflect your personal sense of fashion, why should your fragrance options be any different? Bathologie, a bold new concept in bath and beauty products, allows you to literally create your own scent blend at home party events called Blending Bars. From lotion to body wash, sea salt soaks to bath bombs, you'll be able to add your new creation to more than 12 different products to make them your own. Check out Bathologie, make your blend, pick your product, design your label and you'll have a one-of-a-kind body product that’s totally YOU!

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Bathologie - Our Thoughts

All bath and body products aren’t created equal, but sometimes they can sure smell that way. Bathologie, a direct sales company specializing in custom scent blends, offers a cure to the same old boring cucumber melon with a treasure trove of 120 scent notes that can be mixed and mingled into custom blends and products. The company takes this product choice to the customer via home parties called Blending Bars, in which attendees discover their personalized scent profile and sniff, sample and combine different notes until they reach the perfect blend for their tastes.

Becoming a Bathologist

Bathologie consultants, called “bathologists,” make a commission on the sale of each product during a Blending Bar event. The unique concept and fun process makes engaging even shy partygoers a cinch, and with a low cost Bathologie starter kit, becoming a Bathologie representative couldn’t be easier. The starter kit comes with literally everything a budding entrepreneur needs to demonstrate the beauty of custom-blended scents, including a whopping 120 scent oils for attendees to mix and match on the included scent cards during the Blending Bar experience. Invitations, base products and order forms are also included - it’s a business in a box!

No Pre-Made Products

With Bathologie products, the customer gets to decide not only what product suits their needs - lotions, oils, bath salts and bath bombs to name a few - but exactly what they want it to smell like as well. With Bathologie products, there’s no more picking a scent that “sounds” good in a catalog, a Blending Bar event literally allows shoppers to smell every note and adjust them to their liking. The custom creations that shoppers produce turn into their very own private line through customizable labels, which in turn builds a return demand for a product that, quite literally, can’t be found anywhere else.

Hostess Perks

A successful Blending Bar event needs a great venue, which is why the company entices hostesses and supports their consultants with a generous hostess recognition program. Each hostess receives a free gift automatically, regardless of the amount her party earns. After $200 in sales, the fun really starts - half price products, free credit to shop with and free shipping on her order are some of the amazing benefits a Blending Bar event holder will enjoy for their partnership. Whether supporting a consultant friend or simply exposing her own friends to the unique experience of Bathologie, she’s bound to have a sensational time!

A fresh new concept, in-demand bath and body products and a customizable finished product all equal amazing opportunities for Bathologie consultants. Start your sweetly-scented journey to success today!

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wrote 8 years ago

I love this Company the products/ business Plan. The Products are Natural and Safe for my family. While I'm making extra income from home with them.

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wrote 8 years ago

I am consultant #52 in the company. We have less than 100 consultants as of 11/21/2015!! Our products are absolutely AMAZING! You WILL fall in love with them and the customizing (scent and label) is FREE unlike any other company! Everything is shipped to your front door!

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Bathologie FAQ

Bathologie is a direct sales company that offers beauty products such as body lotions and bath bombs through independent consultants. These home-based parties are called Blending Bar events, and allow attendees to create custom scent blend additions from 120 different notes, as well as custom labels for each product they select.