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Est. Consultants
25% - 35%
Downline Commission
3% - 8%
Startup Cost
$99 - $199
Products Sold
Cosmetics & Skin Care

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wrote 7 years ago

I love Aloette, first the products are amazing for your skin and the aloe is 100% certified organic; second the makeup is mineral makeup with antioxidants and green tea in it so it is actually good for your skin; third the smell of the products is amazing - doesn't linger chemically but smells amazing to you when you put on/wear something. <3

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wrote 7 years ago

I'm currently 35 years old and have been using Aloette for almost 15 years. I remember as a young girl I would skim through my mom's vanity closet and seeing the products she used and of course I used to dabble in it because I wanted to be just like mom. Then one day a girlfriend invited me to a night in with the girls featuring an Aloette consultant and there it was the product my mom used. My thought was if it was good for my mom it's definitely good for me. My favourite product by far is the essential cleansing oil .... A make up remover's that cleanses your face at the same time!

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