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Est. Consultants
Downline Commission
Startup Cost
$199 - $799
Products Sold
Jewelry, Purses, Scarves
Home Office
11550 Renner Boulevard Lenexa, KS 66219 US

Not all jewelry is created equal, and Silpada Designs is living, sparkling proof. From unusually beautiful faceted stones like pyrite, moonstone and labradorite to the luminescent glow of true .925 sterling silver, each style is a masterpiece you’ll fall for. A full line of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and more is waiting to be discovered in a fun party near you. If you want to wear the kind of jewelry that will leave everyone enviously asking, "Where did you get that?" - Silpada has exactly what you're looking for! Find out what jewelry fans have known for years and snag this brilliant brand for yourself today.

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Silpada Designs - Our Thoughts

The timeless appeal of elegant yet fun sterling silver jewelry makes it a welcome addition to every jewelry collection; sparkling gems, whimsical designs and unique stone arrangements put Silpada Designs at the forefront of this hot fashion statement. A direct sales company that offers its fashionable jewelry through representatives and exciting home parties, Silpada goes beyond simple marketing and merchandising to help make its consultants’ business-ownership dreams come true. High commissions, recruitment opportunities and sensational trips are only a few of the perks of working with Silpada Designs - no wonder so many entrepreneurs are getting into it!

Quality Jewelry, Quality Business

The company’s sterling silver jewelry designs aren’t the ho-hum styles found in every boutique, party and booth in town. Exclusive, handcrafted visions are set with high-end gems and accents that invite even the most steadfast “browser” to take a closer look. The unique faceting of semi-precious gems such as moonstone gives Silpada Designs a visible edge in the often-crowded direct sales jewelry market, helping to cut through the clutter of the “same old” bracelets, necklaces and rings to draw in buyers in a big way. True, stamped sterling silver is always used in Silpada Jewelry - no plating to fade or painting to chip means that satisfied customers will keep coming back for more.

Jump Start For Selling Jewelry

Silpada Designs understands that new sellers want to get off to a sensational start with their jewelry selling business, and have arranged their reward system to encourage this momentum. In addition to free jewelry for hitting certain sales tiers in the first 100 days of business, a new representative can also receive a substantial amount of additional free products for recruiting other successful representatives to their team. Both new recruits get to enjoy being “paid to party” with commissions and get to chat up Silpada’s silver delights while earning a virtual treasure trove of jewelry for free! With over three months to rack up sales, this pair of jump start perks is easy to achieve and will help newcomers really get into the - as the company puts it - Silpada-ish spirit.

Durable, Beautiful Customer Connections

Like the links of their shimmering necklaces and bracelets, the customer-representative bond that emerges from a Silpada Designs party is truly noteworthy. As customers enjoy the compliments their receive from wearing Silpada jewelry, they’ll return to their representative for more, time and time again. Well-designed and timeless, Silpada has purposely created pieces that can be worn no matter which way the trends sway, making them a great investment in style. There’s never been a better time to introduce other jewelry-lovers to this sensational brand: join the Silpada Designs team today!

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Silpada Designs is a direct sales jewelry company specializing in sterling silver and semi-precious gemstone designs. Their product lines are crafted with pure, stamped .925 silver and feature necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Each product comes with a lifetime guarantee that will repair or replace the product or its value in the unlikely event any defects in workmanship are found.