Direct Sales Home Decor & Storage Companies

Everyone designs their homes with both functionality and aesthetics in mind so that they can come home to a relaxing and clutter-free environment. A lot of homeowners go through extra measures to ensure that their homes reflect their personal tastes and preferences. More than just the type of furniture placed inside, a house becomes a home because of the small accents and decorative pieces that the homeowner puts into it. This is why home décor has become a popular product in business and when sold in a direct sales setup, it becomes even more appealing to consumers to purchase because the products can be brought to them directly.

A lot of people in the direct selling industry opt to join direct sales home décor companies because they find it easier to sell decorative products for the home, especially in home parties. With the right products and an eye for detail when it comes to presentation, it is very easy to market home décor especially since your customers can immediately see the potential for such products when arranged in their own homes.

Top 5 Direct Sales Home Décor Companies

There are several companies that you can choose from if you are looking to start your own direct sales business and you want to specialize in selling home décor. Each of these companies offer varying commission rates and incentives for consultants so it is best to consider all your options before moving forward. Below is a list of the top five direct sales home décor companies in the industry in terms of product base and compensation plans:


Taking inspiration from his father’s basket making business, David Longaberger decided to start a direct sales company with handcrafted baskets and home decors as the primary product base. The company has over 40,000 consultants and has become one of the most popular distributors of handcrafted baskets in the industry.  Longaberger baskets are known for their superior quality, functionality, and great designs. From picnic baskets, dinner plates, and unique totes to spacious and functional storage baskets, there are a lot of choices that consumers can choose from. Out of all their products, Longaberger is best known for their “medium market basket”, a picnic basket that cannot only carry heavy loads but is susceptible to water and heat damages. The company’s headquarters in Ohio was designed to look like the Longaberger signature basket.

Longaberger consultants can earn 25% commission in personal sales, large discounts on Longaberger products, and as well as a free website that is personalized for the individual needs of each consultant.

Willow House

Willow House is a direct sales company that was established by the same founders of the popular lifestyle magazine, Southern Living. Offering a wide-range of products for the home, a lot of people have found joy in Willow House products. Willow House offers just about anything from small to large decorative pieces, dining and entertainment products, kitchen tools, outdoor decors, and even accessories. Willow House consultants have found diversity and versatility in Willow House’s product base, which is part of the reason why the company has become such a success. Featuring design inspirations from their very own magazine, it is easy for Willow House customers to feel as if their homes are cut out from a magazine cover.

The Willow House starter kit is offered to new consultants for $199 and it contains over $500 worth of Willow House products and a set of business tools to help you get started. By joining Willow House, you will also be given an opportunity to sell Jewelry By Sarah Blaine. If you want to sell Sarah Blaine jewelry as well, you must purchase a separate starter kit for also $199 or you can choose to purchase the dual kit for $289 to get products from both departments. Willow House consultants can earn 25% commission on personal sales and a chance to earn a 10% group bonus if team retail sales are good. Consultants can also be eligible for monetary bonuses if they manage to sell a minimum of $1500 in a month.

Celebrating Home

Established out of a merger between the companies, Home and Garden Party and Home Interior & Gifts, Celebrating Home offers interested consultants with an opportunity to work with some of the best direct sales experts in the industry. With a chance to earn 30% up to 45% in commissions, Celebrating Home certainly offers a competitive business opportunity for those who are looking for a profitable direct sales venture. From home accents, decorative floral pieces, seasonal wreaths to dinnerware, outdoor decors, and scented candles that offer delightful fragrances, Celebrating Home offers a wide variety of products for consultants to sell in home décor parties. Vacation and car incentives are also offered to top-performing consultants.

Uppercase Living

Founded in 2006 with the goal of selling unique decorative products that people can use to customize their homes with, Uppercase Living has become one of the most popular direct sales home décor companies in the industry today. With products sold through home décor parties and open houses, consultants are offered with an attractive direct sales opportunity that is profitable and sustainable. Uppercase Living offers a large product base that range from small decorative accents, wall borders to wall letterings and even jewelry, the company offers truly unique products that anyone can incorporate into their homes to make their space one-of-a-kind.

Uppercase Living offers two starter kits: the Expressions Kit and the Blume kit for $249 each. If you want to sell Blume jewelry alongside Uppercase Living home decors, you can opt to purchase both kits and earn your investment back in just a few weeks. As an Uppercase Living consultant, you are not only given freedom over your schedule but you can also earn as much as 35% commission on personal sales, depending on how much you sell. Consultants are also eligible for downline commissions that range from 1% up to 6.5%, depending on their leadership levels.

At Home America

At Home America has been in the direct sales industry since the year 1983. Having been in the business for 28 years, the company has managed to recruit independent consultants in all 50 US states and has also expanded operations to Puerto Rico. Offering unique homeware that are superior when it comes to both quality and aesthetics, consultants will not be disappointed with At Home America’s product base. From antique bowls, dinnerware, baskets to candles, pillowcases, and sweet messages of inspiration, customers can easily find what they are looking for from the company’s large product base. Independent consultants for At Home America earn 25% commission in personal sales and are offered attractive vacation bonuses for large monthly retail sales.

All these companies offer attractive business opportunities for those who want to start their own direct sales venture. Anyone can succeed in the direct sales industry with enough dedication. Some of these companies have been in the industry for decades and others have only been around for a few years but nonetheless, they all offer a legitimate direct sales opportunity that is open to anyone who is interested.