Youngevity Overview

Est. Distributors
5% - 25%
Downline Commission
5% - 8%
Startup Cost
$30 - $500
Products Sold
Health Supplements, Cosmetics, Spa, Vitamins, Beauty
Candle & Home Fragrance, Clothing & Fashion, Food & Cooking, Cosmetics & Skin Care, Jewelry, Home Decor & Storage, Children's Products, Hobbies & Crafts, Health & Eco Friendly

Youngevity is a multi-faceted company with many different brands under the umbrella of Youngevity. This allows you to sell so many more products than other companies, reaching so many more clients with the various types of products and services. The range includes their stronghold on health and wellness, essential oils, home products, and then fashion, beauty, photo and legacy products, family, pets, and services.

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  • Company Overview

    Youngevity is a massive brand leader in direct sales after acquiring that serve and provide a myriad of solutions and services that can expand the breadth of compensation available for the Youngevity Associates and Ambassadors. From Youngevity’s lifeblood; health and wellness products, they also have pet supplies, scrapbooking, home products, essential oils, fashion, spa and beauty, and much more.

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    Online training through Youngevity’s University makes it easier for Youngevity Sales Associates, Executives, and Ambassadors to learn about the company, products, compensation and bonus programs. Youngevity University is translated from English to Spanish and Japanese.

    Whether you want to lose weight, detox, or boost your immune system, Youngevity has the products that can serve those needs. It is a robust company that encapsulates a myriad of brands, products, and services like BeautiControl, Well and Company, Gigi Hill, GoFoods, our Memories for Life, and many more! The company is proud to be associated with Youngevity’s Founder, Doctor Joel Wallach. Doctor Wallach’s background in biomedical research benefits the company’s products and development with his cutting edge experience in health and wellness.

    Youngevity has thirteen levels in the company from associate sales to Diamond Black Ambassador that allow car bonuses and incentive trips.

    The company’s claim to fame is the Rev 90, Keto 90, and Wellness 90 plans that help customers lose weight and live their best life.

  • Company Profile

    Youngevity is not only a health and wellness company; it’s a multi-product company, featuring home & family, food and beverage, spa and beauty, fashion, essential oils, photo products, and services. Started in 1999, Youngevity’s beginnings were focused on their brilliant doctor and leader, Doctor Joel Wallach. He is a biomedical doctor leading the cutting edge research on living longer and healthier. Youngevity, due to Doctor Wallach’s research is the only company that has successfully shown the benefits of selenium and omega-3 essential fatty acids.

    The focus of the company is to help people live a longer and healthier life by providing people with supplements, vitamins, protein shakes, booster, and much more. Whether you want to lose weight, manage stress, sleep well, improve brain, liver, hormone, cardiovascular function. Youngevity has it all.

    Youngevity is a one-stop website for family, house, health, and pets. They own many brands and pride themselves on being a leader in the direct sales industry. Well & Company, GoFoods, True2Life, and Saveur Natural Foods are just a few of the brands under the Youngevity brand.

    Youngevity backs up their health claims with their Better Health Challenge, a 90 day individual and team challenge. After deciding if you want to go individual or team route, you then decide the 90-day plan you want to enroll in; Keto90, Rev90, or Wellness 90. With all three plans, Youngevity provides recipes, encouragement, healthy lifestyle tips, weekly workouts and more.

  • Youngevity Products

    Keto90 is a low carb, high protein plan and the Keto90 Weightloss Kit has bars, shakes, and supplements like SlenderFX™ Keto Power Up and the new Slender FX™ TrueKeto Strawberry Créme Shake.

    Rev90 is a nutrient-packed meal program with lunch and dinner with portion control. Your day would start out with the Healthy Body Starter Pak and your morning coffee (with no sugar or cream), followed by two meals and beverages like Youngevity Super Greens™ and iced tea. The Youngevity Rev90 plan encourages participants to supplement their day with Slender FX™ REV 15 minutes prior to eating.

    Wellness90 is a plan that is one that encourages movement, flexibility and overall balanced nutrition. The plan includes three meals (one of the meals may be TMR™ Vanilla or Chocolate Shake) along with healthy snacks like an apple and almond butter.

    Whether your goal is to lose that last ten pounds or go down two dress sizes with 25 to 50 pounds, there is a plan that suits you. With this Youngevity Better Health Now Challenge, winners in the past have lost up to 85 pounds and won a grand prize of five thousand dollars.

