Personally Poetic Overview

Est. Consultants
20% - 35%
Downline Commission
4% - 23%
Startup Cost
$199 - $499
Products Sold
Charms, Bracelets, Rings, Necklaces
Home Office
1160 Eugenia Place Suite 100 Carpinteria, CA 93013 US

We all have those days where our spirit needs a little boost to stay positive – a long day at work, a hectic school schedule, a run of bad luck. Personally Poetic offers stunning jewelry pieces that are sure to make everyone smile, using elegant muted metallic tones, uplifting messages and phrases and even the ability to make your very own pendant, complete with permanent birthstones and iconic charm glyphs. While a beautiful necklace won’t add more hours to your already-busy day, it might just make you smile as you buckle down. Come see the beautiful options that await you at Waxing Poetic!

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Personally Poetic - Our Thoughts

  • Company Overview

    Personally Poetic embodies a lighthearted, soulful take on accessories that echoes that of its parent concept, Waxing Poetic – beautiful jewelry inspired by antique wax seals. Founded by sisters Lizanne and Patti Pagliei, the Personally Poetic uses the same elegant, customizable design themes in a direct sales format that empowers women to own and grow their own business – one earring, pendant, or bracelet at a time. In addition to charming ready-made pieces, the signature of the brand is its custom jewelry creations, allowing users or thoughtful gift-givers to assemble pieces that are uniquely personal and bound to be both appreciated and cherished.

    Blissful Baubles

    It’s easy to fill your jewelry box with beautiful products from Personally Poetic, because they have a little of everything: pendants both petite and statement-sized, slinky silver chains, bold rings and dainty earrings that twinkle with every movement. Each piece is designed to work perfectly with nearly the entire collection, ensuring that each delighted customer is a repeat customer as well! New releases and special charms give even seasoned Personally Poetic fans something to look forward to at each new event and party. An emphasis on uplifting messages, timeless icons and a little bit of whimsy make the brand’s range of designs particularly appealing.

    Heartfelt Meaning

    Personally Poetic’s customized jewelry designs ask an important question – what makes you, you? Whether it’s hobbies, the birthstone of a child or loved ones, a religious symbol or special initials, you can find them in the Toteme and Petite Toteme collections. These lovely pendants can be permanently decorated with your glyphs of choice – tiny charms that are soldered into the face of your toteme piece. If you’d rather have names or a short, cherished quote at your wrist or close to your heart, the Write On Collection is an ideal choice.

  • Compensation Plan

    Personally Poetic consultants (representatives) can earn up to 35% commission on their personal retail sales, with additional earning potential available from their recruited team efforts, depending on volume and size. Once certain milestones are reached within a time period, they may also be eligible for discounted or free products, special trips and incentives to help them grow their business.

    As a direct sales jewelry company. Waxing Poetic offers its fans the chance to be involved with the brand in several exciting ways. Individuals can become representatives, or "consultants” to sell the brand’s products at events, parties and shows and earn generous commissions, product bonuses and even all-expense-paid trips! Others may want to step into a hostess role, which offers free and discounted Personally Poetic products in “exchange” for throwing a brand party. These parties are held in conjunction with a luminary, who explains the products, offers suggestions and takes orders, either in person or online.

    As one of the most beautiful direct sales jewelry companies, Personally Poetic offers an alluring mix of thoughtful, original designs and customizable pieces with nearly infinite combinations. This range of available jewelry pieces makes them a sure bet for aspiring luminaries, who will find a little something for everyone at their parties. Elegant and high-end while still remaining affordable, the Personally Poetic brand isn’t your average assortment of accessories: these are subtle, noteworthy designs that you’ll love to sell and your buyers will love to wear. Are you ready to start wowing your guests? Join Personally Poetic as a consultant today!

  • Starter Kit

    Interested in becoming a Personally Poetic consutltant? Your exciting journey into business ownership starts with selecting a starter kit that’s right for your budget and aspirations. There are two available to aspiring representatives: a smaller “Flying High” kit and a larger “New Heights” kit.

    The Flying High Kit is $199 and contains the following, which add up to an impressive $664 value:

    • 6 Charms
    • 3 Chains
    • 3 Write On Charms
    • 1 Necklace
    • 1 Bangle
    • 25 Each of: Catalogs, Host Brochures and Opportunity Brochures
    • 50 Order Forms
    • 75 Postcard Invitations
    • 1 Table Tent Sign
    • 2 Special Jewelry Pouches
    • 1 Demonstration Pillow Box
    • 1 Jewelry Polishing Cloth
    • 1 Tote Bag

    The larger New Heights Starter Kit is $499 and comes with all of the above, plus these additional items for a $1589 total value:

    • 6 Additional Charms
    • 6 Additional Chains
    • 3 Additional Write On Charms

    As a new consultant, you’ll use the included charms and jewelry products to showcase the quality and unique designs of the company at each new event. Start by inviting others to your events with the generous amount of invitations, catalogs and more in your starter kit!

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wrote 8 years ago

Unique Jewelry that speaks of those special moment's of your life. Made with precious metals and stones. A true Heirloom piece. Beautiful people to work with.

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Personally Poetic FAQ

Personally Poetic is a direct sales jewelry company, specializing in personalized pieces from their Toteme, Petite Toteme and Write On collections. Their designs are simple, yet elegant and made for both everyday wear and special occasions, as well as gift-giving. Individual pieces can be customized with add-on charms or soldered-in glyphs, depending on style.
Products from Personally Poetic range in cost from $35 to $94 for individual charms, $55 to $90 for Toteme personalized pendants, and $59 to $129 for standalone pieces like bracelets and rings. Total costs may vary depending on the number of charms or personalization components of a finished jewelry piece.
Personally Poetic is available through exclusive brand representatives. These individuals help organize in-person parties, sell at events like fairs and festivals, and offer online parties for purchasing as well. Orders are placed directly through the luminary and are delivered from Personally Poetic; note that some personalized pieces may take several weeks to be custom-made.
Yes. The company has re-branded itself into Personally Poetic.