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Est. Consultants
20% - 34%
Downline Commission
2% - 9%
Startup Cost
Products Sold
Jewelry, Hand Bags, Purses
Clothing & Fashion
Home Office
3425 Morse Crossing Columbus, OH 43219 US

Fashionable, fun, and truly one-of-a-kind are just some of the words that come to mind when people talk about Thirty One Gifts. Offering a unique business opportunity for women to sell customized bags that are chic and functional, Thirty One Gifts have certainly become a source of joy for a lot of women.

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Thirty One Gifts is a Number One Opportunity

Thirty One Gifts is a faith-based direct sales company that taps into the meaningful sentiment behind its namesake pro-woman proverb, empowering the consultants that it works with to achieve success. Recently celebrating a full decade in business, this fun twist on personalized purse parties give independent consultants an opportunity to make money through commissions and party hosts the ability to earn deeply discounted products for throwing a successful event. With several purse companies vying for attention in the direct sales market, Thirty One Gifts quietly stands out with high quality products and an unprecedented array of choices. Here are a few of the reasons that women are lining up for the chance to sell this hot line of tote bags, purses and more:

  • Longevity - With ten years in business, Thirty One Gifts isn’t a flash in the home party pan, making it a trustworthy possibility for those researching earning opportunities.
  • Low Startup Cost - An unheard-of price for a direct sales starter kit, you can start your own Thirty One Gifts business for only $99.
  • Something for Everyone - Beyond purses, consultants can talk up exciting organizational items, including insulated lunch bags, duffels and cosmetic bags, to increase customer interest.
  • No Inventory Required - Consultants never need to worry about boxes piled up in basements or garages - purchased items can be shipped directly to the end consumer, eliminating the need for “warehouse” storage.
  • Great Incentives - with promotional startup periods, the chance to earn trips and even bonuses during parties, the generous commission is only the tip of the iceberg.

Beautiful Bags, Higher Calling

Though the faith-based theme and mottos are subtle, many consultants enjoy working with a home party sales company that shares their values. Thirty One Gifts supports women in their efforts to bring prosperity to their households. Through the Thirty One Gives charity branch of the organization, the company also gives back to their local Ohio community through donations, building houses for the needy, product donations and more. This commitment to improving the quality of life for those less fortunate falls in line with the sentiments expressed in proverb Thirty One, bolstering the strength and capability of a woman-owned company filled with motivated female consultants and employees.

Unique, Fun and Lucrative

In addition to the basic commission structure, dedicated consultants can recruit team members to increase their own commission rate as well as earn bonus checks and rewards. With monthly specials designed to foster bigger sales and an ever-growing catalog of order-ready items, these entrepreneurs are given all the tools they need to ensure success. The party medium brings them together with friends to examine and consider beautiful Thirty One Gifts products, all in the comfort and low-pressure environment of a host’s home. Their products are a step above the typical purse party offerings, offering shoppers the chance to personalize everything from the embroidered message to selecting a personalized font. This thoughtful array of choices keeps party-goers coming back for more bags and accessories - much to the delight of their busy consultants!

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wrote 6 months ago

Joining Thirty-one has been a blessing for both me and my family. I joined looking to just earn a little extra money to fill the gap of being a new stay at home mom. Thirty-one quickly became a fun hobby that helped me meet so many amazing people. The products are ones I personally use and love to gift to others. Personalization makes such a difference when gift giving and shows you took time to think of that person. Whether you are looking to save money on your own gifts or to earn extra money, I encourage you to consider the ease of Thirty-one Gifts!

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wrote 3 years ago

Excellent, honest company! Works very hard to please all customers! Excellent products that last for a long time!

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Thirty One Gifts FAQ

Thirty One Gifts is a direct sales company that offers beautifully patterned purses, totes and other organizational and home items, with most products able to be personalized through pattern choice and embroidered names and symbols. Individual commission-compensated consultants sell the company's products through fun parties held in the homes of hosts.
Thirty One Gifts has affordable products for everyone, thanks to their large catalog. From small accessories like their $3 decorative nail file to the $60 large Elite Retro Metro bucket-style bag, there are several products at every price point. Thrifty shoppers are sure to love Thirty One Gifts' monthly customer specials and inexpensive organizational sets.
Thirty One Gifts products are, like many home party plan items, only available through a certified consultant. If a shopper is interested in a certain bag or tote but is unable or unaware of an upcoming party, they can simply contact their local representative and ask for their items to be added to the next party order.