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Est. Representatives
25% - 40%
Downline Commission
4% - 7%
Startup Cost
$499 - $999
Products Sold
Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings
Home Office
1067 Hover Street Longmont, CO 80501 US

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wrote 5 years ago

RockHill Designs is amazing! Quality sterling silver jewelry at an affordable price. Love that they also offer new designs consistently, plus they have a true ground floor opportunity for new reps with going on a 10 year brand track record. Love my RockHill Designs!

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wrote 5 years ago

I absolutely love quality, sterling silver jewelry. I'm a jewelry junky! When the company I loved closed it's doors I was looking for a replacement. I found it with RockHill Designs. I was a customer for about 6 months and realized I needed to join this new company and become their first rep in Ohio. The jewelry is unique, handcrafted, artisan style .925 sterling silver jewelry at affordable prices. The other unique thing is the owners, Lynette and Peter are down to earth and truly want to make a difference in their reps lives and their customers. Come for the jewelry, stay for the friendship!

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