Tyra Beauty Overview

Est. Consultants
25% - 40%
Downline Commission
2% - 5%
Startup Cost
$59 - $139
Products Sold
Cosmetics, Lipstick, Blush, Eyeshadow
Cosmetics & Skin Care

You’ve watched her strut her stuff on America’s Next Top Model, now it’s time to take it to the next level with Tyra Beauty – it’s like a fashion show for your makeup bag! This fun, fresh collection keeps it simple but sharp, offering stick-based makeup solutions that rock your best looks on-the-go. Eyes, face, lips, contouring – you name it and it’s at your fingertips, thanks to this powerful direct sales company. Not only are these products fun to wear, they’re easy to sell as a Beautytainer – a special representative that can sell in person or online and earn fab commissions for her efforts. If you want to own your own business, sell something that works – the runway, that is! These shimmering, silky and stylish cosmetics are as fierce as their founder, and they’re ready to help you build your new career. Grab your favorite starter kit and discover how easy it is to unlock your inner makeup sales star.

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Company Overview

Touted as “not just a cosmetics line,” Tyra Beauty encompasses the fierce attitude of its founder, model Tyra Banks, and aims to make women feel gorgeous inside and out. From cleverly-named products, cosmetic innovations created to make applying makeup easy and fun and a 4-way compensation plan that will fit opportunity into even the craziest schedule, this company was created with the idea that a woman can look fierce without a ton of effort and, as Ms. Tyra herself puts it, “own her destiny” by running her own business on her own terms.

Easy to Use, Easy to Sell

Tyra went to the Harvard Business School specifically to launch Tyra Beauty, and it shows. Her smartly-designed product line is nearly all in “stick” form, which makes it less intimidating for beginners to try and easier for Beautytainers – the company’s term for representatives – to sell. Individual products are available for lips, eyes, face and more, and small kits allow users to treat themselves to a “TyOver” on the go. The stick format holds up to the wear-and-tear makeup experiences in a purse, ensuring that users associate Tyra Beauty products with true quality every time they twist up a stick to get their glam on.

Support from the Start

The beginning of a Tyra Beautytainer journey starts with a choice of two great – and reasonably-priced – starter kits. Each is packed not only with an assortment of products that reflect the company’s entire versatile line, but business tools such as TyOver cards for creating looks, cards for supercharging your business and a special “Werk the Hallway” coupon that gives Beautytainers a discount on future business products. Both kit options – Tyra Beauty Basic and Tyra Beauty Beyond Basic – give you more than double the retail value for your investment, which means you’re already ahead of the game, right out of the gate!

Authenticity for Success

Tyra Banks is practically a household name for beauty, and having a fashion celebrity at the helm of a beauty company is a can’t-miss combo. Tyra didn’t just give her name to Tyra Beauty, however: she put up her own money, education and effort to build the company from the ground up. This isn’t a licensing agreement, this is a comprehensive cosmetic tool kit created by a star that actually formulates and uses her own products! Tyra stresses that she experiences challenges in makeup too, most famously with eyeliner, which is why she made her Oops Liner – a liquid eyeliner in a stick with a correcting point on the other end. Tyra Beautytainers are bringing a real message of beauty and accessible cosmetics to the masses; it’s easy to show passion when your product line is such a standout in the industry!

Are you ready to join the cosmetics revolution? Get behind a superstar that’s invested in your success with Tyra Beauty. You’ll be able to get in on the ground floor as a Beautytainer, complete with four different ways to rake in the profits. Your future needs a TyOver, and you’re only a starter kit away from making it happen.

Home Business Opportunity

Who doesn’t love looking fabulous? When you become a Tyra Beauty Beautytainer, you’re in a business that’s already booming – cosmetics – with a product line designed to appeal to beginner and expert alike. Your setup for success doesn’t stop with the concept, however: there’s also a great business plan and a choice of starter kits to kickstart your career in one of the best direct sales makeup companies.