    You may just want to get your sweet tooth fix with Youngevity’s Healthy Chocolates like Triple Treat Chocolate or recover from a hard work out with Rebound Fx™ Citrus Punch Sports Energy Drink.

    Youngevity has a plethora of beauty products from brands well known and loved, like BeautiControl, Soul Purpose, and Youngevity’s very own beauty products.

  • Youngevity Starter Kit

    There are two paths to join Youngevity. One is joining with only a $30 dollar start-up fee for your Business Startup Kit which includes a Youngevity Distributor Welcome Pack. The Welcome Pack includes a helpful letter that describes the products and compensation plan, mini catalogs, a convention invite and brand flyer with popular products like HempFX. It also includes a replicated website, a business coach, and up to 30% off products.

    The other path has all of that and includes products to share with family and friends. With the Youngevity Business Essentials Kit, you have fifteen choices. The fifteen choices are the Health & Nutrition Business Kit, Gigi Hill Essential Kit 1, Gigi Hill Essential Kit 2, Weight Loss Business Essentials, Mialisia Jewelry Business Essentials Kit, Harmony Health Body Starter Pack, Nature Direct Business Essentials Kit, Photo Business Essentials, Healthy Body Distributor Pack 2.0, Saveur Natural Foods Basic Business Essentials, Youngevity Mineral Makeup Essentials, Coffee Lovers, Gigi Hill Social Kit 1, and Youngevity Essential Oils Essentials.

    There are 33 Youngevity Business Builder Starter Kits all below $500 not including shipping. They are as follows, Rev 90 CEO Mega Pak, Keto 90 CEO Mega Pak, Wellness 90 CEO Mega Pak, CEO Combo Mega Pak, Healthy Start CEO Mega Pak, Healthy Start CEO Mega Pak 2.0, Healthy Body Detox CEO Mega Pak, Healthy Body Weight Loss CEO Mega Pak, Women’s Wellness Mega-Medium 1 Mini Kit, Women’s Wellness CEO Mega- Light 1 Mini Kit, Well and Company Business Builder, Keto CEO Mega, Legacy for Life CEO Mega, Youngevity Social CEO Mega Pak, Aquagevity CEO Mega Pak, Healthy and Beauty CEO Mega (light or dark),The ViaViente CEO Mega Pak, Sta-Natural CEO Pak, Mialisia CEO Mega Pak, ZRadical CEO Mega Pak, Photo Business Builder, Essential Oils CEO Mega, Youngevity ProLine CEO Mega Pak, Youngevity ProLine CEO Mega Pak, RicoLife CEO Mega Pak, GoChi and Jule CEO Mega Pak, Saveur Foods CEO Mega Pak, Gigi Hill CEO Mega Pak, or Tails Only CEO Mega Pak, and Harmony Health CEO Mega Pak.

    All of the Essentials and Business Builder Starter Kits come with a replicated website, up to 30% off retail pricing, and an experienced business coach.

  • Compensation Plan

    Compensation plan: Compensation is dependent on the rank you hold in Youngevity. There are thirteen levels you can hold in the company. The percentage paid is tied to that rank. The percentage ranges from 2% to 8%. Commissions are paid on Personal Wholesale Volume and Customer Retail Volume. The level starts are Youngevity Associate, Youngevity Brand Associate, Sales Associate, Youngevity Senior Associate, 1 Star, 2 Star, up to 5 Star Youngevity Associate, from there the upper echelon is the Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, and Black Diamond Youngevity Ambassadors. Youngevity has bonuses called Coding Bonus in which you get paid for every CEO Starter Pak. These bonuses require you to be at a CEO level and qualify for various minimums. Youngevity also has a car bonus that you can qualify for.



    • Youngevity’s wide range of products and services bring value to the consultants who are able to sell products that touch every client’s life and needs.
    • Doctor Wallach’s claim to fame with his biomedical knowledge and experience is another great reason for consultants to stand behind the products, especially in health and wellness brands.
    • The Brand Ambassadors like Theo Ratliff and Marilu Henner also gives the brand some trust-worthy validation.


    1. The company allows anyone to buy directly from the company’s website, by that, curtailing the consultant’s ability to benefit from local sales.
    2. It has a generic back-office that is not very robust for consultants.

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Youngevity FAQ

Youngevity and the range of brands and products can be purchased from a Youngevity Associate in person, on their replicated website or the company website. You can also get discounts as a Preferred Youngevity Customer.