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The only constant in fashion is its ever-changing fads, so don't get stuck with "last year's" jewelry - try Mialisia instead! This sensational modular jewelry concept is so unique it's protected under patent-pending status, making it an ideal opportunity for driven entrepreneurs. Affordable, fun and beautiful, the company’s flagship "Versastyle" line is exclusively available through independent designers, ensuring that fans are always eager to try and buy more! With dozens of looks only a twist, clip or slide away, the pretty pieces in the Mialisia catalog are made to literally play well with others, connecting into a huge array of different combinations.

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Mialisia Jewelry - Our Thoughts

Fashionable women inevitably face the same challenge when it comes to accessories - enough space to store their various necklaces, bracelets, anklets and other accoutrements and the budget to afford them. Mialisia has elegantly solved both of these challenges with a sensational patent-pending idea that you’ve got to see to believe. As founder Annelise Brown puts it - you simply won’t believe all the looks you can achieve with only two pieces of Mialisia jewelry. By connecting, combining and exploring the different ways the interchangeable collection can be worn, wearers can model dozens of looks from only a handful of pieces.

Mialisia: Marvelous Choices

Everyone has that special necklace or bracelet that looks fantastic with that one dress...but not much else. With Mialisia, every piece is perfect for blending and pairing to match all of your favorite outfits - no more back-of-the-drawer specialty items that only come out once a year. Fresh and fun, each Mialisia piece is made to connect and interact with other items in the collection, allowing wearers to fashion chains and connectors into different necklaces, bracelets, anklets and even belts. This versatility provides a far more appealing prospect for jewelry lovers, as it offers tantalizing possibilities in casual settings, at the office or even during a night on the town.

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Why Mialisia?

The home party sales industry is no stranger to jewelry, so what makes Mialisia so special? The answer lies in the company’s unique mix-and-match jewelry system, which is so unique in the accessories community that it has been granted a patent pending status. This status ensures that representatives will be the only source for this type of accessory collection; this exclusivity builds-in repeat customers and encourages enthusiastic buying during the “window” of a party - an excellent benefit for representatives and hostesses alike. Mialisia’s recent emergence also encourages interest and buzz, helping this innovative jewelry concept garner great guest response during sales events.

Versatile Opportunities

Mialisia does more than provide a product that changes with you - their sales system does as well. With a flexible plan that allows new representatives to buy a kit that matches their ambitions, budding representatives are able to easily and affordably “try on” a new career that works with their lifestyle and schedule. The jewelry in the Mialisia collection may be costume, but the doors they open for their representatives and hostesses are nothing short of precious. A new and exciting way for budding entrepreneurs to get start running their own business, the unique product capabilities help “sell themselves”, combining the necessity of versatile thrift with the glamour of a packed jewelry box.

Whether it’s subtle twists of chains or a bold statement piece, jewelry lovers of all preferences will find something to love at Mialisia. With excellent money-making opportunities, fun product and a collection that simply can’t be found anywhere else, this home sales superstar is poised to become the next must-have brand. Don’t miss out - get started with your very own Mialisia business today!

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Mialisia Jewelry FAQ

Mialisia is the newest direct sales Party-plan Company in the industry set to launch on July 2013. Their versa-style patent-pending line of jewelry allow women to create over 25 different styles with just two or three pieces. Women can mix and match Mialisia's stylish chains to create chic necklaces, stylish belts, and anklets. Mialisia is currently accepting interested designers to become founding members of the company before its official launch on July 2013.
Mialisia offers affordable jewelry pieces ranging from $20 to $50. Since you'll only need about 2 to 3 styles to make over 25 stylish combinations, you'll certainly save a lot of money on accessories!
Mialisia is currently in pre-launch and is not available to purchase as of yet. After the launch in July and you're interested in purchasing a piece from Mialisia's Jewelry Collection, you can purchase their line through a Mialisia designer. After the official Mialisia launch you can contact a designer near your area to setup an appointment, attend home parties to check out the entire collection and mingle with other guests, or shop online from a Mialisia independent designer.
Mialisia's versa-style jewelry allows women to create over 25 styles with just two or three stylish chain. These chains are designed as necklaces but can be mixed and match with other chains to create longer necklaces, layered necklaces, belts, bracelets, and even anklets! Simply mix two or three together to suit your personal style!