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Est. Consultants
25% - 30%
Downline Commission
3% - 9%
Startup Cost
$129 - $299
Products Sold
Nail Art, Nail Polish
Clothing & Fashion
Home Office
61 Kuller Road Clifton, NJ 07011 US

Let fashion point the way to colorful fun with Color Street nail polish strips. These special strips offer a fast, flawless manicure through real nail polish strips with the base, color, and topcoat built right in. Don’t struggle with brushes, smears, and smudges - get a beautiful nail fashion finish the first time, every time, with Color Street.

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  • Company Overview

    Color Street was born back in 1984 when founder Fa Park witnessed a juggling act unique to women. As he watched a woman in a nearby New York cab struggling to balance a bottle of nail polish as she touched up her nails on the go, he knew a change was needed. Something faster, and more versatile than liquid polish - something that captured the vibrant, energetic style of the Big Apple. He wanted something fashionable and fun - as well as easy to use and customize. Color Street nail polish strips were born, and nail fashion would never be the same again.

    Real Nail Polish for Real Results

    Color Street nail polish strips are made with actual nail polish, not stickers that require extra prep and maintenance. With a base, color, and top coat built into every strip, wearers can enjoy up to two full weeks of beautiful salon-quality manicures without the hassle and mess of painting. Because they’re made with real polish, they can also be removed quickly and easily with regular nail polish remover, and help keep your nails healthy as well.

    Clever and Colorful

    The Color Street product line goes well beyond the usual rainbow of hues, mixing in glitter and design options to let users customize their nails for any occasion. With formulas that are free of

    camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, parabens, and toulene, even sensitive users can enjoy the wealth of fashionable nail options Color Street Provides.

    If you want to make a fashion statement with every subtle gesture, Color Street has the beautiful, easy alternative to brush-on polish you need to make it happen.

  • Compensation Plan

    You’ll earn a 25% commission on each sale of Color Street nail polish strips and accessories, with additional opportunities to earn through high personal sales volumes, sales level achievements, and team building. Color Street also offers the chance to earn lifestyle, car, and national leadership bonuses in addition to regular commissions.

  • Starter Kit

    The Color Street starter kit cost is $129 for the Basic Starter Kit, which includes $250+ worth of products and business-boosting tools, representing the entire range of Color Street products. Driven entrepreneurs can also opt for the $299 for the Deluxe Showcase Kit, packed with more than $600 worth of products, accessories, and tools. Both sets give you everything you need to start selling as a Color Street independent stylist immediately, with testers, full sets, and all the sales materials you’ll need to sell products one-on-one or during sales events. The contents of your starter kit can also be supplemented through the company’s JumpStart program, which rewards personal volume and recruitment goals in the first 35, 65, and 95 days with free products.

  • Pros / Cons


    • Real nail polish strips give stylists an edge over “sticker” varieties
    • Multiple colors, styles, patterns, and images available
    • Low price point offers an easy entry point for new customers
    • Simple catalog makes sales pitches straightforward
    • Multiple earning styles give strong sellers excellent opportunities.


    • The catalog is nail polish strips only: no accessories or complementary products.
    • Lack of branded and/or licensed characters and imagery for nail strips
    • 16 strips in each set make reordering speed sluggish
    • Shipping charges apply on parties with less than $300 in sales

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wrote 5 years ago

Color Street dry nail polish is a great product that is so easy to use. It is 100% nail polish so no vinyl wraps that ruin your nails. No heat or any tools required. It lasts forever and helps my nails grow. I love all of the fun designs and glitters they have on top of a huge selection of solid colors. It's so much cheaper than getting a manicure but you get the same effect. And now I don't have to wait for my nails to dry or have them end up smudged. Loving Color Street!

Helpful (2)
wrote 6 years ago

Fun easy out the door polish! Can be done literally anytime, anywhere! No tools required, instant Dry, no smudging, no streaking. Salon quality Manis in minutes!

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Color Street FAQ

Color Street is a direct sales beauty company that offers nail fashion strips made with real nail polish for quick, easy manicures in rainbow of colors, glitter finishes, and designs.
Nail polish strip sets from Color Street range from $11 for basic colors to $12-$13 for glitter finishes and $13-$14 for more intricate images and designs.
Color Street nail polish strips can be purchased directly from an independent stylish, either in-person during sales parties or through their branded sales website online.