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Jewel Kade offers great products for customers and an attractive opportunity for personal stylists to work in a business that they would truly love and enjoy. By becoming a personal stylist for Jewel Kade, you get an opportunity to earn as much as 30% in personal sales and get access to great jewelry that you can wear for just about any occasion.

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Jewel Kade - Our Thoughts

Jewel Kade is one of the new kids on the block and we are very unique in the marketplace with our distinctive charmware.  I am thrilled to tell you more about this unique direct sales company.   The designs are considered vintage, contemporary, with some urban and romantic tendencies too.  If you are looking for a direct sales business and love jewelry, I am excited to introduce you to Jewel Kade.

Jewel Kade Products

The creator and designer Janet Kincade has an eclectic style all her own and has brought to the marketplace hand-cut glass, high-caliber embellishments and intriguing artwork all created into wearable art.

It started with charms.  The beautiful, individually handcrafted charms of varying sizes that you can wear on your bracelet or hang from one of our amazing necklaces are the signature item for our company.  Handcrafted in the USA by direction of Janet Kincade, these lovely charms are crafted with pewter, hand cut glass, German glass glitter and Swarovski crystals.

Lovely layering necklaces come with clasps to hang the charms on in varying lengths.  Made with beautiful assorted metal and jewels such as freshwater pearls or plain and simple grosgrain ribbons, the necklaces are a foundation piece to the lovely charms.  Stunning and made for you to create your own statement piece.

Also available are matching drop earrings.  Lovely pearls, metal intermixed with amazing Swarovski crystals, these earrings are simple and stunning on their own and when mixed with your charm necklaces, they are amazing.  Classic style created with beauty and grace.

Several charm bracelets are also sold along with drop crystals that you can mix and match with our charms to create your own work of art to wear on your arm.  Create a beautiful custom photo charm and wear your favorite photos as jewelry to enjoy whenever you want.

Become a Jewel Kade Stylist

 Jewel Kade is set up as a regular direct sales business with the capability of recruiting downline and earning additional income.  If you are someone that loves owning your own business, working at home and holding parties, you may be interested in this opportunity.  A direct sales business is a great way to bring in additional income into your home and Jewel Kade is a new start up business with less than 2000 consultants right now.  This company is perfect for any jewelry lover that wants to be the first one in your area. 

We have several different kits available that run from $299 - $599.  We also offer occasionally kit specials so you can get your business started at a savings.  Please ask your recruiter if there is a special right now.  Our Commission is 25-30% with additional income earned on your downline sales.

The great part about Jewel Kade is that no inventory is required.  You host your parties, collect your money at the time of the show, place the order and you have your immediate earnings.  The company takes care of the shipping the product to your hostess or to the stylist so you don’t have to.  You can have as much demo product as you like too. There are no minimums placed on what you carry or display.

Additional Stylist Information

There is an optional website available for $9.95 per month

Direct sales opportunity is available only in USA at this time

Full Company Support directly from Company Office

Ongoing training throughout the year

30 day warranty on merchandise for exchange due to defective workmanship

Jewel Kade Hostess and Party Rewards

If you are interested in hosting a Jewel Kade party you will be rewarded with gifts and discounts depending on your party sales over all.

FREE HOST GIFT - Choose a FREE Host Gift when your Party sales are just $250 or more (with a minimum of three customer orders, plus the Host order).

Plus earn JK Kash - Along with your free Host Gift, you can earn Jewel Kade Kash to apply toward additional JK purchases you want:

  •  When your Party sales are $250 - $1000, you'll earn 10% of the Party total in Jewel Kade Kash
  • When your Party Sales are $1001+, you'll earn 15% of the Party total in Jewel Kade Kash
  • When your guests book JK Parties - you get charmed!
  • For each guest that books a future JK Party, you earn one half-price JK item (up to four items).

Rates, compensation, hostess rewards and any information listed here can change at any time, so please ask for the current information as needed.

If Jewel Kade sounds like a business that you would be interested in, please contact me and as always, you can shop anytime through my website.

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