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Start your own jewelry business by joining Azuli Skye, one of the hottest direct sales companies in the industry today! With such low start up costs, you're just a few steps away from realizing your dream of financial independence and being your own boss!

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Azuli Skye is a direct sales jewelry company that was established in 2008 by Deborah McNaughton. Deborah wanted to create fashionable, high-quality jewelry that every woman can afford so she set out to start a small home-based jewelry business, which eventually turned into a full-scale direct sales company.

Aside from wanting to take control of her financial future, Deborah also wanted to help women become financially independent, especially those who do not have the resources or time to start their own ventures from scratch. She decided to employ a direct sales party-plan framework for her new business to open up a venue for other women to start their own home-based businesses as well and make her products more accessible to consumers. Azuli Skye has certainly gone a long way from when it first started back in 2008. Now, the company has hundreds of consultants all across the country working in teams not only to become financially independent but also to provide affordable jewelry pieces to women everywhere.

Azuli Skye Products

Azuli Skye founder Deborah McNaughton believes that even just a little accessorizing can go a long way. Whether it’s an old outfit that you want to revamp to keep up with the changing trends or some neutral-colored pieces that you want to add a little bit of pizzazz and glamour to, accessories can significantly change the way an outfit looks. Azuli Skye offers a very wide selection of jewelry. From necklaces and bracelets to earrings, rings and even watches, you can find fashionable pieces that you can wear anytime of the year.

You can even find plain necklace chains in their collection and just pair it up with a pendant of your choice. They also offer necklace and earring sets that you can mix and match depending on your mood. Also among their product offerings are fashionable scarves, crystal jewelry, and sterling silver bracelets, pendants, and earrings.

Azuli Skye aims to show women that good quality jewelry need not cost an arm and a leg. With such beautiful and affordable pieces, you can certainly find an accessory piece that you can use for just about any season and occasion. All of their beautiful jewelry pieces are exclusively distributed through their team of independent consultants across the country.

Azuli Skye Business Opportunity

Whether you are looking for ways to make some extra money or you want to start taking control of your financial future by starting your own business, Azuli Skye has something for you. Becoming a consultant for Azuli Skye will give you access to a business opportunity with unlimited income potential and allow you to work based on your schedule so you can make time for family, fiends, and leisure. With such low startup costs, starting your own jewelry business has never been this easy. Not only will you have personal access to all their collections but you also get the chance to share these pieces with your family and friends while earning commissions on your personal sales. Plus, you’ll also get the opportunity to design your own jewelry.

To join, you simply have to sign up with an existing consultant and purchase the starter kit. The starter kit is the only thing you’ll have to pay for as everything else you need like training, business tools, and even your own business website is given for free. Azuli Skye also takes care of sales tax remittances in behalf of their consultants.

Skye Dreams Kit (starter kit)

The Skye Dreams kit has a retail value of over $800 but you can purchase it for only $159. The kit comes with everything you need to get you started on your Azuli Skye jewelry business including: business supplies for your first six parties, black velvet jewelry displays, training materials and support from the Azuli Skye team, your own website, access to the company’s online community, and $700 worth of their most popular jewelry pieces.

Azuli Skye Compensation Plan

As an Azuli Skye independent consultant you can earn through personal sales commissions, sponsorship commissions, and promotion bonuses. Consultants earn personal sales commissions of up to 35% and up to 17% overrides on first level and second level downlines. You can also earn 7% downline overrides on your third level. So once you start to sponsor people into your team, you’ll earn much more than your base commission. In addition, you can also receive $1000 cash bonus when you reach the level of Manager and another $1000 for each time anyone in your first level downlines get promoted to the manager position. With your sales commissions alone, you can already earn so much and once you start your own team, you can start earning passively through overrides.

Azuli Skye Parties and Hostess Rewards

Azuli Skye parties are fun, interactive, and profitable for both consultants and hostesses. By hosting an Azuli Skye home party, you can earn free jewelry and receive large discounts on your personal purchases. As a hostess, you can earn 20% of your party sales in free jewelry, get 50% discount on up to two items, and get access to exclusive hostess products. Plus, if any of your guests book their own party at your event, you get 1 item for half the price off redeemable at your guest’s party. Hosting a party will not only allow you to shop for great jewelry at your own home but will also allow you to earn lots of free jewelry at the end of your party.

Azuli Skye offers the perfect opportunity for women who enjoy selling and shopping for jewelry. By joining the company, you won’t only earn a decent income every month but you’ll also have easy access to all your favorite jewelry pieces at wholesale prices!

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wrote 7 years ago

This company is amazing! I had previously been with Origami Owl and the jewelry that Azuli Skye has to offer is a step above the rest! They truly have a little bit of everything! My Origami Owl jewelry had either tarnished or pieces broke. Yes, the charms are cute but that is about where it ends with Origami Owl. I am so glad that I found Azuli Skye!

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