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25% - 40%
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SimplyFun is a direct sales party plan company that specializes in educational toys, particularly age-appropriate board games. SimplyFun independent consultants can sell their merchandise through home parties and earn personal sales commissions ranging from 25% to 40% and as well as leadership commissions for sponsoring new independent consultants.

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SimplyFun - Our Thoughts

Few companies realize the importance of creating products that hone the intellectual capabilities of children while instilling in them a love for learning. For children to be passionate about learning, it is necessary to make the process fun and enjoyable. One such company that has recognized the importance of learning through play while encouraging family bonding is SimplyFun. SimplyFun’s primary mission as a company is to foster learning in children while encouraging family members to bond even for just a few hours in a day. They have developed an entire collection of board games that cater to the interest of both adults and kids alike, providing a venue for families’ to spend time with each other while challenging their intellectual skills.

Founded in 2004 by Matt Molen, Jeremy Young, and Gail DeGuilo, who had previously met while working on another company they built, SimplyFun was established primarily for the purpose of encouraging learning through play, which is perhaps one of the most effective methods of getting children to develop a passion and thirst for knowledge. With decades of experience up their sleeves, it did not take long for the founders of SimplyFun to launch their new venture as a full-scale direct sales company, giving an opportunity to thousands of people across the country. 

SimplyFun's Educational Products

SimplyFun primarily focuses in offering educational board games. They offer age-appropriate board games for kids as young as 3 years old but they also cater to teenagers and adults. The company aims to make the board game experience an educational one for the entire family, which is why they cater to a very wide age group.

Their toddler products focus more on learning the basics such as colors, numbers, and letters. They also offer fun simple memory games for toddlers to enhance their memory. Aside from board games, they also offer a selection of stuffed animals and puzzle games.

SimplyFun also offers quite a selection of board games for elementary school students. Everything from memory enhancers and logic board games to geography board games and trivia games can be found in their collection.

SimplyFun’s family board games are perhaps the biggest selling in their collection. They offer popular classics like chess, scrabble and dominos and remakes of popular board games including: eye to eye question and answer games, and a host of activity rings that families can take with them on the go.

SimplyFun's Business Opportunity

Like all direct sales companies, SimplyFun distributes their products through a team of independent consultants. Anyone can join the company as a consultant and signing up is very easy; you can either get in touch with an existing SimplyFun consultant or sign up online through the company’s website. If you are passionate about learning and you want to help encourage kids to develop the same kind of passion as well, then joining SimplyFun’s business venture can prove to be a very rewarding experience for you.

Simply Fun's Starter Kit

To complete your sign up process as a SimplyFun independent consultant, you have to purchase the starter kit. For only $99 you will receive all the business supplies you need and inventory samples to help you launch your business. The kit contains popular board games and as well as new products courtesy of SimplyFun.

The company also offers a “Fast Start” option for new independent consultants. If you manage to earn $1600 in retail sales plus recruit 2 consultants into your team within 60 days after signing up, you can avail of a starter kit rebate.

The SimplyFun Compensation Plan

As a SimplyFun independent consultant, you will be given full control over your financial success. Independent consultants can earn personal sales commissions ranging from 25% to 40%, depending on current leadership level and as well as monthly sales performance. In addition, you can also earn sponsorship commissions from your downline’s commissionable sales plus get a chance to earn leadership bonuses for you and your team’s sales achievements. Whether you are looking for a part-time or full-time opportunity, SimplyFun’s consultancy program is a great way to earn money while having complete control over your own schedule.

SimplyFun independent consultants also get unlimited support from the company. You can access online tutorials and training manuals by logging into your consultant account and you can also expect support and training from your sponsor. You can also attend weekly and yearly seminars along with other independent consultants.

SimplyFun Parties and Host Rewards

SimplyFun gives their independent consultants the opportunity to sell their merchandise through the home party plan system. Under this system, interested hosts can sign up to join the program and host a party in behalf of the company. Any host who makes at least $100 in party sales will be eligible for the host rewards program, where they can earn 15% to 25% of their party sales in host credits. Host credits can be used to purchase SimplyFun products. In addition, hosts can also purchase up to 3 items for half the price off, depending on their total party sales.

SimplyFun is one of the few direct sales companies that make learning their primary mission. This is also perhaps one of the main reasons why the company has managed to acquire quite a following in the direct sales community. So whether you want a full-time opportunity in direct sales or you simply want to earn some extra money while being able to purchase educational games for your kids at special consultant prices, SimplyFun is certainly a company worth considering.

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