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Est. Consultants
25% - 34%
Downline Commission
2% - 7%
Startup Cost
$49 - $399
Products Sold
Children's Products

Discovery Toys has some of the most successful consultants in the direct selling industry today. By joining Discovery Toys, you will not only get an opportunity to earn but you will also be able to help in fostering every child’s love for learning.

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Learning Through Play with Discovery Toys

Learning through playing is the best way to describe what Discovery Toys is all about. Established out of an educator’s passion for teaching, Discovery Toys’ primary goal is to encourage kids of all ages to develop a love for learning even at an early age. The company believes that it is never too early for children to begin exploring the wonders of learning, which is why Discovery Toys remains committed to producing age-appropriate toys for this purpose.

Former child educator turned entrepreneur, Lane Nemeth, started Discovery Toys in 1978. She believed that for children to love learning, it was necessary to make it fun and interesting and that the best way to achieve this is by combining playtime and learning. Her vision was successfully realized with the inception of Discovery Toys, a direct selling company that focuses primarily on selling educational toys.

Discovery Toys is not only aimed at helping young kids develop an interest for learning but it also aims to help people, especially women, earn a supplemental income while still being able to accomplish all their daily obligations to their families and their jobs. As one of the pioneers of the “play and learn” concept, Discovery Toys remains to be one of the most trusted brands of educational toys by parents and teachers everywhere. Today, Discovery Toys has thousands of consultants in most US states and as well as in Canada.

Discovery Toys: Educational Toys for Children

Discovery Toys offer a wide-range of educational toys aimed at children from different age groups. They have four age group categories, which include: infant, toddler, preschool, and school years. Discovery Toys employs a holistic approach to development, as they offer different toys for each area of development, including but not limited to; motor skills, logic, mathematics, reading, and language. Each toy comes equipped with a label as to which area of development it is aimed for to further guide parents and teachers.

Discovery Toys also recognize the fact that different children have different learning styles and therefore, each child develops differently at his or her own pace. While learning cannot be rushed or forced, parents and educators can provide all the learning resources and materials to ensure that a child gets all the help and assistance he needs to reach his full learning potential. This is why Discovery Toys have also developed products designed specifically for each learning style. Whether a child learns best through visual materials or auditory materials, parents can be assured that they can find a toy that is best suited for their child’s needs. From building blocks, interactive educational games to puzzles and shapes, parents need not worry about how to introduce complicated subjects to kids, as they can discover it themselves while playing with these toys.

At Discovery Toys, children with special needs are also prioritized, as the company has an entire set of toys aimed at children with learning disabilities. The dedication that Discovery Toys has shown in helping parents with their children’s learning needs is what has helped the company reach and remain number one in the area of early childhood development. From educational baby toys to toys for toddlers, Discovery Toys offers a complete selection of products for all learning needs. The company also utilizes various innovations in technology to further improve their products and widen their selection of toys.

Discovery Toys Business Opportunity

Like many direct selling companies, Discovery Toys was first established to give women, especially stay-at-home mothers, an opportunity to earn on their own. What sets this business opportunity apart from others is the fact that its product base is something that is of interest to every parent, as it focuses mainly on education and learning. Discovery Toys offers a very rewarding opportunity for anyone who wants to earn some extra income. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of becoming a Discovery Toys consultant is the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children by inspiring them to love learning and have fun while doing it. As a consultant for Discovery Toys, you don’t only get a chance to earn but you also get a chance to show parents and their children that learning does not have to be difficult and it can, in fact, be a lot of fun.

Over the years, there have been many success stories of consultants quitting their day jobs to become full-time entrepreneurs. Those who are looking for a more rewarding career can turn to discovery toys to start their own business and be their own boss.

Whether you want to focus on your Discovery Toys business on a full-time basis or you want a part-time position, you are given complete control over how much time you put into the venture and how much you want to sell.  This is a great opportunity for mothers who want to work without completely giving up the time spent with their children.

Discovery Toys Starter Kit

The Discovery Toys starter kit comes equipped with everything that consultants need to launch their business. The kit is inclusive of 15 of the best sellers targeted for all groups within the discovery toys age bracket.  The kit also includes a complete set of tools and guides to help consultants with shows and presentations, including a personal website, which is offered free for three months. The starter kit is available for the price of $115 for US consultants and $130 for consultants in Canada.

Discovery Toys Compensation Plan

As a Discovery Toys consultant, you are entitled to retail sale commissions and as well as sponsorship commissions, with an opportunity to earn more the longer you stay with the company. New Discovery Toys consultants are also eligible for the “Success Start rewards plan”, which features a host of compensation opportunities for novice consultants, depending on their performance on their first three months with the company. Under this compensation plan, consultants are given $25 compensation for recruiting other members to their teams.

As a Discovery Toys consultant, you are also entitled to 20% commission and 5% bonus for selling a minimum of $500 worth of Discovery Toys products on your first and second months. Aside from attractive compensation and bonuses, consultants on their first and second months who manage to sell $500 worth of products will also be given $75 and $100 product coupons, respectively. If you are able to successfully sell $750 worth of Discovery Toys products on your third month, you will receive a refund on what you spent for your Discovery Toys starter kit aside from compensation and bonus for retail sales. In addition, consultants who manage to sell $2500 worth of products within their first three months, will be given an additional $750 of products to sell for a bigger chance of earning more in retails sales.

By participating in hostess parties, shows, and organizing your own marketing schemes be it through traditional advertising methods or through the Internet, you can easily work your way up and earn more in compensation and bonuses. Top performing consultants are given cash bonuses and as well as vacation bonuses for the whole family.

Host a Discovery Toys Party

Discovery Toys offers a hosting opportunity for anyone who wants to learn more about their products. Those who are interested can contact a Discovery Toys consultant to host a party at a venue of their choice. Hostesses are given free products and large discounts on Discovery Toys products. Organizing a Discovery Toys party is very easy, as you will get all the help you need from your consultant. Lots of fun and rewards await you whenever you host a party. You can enjoy the company of your family and closest friends while getting to know what Discovery Toys is all about. By selling a minimum of $200 worth of products in your party, you will be given $30 worth of Discovery Toys products. If your party manages to make sales of $950 and above, you are entitled to $180 worth of educational toys from Discovery Toys for your children to enjoy. Discovery Toys offers great compensation not only to consultants but also to hostesses, proof that the company ensures that all efforts are equally rewarded.

Discovery Toys has been around for thirty years and continues to be one of the most reputable direct selling companies in the industry today. Having been in the business for thirty years, Discovery Toys assures consultants a rewarding compensation plan and as well as all the necessary support and training to achieve success.

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