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If you love jewelry and you are confident about your entrepreneurial skills, then Cookie Lee may be a great venture for you. With thousands of consultants in virtually all US states, Cookie Lee has helped a lot of women become successful entrepreneurs.

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The Cookie Lee Story

Cookie Lee started her company in 1985 as a source of additional income for her family. As a very family-oriented woman, Cookie Lee wanted to build a career while still being able to stay at home to spend time with her children. Her talent in jewelry making and her exceptional entrepreneurial skills has made her company what it is today— a successful direct selling company that helps women from all walks of life achieve success on their own. Cookie Lee initially started selling her jewelry to her friends and family. With her dedication, hard work, and keen eye for detail, Cookie Lee’s small-scale venture eventually grew and expanded to what is known as the Cookie Lee Company in the direct selling industry.

Cookie Lee is affiliated with the Direct Selling Association, as the company prides itself with honest and ethical selling. The company has helped thousands of women in the country make independent decisions and be self-sufficient through their “Women helping women” program. While Cookie Lee operates primarily in the US, the company is quickly gaining popularity in other countries as well because of the success it has achieved. Having been in the direct selling industry since 1992, Cookie Lee has already established itself as one of the most reputable direct selling companies in the US.

The Cookie Lee Jewelry Collection

Every Cookie Lee consultant is given the exclusive opportunity of purchasing all Cookie Lee products for half its retail value. This gives consultants an opportunity to earn more when they sell the jewelry full-price to consumers.

Cookie Lee is known for producing some of the best jewelry pieces in the industry. From classic jewelry designs that never go out of style to more contemporary pieces that employ the latest trends in jewelry design, there is certainly a lot to choose from in the Cookie Lee collection.

Cookie Lee also releases its seasonal collection every year, with exclusive items for the Holidays. The company prides itself with providing unique jewelry pieces that caters to all women, regardless of age. Cookie Lee consultants can expect a new collection every season and special jewelry pieces for each month of the year.

From simple chain necklaces with statement pendants to bracelet sets and classic earrings, it is easy to mix and match each piece to suit any outfit and occasion. The Cookie Lee collection is a reflection of what every woman wants to be—beautiful, accomplished, and unique.

Cookie Lee Business Opportunities

Cookie Lee is more than just a jewelry business, it is a business that helps and guides women to accomplish something for themselves. Whether you are a working mom looking for a supplementary income source or you are a stay-at-home mom looking for something to do in your spare time, Cookie Lee offers a variety of opportunities that may be of interest to you. As a Cookie Lee consultant, you can earn 50% profit for selling Cookie Lee jewelry. You are free to choose how much you want to sell so it is easy to become a consultant while still maintaining a full-time job. There are also full-time consultant positions available for those who want to earn more money. As a consultant for the company, you are free to take control of your business, your schedule, and your financial future. Consultants are also free to choose each piece of Cookie Lee jewelry that they want to sell to make it easier to promote products to their target demographic.

Aside from earning money from retail sales, each consultant gets a chance to build their way up the corporate ladder by recruiting other distributors. Not only do you get a chance to be promoted but you also earn a commission for each new recruit and you will also be entitled to a portion of their commissionable profit from retail sales.

By becoming a consultant for Cookie Lee, you will get all the support you need from team leaders and fellow consultants.

The Cookie Lee Starter Kit

Anyone can become a Cookie Lee consultant for just $60. This one-time membership fee is inclusive of the catalog, a tote bag, and other tools to help you promote and sell your jewelry. You can also choose from two basic Cookie Lee jewelry starter options; the first option is available for you at the price of $243.75 and comes with jewelry pieces with a total retail value of $325 and the second option is available to you for $500 with a total retail value of $1000. You can handpick each piece that you want to go in your starter kit.

Your Cookie Lee starter kit is your first step to starting your own jewelry business and achieving financial success.

Cookie Lee Compensation Plan

With a guarantee of 50% profit in retail sales, an attractive compensation for each new recruit, and a host of attractive performance bonuses, it is not surprising that Cookie Lee maintains a great relationship with its consultants. Cookie Lee believes that the recruitment process is not about getting as many new recruits but rather, it is about getting recruits who would want to stay with the company for a long time. This is why Cookie Lee rewards its consultants with an attractive compensation plan that would help them achieve financial independence while still being able to do what they want to do in life.

Consultants who have 20 and more downlines get a chance to be promoted to a managerial position and they can eventually become executive directors. Basically, the bigger your downline of distributors are, the higher your chances of being promoted to senior consultant and so on. There are also advanced leadership positions for those who have stayed long enough with Cookie Lee and who are dedicated in training, helping, and motivating consultants and fellow-leaders.

Aside from the 50% gross profit on retail sales, senior consultants and above get a percentage for sales from each of their downlines. This percentage gets higher, the more downlines a consultant has.

Cookie Lee also offers loyal consultants with car and vacation bonuses. By working hard to get your business on top, you get a chance to avail of Cookie Lee’s car bonus and own a Mercedes Benz. There are also annual vacation bonuses available for deserving consultants.

With hard work and a passion for selling Cookie Lee jewelry, anyone can become a top consultant for the company and be given all the aforementioned bonuses.

Cookie Lee Parties and Hostess Rewards

Women love hosting Cookie Lee parties because of all the exclusive deals that hostesses are entitled to. You can become a hostess too and host your very own Cookie Lee party right at the comfort of your own home and in the company of your friends and family. To become a hostess, you will have to contact a consultant to help you get started. Your consultant will deliver all Cookie Lee products to your venue and you can let the fun begin.

As a Cookie Lee hostess, you will be given a 50% discount on premium Cookie Lee jewelry. You also get a chance to avail of exclusive items for only $10. The best perk of all is that you get a free jewelry piece from Cookie Lee just for hosting a party. Your guests also get an exclusive 50% discount on an item of your choice. Depending on the total amount of show sales, you can get as much as $150 worth of Cookie Lee Jewelry for free.

Since jewelry is something that most women are passionate about, it is very easy to sell Cookie Lee jewelry to guests at your party so you can avail of all the great bonuses rewarded to hostesses.

The jewelry industry is perhaps one of the most flourishing industries today. As a niche, women cannot go wrong with selling jewelry, as these pieces are something that appeal to most, if not all, women. It is precisely because of this reason that Cookie Lee has become the success that it is today. Cookie Lee is not only a testament to the remunerative opportunities that the Direct Selling industry has to offer but it also showcases just how much potential women of the 21st century have in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

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