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Uppercase living is an interior designer's dream company. Providing easy-to-apply vinyl expressions, the company has not only provided warmth and inspiration to households all across the country but has also provided thousands of people with lucrative businesses that they can their call their own.

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Uppercase Living - Our Thoughts

Uppercase Living is a direct sales company founded in 2006 by Inger Erickson and Stephanie Geisler. The concept behind Uppercase Living is simple yet novel, the founders wanted to provide a meaningful product that would allow homeowners to express themselves, their beliefs, and inspirations in their personal space. Be it on the walls, doors, ceilings, or cabinets, Uppercase Living provides easy-to-apply vinyl expressions that homeowners can simply stick onto their desired space for a truly unique design that reflects their personal taste and preferences.

Uppercase Living has significantly grown as a home décor direct sales company in the last five years. Initially starting with just a few independent demonstrators, the company now has thousands of demonstrators representing its products all across the United States and as well as in Canada.

Uppercase Living Products

Letter stenciling and painting has been a popular decorative medium for many homeowners. However, it can be tricky to apply and often require the services of a professional. Uppercase Living provides a more practical, cost-efficient way to apply inspirational messages onto any surface. Through vinyl lettering, homeowners no longer have to deal with stencils and paint that are not only difficult to work with but can be quite messy to apply.

As one of the most popular home décor companies in the country, Uppercase Living offers hundreds of different products. You can find ready-made expressions that you simply have to order through a demonstrator or create your own with their special design software. Uppercase Living’s “MyDesign Suite” software application allows consumers to choose from over 50 font types, 30 different font colors, and hundreds of designs, allowing them to create custom-made vinyl lettering and designs for their homes. After designing your own vinyl lettering, you can proceed to order it and it will be delivered straight to your doorstep. Uppercase Living provides affordable per-letter pricing.

Aside from their flagship vinyl lettering products, Uppercase Living also now offers Blume Jewelry, a line of accessories that are carefully designed to suit the tastes of different women. You can find a wide assortment of accessories that would best suit your personality. They also feature bangles that contain the same inspiring messages available in their vinyl lettering pre-made collection. With Blume Jewelry, you can continue to be inspired even on the go.

Uppercase Living Business Opportunity

Uppercase Living is open to anyone who is interested in representing the company and its products as an independent demonstrator. There are many advantages to joining Uppercase Living but the most obvious advantage is the relative ease of selling their products. As an independent demonstrator, you will be given freedom over your schedule, your financial future, and as well as your career growth. Whether it’s a part-time opportunity or something larger in scale, Uppercase Living is always open to dedicated direct sales representatives. Uppercase Living does not only offer a lucrative business opportunity but the company also offers a fun and unique experience for demonstrators.

To join and take advantage of this wonderful direct sales opportunity, you can either contact a demonstrator or sign up through the company’s website.

Uppercase Living Starter Kit Options

Uppercase Living offers four starter kit options for new independent designers, depending on their needs and budget:

Option 1: Expressions Starter Kit

The Expressions starter kit is perfect for those who want to focus primarily on selling Uppercase Living’s Vinyl lettering sets. The kit is available for $249 with a retail value of $550. This kit is inclusive of a wide selection of pre-made vinyl expressions and accessories and it also comes with $100 worth of credit, which you can use to purchase additional inventory items.

Option 2: Blume Jewelry Starter Kit

This Blume Jewelry starter kit is also available for $249 with a retail value of over $600. It comes with a complete set of Blume’s necklaces, bangles, earrings, charms, and bracelets. It is also inclusive of a special demonstrator kit for carrying these accessories in.

Option 3: Uppercase Complete Starter Kit

The Uppercase complete starter kit offers the best value for your money, as it comes inclusive of both the vinyl expression starter set and the Blume Jewelry collection. This option also comes with $100 credits so you can purchase additional inventory items.

Option 4: The Networker Starter Kit

The networker starter kit is Uppercase’s cheapest option for new demonstrators, as it is available for only $59. This option is ideal for demonstrators who want to sell their merchandise online. It does not come with actual inventory items but it comes with a 1 year subscription to your own demonstrator website and as well as 25 catalogs plus 12 idea books.

Aside from your starter kit, you will also receive your own demonstrator website, which is free for a limited time and requires a yearly subscription afterwards. You will also receive business cards, catalogs, invitations, and flyers to help you launch your business.

Compensation Plan

Uppercase living offers independent demonstrators with a base commission of 25% for retail sales. In addition, demonstrators will also receive a volume bonus for minimum monthly sales of $500. Volume bonus rates range from 1% to as much as 10% depending on your personal sales per month. Demonstrators who sponsor new consultants into their teams can also receive downline commissions ranging from 2% to 5%, depending on leadership level. Vacation and monetary incentives are also given to top-performing consultants for going beyond their monthly sales requirements.

The only requirement to retain one’s position as a demonstrator is $300 per quarter in sales. However, those with higher leadership positions are required to meet a higher sales quota per quarter in order to retain their positions. 

Open Houses and Host Rewards

Since Uppercase Living is a party-plan company, they welcome anyone to host an open house. Qualified open houses will entitle the host to host credits and 50% discount on a certain number of items depending on total party sales. Minimum party sales of $200 will qualify the host for the host rewards program. Hosts can earn 10% to 20% of their party sales in host credits and up to 4 items at 50% off.

Uppercase Living has been providing inspiration for many homeowners and their families for half a decade. Through their special vinyl expressions, consumers are able to personalize their spaces and turn their houses into homes.

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wrote 8 years ago

Terrible quality, received several complaints about the products and had a bad experience myself. Vinyls ripped easily and would not stick as easily as portrayed. Customer service was non-responsive and I had to report them to the BBB in order to get any type of action and even still was only refunded a fraction of my purchase amount.

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wrote 8 years ago

Incredible company that stands behind the high quality VINYL they make and sell.

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