Joining Up

Beautytainers get access to online sales and a substantial 25% discount on products, and all for the low startup fee of only $59. From there, you’ll be able to start selling online right away, or you can choose from two product-packed starter kits to rock your new career at parties and face-to-face. The Tyra Beauty Basic Starter Kit comes with seven fab products that span the product line and business materials, or you can upgrade to the Tyra Beauty Beyond Basic Starter Kit, with 15 products and business materials.

In the Wings

As a new company, Tyra Beauty has a lot in the works for their Beautytainers, including special events, trips and vacations for top earners. When you join now, you’ll get to be at the forefront of some really exciting (and hush-hush!) experiences designed to reward hardworking reps with the “trip of a lifetime.” Want to find out more? Come explore the world of Tyra Beauty and get on board!

Compensation Plan

Tyra Beauty understands that women are fierce, fabulous and independent – which is why the company gives you so many different ways to earn as a Beautytainer. Here are the four ways you can earn as a Beautytainer:

1.) Retail Sales. The easiest and most straightforward way to earn, Beautytainers receive a 25% discount on products, which translates to 25% profit on anything they sell through parties, in person, or through their Beautytainer Backstage sales portal. These commissions are paid out weekly, so you’ll never have to wait to reap the benefits of your hard work.

2.) Personal Sales Volume. So you’ve sold a lot of products and you’re climbing your way to the top – way to go! Tyra Beauty rewards your initiative with PV (personal volume) bonuses on top of your commission payments.

  • At $500-$999 personal retail sales volume achieved in a month, you’ll earn 5% of your retail sales in addition to your commission earnings.
  • At $1000+ personal retail sales volume achieved in a month, you’ll earn 10% of your retail sales in addition to your commission earnings.
  • If you have achieved the Bronzer Beautytainer rank and earn $1000+ in a month, your bonus personal sales volume jumps to an incredible 15%!

  • 6 levels of team volume each pay out hefty one-time bonuses as you achieve them: $1,000, $1,500, $2,000, $3,000, $5,000 and even $10,000!
  • Coaching bonuses for you that start at 3% of your team’s total monthly retail sales for one enrolled Beautytainer and move to 5% for two or more team members added.
  • Team commissions that start at 5% for Bronzer-level teams and move to 2% and 3 generations deep in your team. In other words, if you recruited Sally, who recruited Lara, who recruited Betty, at the highest Tyra Beauty career level, you’d earn 2% of that entire network’s sales!

3.) Team Sales. So you’ve gotten even more successful and want to start building a team and earning downline commissions – you’re a direct sales superstar! You’ve got a lot to look forward to as your team grows:

4.) The Hook-Up Pool. This unique bonus comes from all the customers who buy Tyra Beauty products from the website, but don’t indicate that a specific Beautytainer directed them there. Much like a tip jar at a coffee shop, this money is divided up among all Bronzer-level-and-up Beautytainers quarterly, with percentages that match their lowest level rank in the previous three months (Bronzer, Silver, Gold, etc.)

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wrote 7 years ago

I love using this product, my skin is super sensitive and I haven't had any reactions. Unlike Mary Kay it gives me a really bad skin reaction.

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wrote 7 years ago

I love Tyra beauty!!!!!!!! It's supper easy and fast!! If you are looking for something to hi-light your already beautiful face this is it!!!!

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Tyra Beauty FAQ

Tyra Beauty is a cosmetics line and direct sales opportunity from fashion superstar and “America’s Next Top Model” host Tyra Banks. The majority of Tyra Beauty’s products are designed in stick form for easy use on the go. The formulas are also made to blend well with one another for effortless looks.
Products from Tyra Beauty cost between $12.50 for Pop It Clean single-use makeup remover wipes to $35 for a 2 Minute Light ‘N Sculpt duo. A special kit called a 6 Minute TyOver is also available for $82, and contains 6 different cosmetics products for eyes, face, cheeks and lips for a complete cosmetic look.
Tyra Beauty products can either be purchased in-person or online from a Beautytainer Backstage sales website. Once your order is placed, depending on the method and/or your personal Beautytainer, your products will either be shipped to your door or handed to you once your Beautytainer receives their shipment.