Direct Sales Hobbies & Crafts Companies

There have been many direct sales crafts companies that emerged over the years and quite a number of these companies have done pretty well in the industry. The evident success of companies focusing on crafts and hobbies are a testament to the fact that people can really succeed in business while doing what they are good at and passionate about. 

Craft making materials are a great product base because it is easy to show customers the potential for such materials. Demonstrating the use of these materials in home parties, in booths, or even through one-on-one presentations is very easy and if you are good at a particular craft, you are not only demonstrating to potentially sell a product but you will also be able to showcase your talent.

Craft making projects have long served as a means of livelihood in many communities, making it an ideal option as a direct selling venture as well. Whether it is scrap booking, card making, or even gardening, you can easily find a company that would best suit your passion and interests.

Top 5 Direct Sales Crafts Companies

Listed below are five of the top direct sales companies in the industry that specialize in crafts and hobbies to help you in your search for a suitable direct sales business: 

Stampin Up

LaVonne Crosby and Shelli Gardner set out to start their very own direct sales company in 1988, using rubber stamps as an inspiration. Stampin Up has found much success in the direct sales industry and is now known as one of the biggest producers of scrap booking materials in the market.

Stampin Up has managed to recruit consultants all over the country and opened up ventures in Europe, New Zealand, and as well as Australia. Their special stamps have become their signature product, as they contain unique images and special messages that continue to inspire and strengthen relationships.

If you are interested in becoming a consultant for Stampin Up, you can purchase their starter kit for only $175, which is inclusive of a wide selection of scrap booking paper, special stamps, and other great materials that can be used for various crafts. Stampin Up demonstrators can initially earn 20% in personal sales commissions and this can increase up to 40%, the longer they stay with the company and the more they sell. Cash bonuses and promotions are also in store for dedicated consultants.

Creative Memories

Rhonda Anderson and Cheryl Lightle established Creative Memories in July 1987, as they wanted to show other moms that there is another, more convenient way of keeping their family photos and keepsakes other than storing them in drawers where they can easily get damaged. They began presenting photo albums to different groups in their community. It was not long before they were able to expand their venture and recruit other consultants to sell their products. Offering a wide-range of craft making products from special paper, stickers, punches, and various scrapbook embellishments to digital software where people can easily create digital photo books and scrapbooks. Creative Memories has certainly done very well. The company now has thousands of independent consultants all over the country.

As a Creative Memories consultant, you are entitled to 30% of your personal sales and you are also eligible for 5% up to 15% rebates for selling more than $1500 worth of products. You can also build your team by recruiting new consultants to the company. As a team leader, you are entitled to commissions for up to three generations of downline’s. You can earn 8% to 14% from your downline’s commissionable sales. Group volume and promotion bonuses are periodically given to leaders whose teams excel. For an initial fee of $50, you can become a consultant for Creative Memories and receive your consultant kit. You can also choose from two product starter kit options; the basic kit is offered to consultants for $70 and the enhanced kit can be purchased for $171.50, containing over $100 and over $200 worth of products, respectively.

Close to My Heart

Close to My Heart is another great option for interested consultants. Having been in the direct sales industry for 15 years, consultants can expect top-of-the-line training and support from the company. Close to My Heart offers a wide-range of products, including; special papers, punches, rubber stamps, and scrapbook decorative accents, just to name a few. These products can be used to create special scrapbooks, cards, and gift bags that would certainly lighten up the hearts of the receiver.

Close to My Heart, like most direct sales companies, employs a multi-level marketing approach. This means that consultants can earn by selling products and by recruiting other members to the company. The company’s starter kit is available for $99 and contains over $300 worth of products. Close to my Heart Consultants also get business tools, DVD training manuals, catalogs, and other important tools to help launch a successful venture. As a consultant, you can earn commissions ranging from 22% to 34% on retail sales. You are also entitled to sponsorship commissions that range from 2% to 7% for recruiting and sponsoring new consultants.

As an independent consultant, you can earn high profits on retail sales, build your own team, and be rewarded with vacation bonuses and a host of great products from the company for all your hard work and effort.

Heritage Makers

From personalized hardbound photo albums, greeting cards, and postcards to calendars, event invitations, and even card games, Heritage Makers offers a little something for the creative person in you. By using these products, people have learned to become much more personal with gift giving and they have also found a better way to store their memories through the use of photo books. Whether you want to manually create your photo books and cards or you want to generate them digitally, you can certainly find a solution for all your creative needs from the company.

Interested consultants can easily sign up and join the company by purchasing a starter kit. There are two options: the consultant business kit, which is sold for $199.95 and the e-kit, which is offered for $99. These kits all come with exclusive Heritage Makers products and a host of business tools to help them start their venture and market their products.

By becoming a Heritage Makers consultant, you can receive commissions that range from 20% to 30% in personal sales. If you build your own team, you can get promoted to team leader status, which will make you eligible for team bonuses and a host of personal incentives that include; car bonuses, vacation bonuses, sponsored trips to national conventions, and advanced training.

The Happy Gardener

Of all the direct sales crafts companies included in this list, the Happy Gardener stands out from the rest because of its product base. The Happy Gardener focuses on gardening as a craft, as the company offers sustainable alternatives to conventional methods of gardening. Those who are passionate about gardening would definitely enjoy becoming a consultant for the Happy Gardener.

By becoming a Happy Gardener consultant, you do not only get to start your own independent venture but you also get professional training in the field of organic gardening. By promoting their products to your network, you get a chance to help other people learn about organic gardening and seriously pursue this type of gardening as a hobby.  As a consultant, you will have access to ongoing training, the company’s online resource center, and live meetings to help you run your venture. You can join the company either by paying the initial fee of $39 or by purchasing your own consultant starter kit with over $300 worth of products for only $169.

As an independent consultant, you can earn personal sales commissions that range from 20% to 30% plus monthly bonuses of 5% for recruiting new people to your team. You are also entitled to 2% of your downline’s commissionable sales. Happy Gardener offers everyone an opportunity to be part of such a great company with equally attractive commission rates.

If you want to pursue your passion for craft making and you want to turn it into a moneymaking venture, you can easily do so by joining any of the aforementioned direct sales crafts companies. By signing up as a consultant, you get a chance to start your own direct sales home business but with all the professional training and support you need plus a chance to earn great rewards for your efforts, all for a very minimal startup fee.