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Est. Advisors
25% - 30%
Downline Commission
3% - 18%
Startup Cost
$79 - $399
Products Sold

Lulu Avenue, the direct selling franchise of Charles & Colvard Ltd., invites interested style advisors to join the company and be part of the only sales team to offer Moissanite jewelry to the direct sales public. Start your own Lulu Avenue jewelry business and get a chance to earn as much as 30% on your personal sales.

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Lulu Avenue Jewelry - Our Thoughts

Lulu Avenue is a new direct sales jewelry company established and operated by Charles & Colvard, LLC., a subsidiary of the well-renowned Charles & Colvard, LTD, which is the only company to commercially manufacture Moissanite gemstones. Lulu Avenue was established as a means to make Moissanite jewelry available to a wider demographic, which is why it employs the popular direct sales business model. It was officially launched on October 2011 and because of the growing popularity of Moissanite, the company had no trouble finding a comfortable spot in the ever-growing direct sales industry.

With the launch of this new direct sales venture, Charles & Colvard aims not only to reach out to a bigger market but also to give interested direct sales consultants and budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own direct sales business.

Lulu Avenue Products

Lulu Avenue’s flagship collection is their Moissanite Jewelry line, featuring earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets embellished with precious moissanite gemstones. Henri Moissan discovered the gemstone moissanite in 1893. The gemstone was discovered from a meteor crater and was first mistaken to be diamonds. It is composed mainly of silicon carbide and was later named as Moissanite. However, due to the rarity of moissanite, it would have been impossible to make it commercially available like other gemstones. It was Charles & Colvard, LTD, that took on the task of making moissanite gemstones out of pure silicon carbide. Cut like diamonds and refined through a series of chemical processes, the company was able to introduce moissanite to the market in 1998. Now, they want to extend their line to the direct sales public through Lulu Avenue.

Their Moissanite collection features beautiful rings of clear Moissanite gems set in sterling silver. Some pieces even feature light green moissanite gemstones. Their moissanite pieces range from $200 to $1500, depending on the cut, carat, and setting of the stone on a particular jewelry piece.

Aside from Moissanite gems, Lulu Avenue also offers other jewelry pieces embellished with other stones, pearls, and beads. You can find an assortment of beaded necklaces and bracelets in bright colors, perfect for summer. If you are looking for more classic pieces, you can also turn to their “Pearl Girl” collection or their signature style collection. Regardless of your personal style and preference, you’ll surely find a piece or two from Lulu Avenue that is sure to tickle your fancy.

Lulu Avenue’s Business Opportunity

Women love fine jewelry and this is exactly what Lulu Avenue aims to deliver to the direct selling market. There will always be a market for jewelry and fashion accessories, which makes Lulu Avenue’s business opportunity all the more appealing for interested consultants. Whether you are a fan of their jewelry line or you are looking for a new business opportunity, you can’t go wrong with joining Lulu Avenue as an independent style advisor. Since the company is a subsidiary of the only manufacturer of Moissanite gemstones, you get the advantage of being one of the few people to sell such beautiful pieces of jewelry. You can sell their products through trunk shows and even online through your own consultant website. You can also choose to sell through person-to-person selling.

There are two ways to join the company as an independent style advisor: you can either sign up with an existing advisor or visit the company’s website and sign up directly with the company.

Style Advisor Starter Kit Options

Lulu Avenue offers two types of starter kit options: the essentials kit for $199 and the business builder kit for $399.

The Essentials Kit comes with 12 different jewelry pieces with a retail value of over $700 and the business builder kit comes with 20 different pieces including Moissanite jewelry and other fashion accessories from various collections. Both kits come equipped with the following business supplies: catalogs, trunk show invitations, trunk show planners, cleaning cloth, order forms, hostess order forms, 1 neckform, and your own style advisor website. You can start your own e-boutique where your customers can browse and shop for Lulu Avenue jewelry online. You also get your own back office so you can easily track orders.

Lulu Avenue Style Advisor Compensation Plan

Lulu Avenue offers unlimited income potential for independent style advisors. They offer a fixed rate commission of 25% for all independent style advisors but since they offer personal sales bonuses, you can earn much more than your base commission when you reach certain monthly sales goals. Earn 2% to 5% personal sales bonuses for reaching more than $1500 in sales a month. 

You can also earn sponsorship commissions when you start building a team and get promoted to higher leadership levels, depending on your monthly sales volume and the number of style advisors in your team.

Trunk Shows and Host Rewards

You can get other people to host trunk shows for you. All trunk show hosts are eligible for the host rewards program if they reach the minimum required in trunk show sales. The best part is you also get a chance to earn what your host earns in rewards for trunk shows within your first 35 days as a style advisor.

Trunk show hosts can earn 10% to 20% of their party sales in free jewelry and they also get a chance to purchase up to 4 items at 50% off, depending on their total trunk show sales.

With some of the most amazing jewelry collections in the industry and a lucrative compensation plan for style advisors and trunk show hosts, it comes as no surprise that the company has gained such a large following despite being a relative newcomer in the industry. If you are looking for a profitable business opportunity with a competitive product line, then Lulu Avenue might just be the perfect company for you.

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