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Offering a wide-selection of one-of-a-kind customized charm jewelry, Bcharmed is quickly finding its place in the direct sales industry. Charm your way into the hearts of your customers and earn as much as 32% in retail commissions by becoming a personal stylist for Bcharmed.

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Having only launched on June 2011, Bcharmed is arguably one of the youngest companies in the direct sales industry. However, this does not make the opportunities offered by Bcharmed any less appealing, as they offer a pretty attractive ground floor opportunity for those who are looking for something new to venture into. Bcharmed is ran by a group of professionals who have had years of experience in direct selling so newcomers to the industry can fit in perfectly well, as they can get the training and support they need to successfully launch their venture.

Be Charmed with Bcharmed Jewelry

Bcharmed allows people to express their personal style through their products. Offering a collection of gorgeous jewelry that can be customized to suit the tastes and preferences of their individual customers, there is a lot that one can expect from the company in terms of variety. From good luck charms and personalized jewelry charms to birthstone necklaces, all of the pieces offered by Bcharmed are one-of-a-kind and highly superior in terms of quality.

Bcharmed Jewelry offers jewelry pieces for every woman regardless of age. Their pieces are a fusion between classic designs and modern-day trends, allowing every woman to feel special and beautiful while still staying in style no matter what the season. Create personalized pieces for yourself or have your name engraved on a pendant with their special initial charms or have your own design especially made for you through their custom charms jewelry.

You can also have your favorite photo placed in a special locket pendant or have special messages that inspire you placed on a pendant and setting of your choice. All their jewelry pieces are made from high-grade metal that can easily be cleaned to bring back its luster and shine even after years of use. High standards of quality and beautiful customizable designs are some of the qualities that set Bcharmed jewelry apart from others.

Bcharmed Business Opportunity

Whether as a jewelry designer or as a Bcharmed personal stylist, Bcharmed does not disappoint when it comes to the number of opportunities that they have to offer. By becoming a personal stylist for Bcharmed, you can start an independent venture and turn it into whatever you want it to be. Manage your own schedule, decide how much you want to sell, and market your products through strategies that you are most comfortable with. Joining Bcharmed gives you a chance to finally start a business and be your own boss without the expensive startup costs.

If you enjoy Bcharmed jewelry then you have all the more reason to take advantage of their lucrative business opportunity, as you will not only get the chance to earn your own income but you also get free jewelry customized to suit your own tastes and preferences plus large discounts on premium items. What Bcharmed offers their independent stylists is a chance to grow with the company and earn a sufficient amount every month. Joining Bcharmed may just be your first step to your own successful venture.

If designing your own jewelry is more to your liking, then you can also become a designer for Bcharmed. Bcharmed can be a venue for you to showcase your talent in designing jewelry for the whole world to see and appreciate. The company is always open to new and innovative designs, as they want to expand their product base to cater to the varying tastes and preferences of different women.

Bcharmed Starter Kit

Bcharmed offers a truly attractive and profitable opportunity for every woman. To become a Bcharmed stylist, you only have to purchase the Bcharmed starter kit that contains over $600 worth of Bcharmed products for a very low price of $199. This offers great value for your money while giving you the chance to launch your business and instantly double your initial investment.

The Bcharmed starter kit comes with a special necklace and key charm exclusively for stylists to help them market and showcase the great products that Bcharmed has to offer. The kit also comes equipped with several chains for necklaces, bracelets, and key chains and a wide selection of unique charms, which you can all present and sell through boutique parties.

Of course, no starter kit would be complete without the essential business tools to help you with your business. The Bcharmed starter kit comes with catalogs, order forms, hostess sign up forms, party invitations, and your very own stylist manual to help you through the basics of launching and maintaining your Bcharmed business. Everything you need to successfully launch your Bcharmed venture is in the starter kit and you can always order more in inventory supplies once you have successfully sold the items available in your kit.

Bcharmed Compensation Plan

Bcharmed may be a newcomer to the direct selling industry but their compensation plan does not come lacking in terms of commission rates and personal incentives. In fact, for selling a minimum of $2000 worth of Bcharmed products within your first 90 days as a Bcharmed stylist, you immediately get rewarded with $500 worth of Bcharmed jewelry for yourself. You can also get another $500 in free jewelry credit if you sponsor a new Bcharmed stylist within your first 90 days. Bcharmed certainly offers an attractive startup opportunity for all new stylists to enjoy.

Bcharmed also offers large commissions on personal retail sales ranging from 20% to 32%, depending on your level of leadership. Initially, you can earn 20% commissions on your personal retail sales and this becomes higher when you start to build your own team. Certified stylists and those with higher leadership positions are also entitled to a 5% additional commission for reaching a minimum of $2000 in personal volume per month. So all in all, you get an income potential of as much as 37% if you become a Bcharmed dream director. Those who sponsor new stylists also get downline bonuses of 2%, though this is only applicable to those with lead stylists status with at least 1 sponsored frontline stylist. When you reach the dream director status, you can earn as much as 9% on commission overrides and frontline bonuses for up to three generations of downlines.

Bcharmed offers a competitive compensation plan and rewards program despite its newcomer status. By becoming a Bcharmed stylist, you also get to lead your own team and be rewarded with team bonuses for all your hard work.

Bcharmed Hostess Rewards Program

As a party-plan company, Bcharmed offers an attractive rewards program for hostesses to enjoy. By hosting a Bcharmed boutique, you can have access to tons of great products for free plus large discounts on exclusive party hostess items. For minimum boutique sales of $150, you are entitled to 10% of party sales in Bcharmed jewelry credit plus a chance to purchase 1 item at half the price off. Boutique sales of $300 to $499 will give you 15% worth of jewelry credit and two items for 50% off.  When your Bcharmed party makes $500 in party sales, you get 20% free jewelry credit and three items for half the price off. Best of all, boutique hostesses who manage to make $1000 and above in party sales are entitled to 25% of free jewelry credit and four items at half the price off.

The more your boutique party makes in sales, the more Bcharmed jewelry you can get for free. If you enjoy one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces then you will definitely love Bcharmed jewelry and by hosting a boutique party for friends and family, you can get some of the best Bcharmed pieces for free or half the price off.

Bcharmed is certainly something to watch out for this year. They may have only joined the direct selling industry a few months ago but they have already proven that they can match what bigger companies can offer in terms of commission rates. The best thing about Bcharmed is the fact that women love their products, making it so much easier for stylists to earn a sizable income for selling Bcharmed jewelry. Whether you are looking for a serious venture to get into or you want to join so you can purchase Bcharmed jewelry at large discounts, Bcharmed certainly has a place for you in the company.

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