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Vintage and auction lovers are finally given a venue to share their passion for vintage merchandise through All'asta, one of the newest direct sales companies in the industry and the first to integrate auctions with direct sales. Consumers will find joy in sharing pre-owned merchandise and as well as vintage items from the company's signature collection in every All'asta auction.

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All’asta is a new direct sales company that offers a direct sales opportunity with a fresh and exciting twist. Founded by entrepreneur Kerry Shea, All’asta combines two classic methods of selling; direct selling and auctions, and presents it in one interesting and lucrative business opportunity, perfect for those who are in the lookout for new ways to earn some extra money.

A big fan of auctions and thrift stores, Kerry Shea found a way to do what she loved doing while giving others a venue to sell their stuff and earn some extra money along the way. All’asta was established to provide a venue for people to auction off old items and as well as purchase vintage items that interest them. Through her company, Kerry Shea is able to share her love for vintage merchandise, auctions, and direct sales while at the same time; she is able to provide an income opportunity for many women.

All’asta, which is an Italian term for ‘auction’, captures what the company is all about—sharing both the old and the new with other people while getting the chance to earn some extra money. The company’s 2100 square foot headquarters is located in Lexington and houses most of the company’s merchandise. All’asta currently has independent sales designers in Maryland, Ohio, and North Carolina and is continuously expanding to other states in the country.

All'asta Products

What can you expect from All’asta in terms of product base? Combining the old and the new, consumers can find just about anything and everything from All’asta auctions. The company itself offers vintage products inspired by items from different parts of the world; some are inspired by completely new ideas and others are designed with little quirks for their quaint and unique appeal. From decorative items to small items used formerly for their practical use but are kept primarily for their unique aesthetics, you can find quite an assortment of vintage memorabilia; from keys, bookstands, and paintings, to vintage clocks, vases, and boxes, every auction unearths a collection of items that would surprise consumers.

In addition to All’asta’s signature collection, guests can also bid for other items brought in by other guests. In fact, each guest is given the privilege to bring in stuff they’d like to sell and share with other people. Guests at the party can then bid for the item and whoever bids the highest gets to buy it. You can then use the money you earn from selling your own merchandise to purchase items brought in by other people or purchase an item from All’asta’s signature collection.

A Closer Look at All’asta’s Business Opportunity

If you’ve always wanted to be a part of something truly unique and interesting, then you might want to consider All’asta’s business opportunity. All’asta design consultants are given the opportunity to start their own business by selling items from the company’s signature collection and as well as by auctioning off items brought in by guests. You can even offer items of your own; if you have anything you want to sell.

Starter Kits for Independent Design Consultants

To become part of All’asta’s exciting new opportunity, you simply have to purchase the company’ starter kit. Currently, All’asta offers one starter kit option to new design consultants. It is available for $149.99 with a retail value of over $300. The kit comes with signature products and as well as business tools to help new design consultants launch and manage their ventures.

When you purchase the starter kit you can expect to receive the following signature products:

  • The Urban Rhapsody Memo Board
  • Wishupon Beaded Bracelet
  • Canister
  • Garden stroll bird
  • Basket
  • A novel stand
  • An array of vintage storage boxes

These items will serve as your initial inventory. You can sell them to earn your initial investment back and have them on display during auctions to give your guests an idea of the products that you offer. In addition, the starter kit comes with the following business supplies: 25 catalogs, 30 order forms, 40 tags, 150 bid sheets, 50 business cards, 5 check-in sheets, hostess flyers and opportunity flyers, and of course, a consultant training manual.

Compensation Plan          

As an All’asta independent design consultant, you will be given full access to the company’s compensation program. You can earn personal sales commissions ranging from 25% to 32%, depending on your leadership level and the amount of party sales you make each month. You can also host new independent design consultants and earn override commissions from their commissionable sales.

All’asta offers a great opportunity for women to hone their entrepreneurial and leadership skills. As a consultant, you can climb your way up the company’s leadership structure and earn leadership bonuses for personal and group achievements.

All’asta Auctions

All All’asta design consultants are given the opportunity to sell through home parties, which are designed like auctions. At each auction party, guests and consultants can bring in their own items and auction them off to party guests. Customers can host these parties and earn host rewards along the way. Hosts can earn 50% of their party sales and purchase 1 to 3 items at half the price off if their party makes at least $200 in sales. Guests can also earn for selling their items at the auction. They can choose to either spend the money as party credits to purchase All’asta signature items or they can also choose to receive their earnings through a check, which will be sent to them two weeks after the auction.

All’asta is the first direct sales company to integrate the auction system with direct selling. They are also perhaps the only company to offer guests the opportunity to earn some money as well. For as long as your items are at least $10 in value, you can participate and auction them off at any All’asta event. With such a unique business model that is designed to help both consultants and consumers, All’asta is sure to succeed in this industry sooner rather than later.

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