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3000BC offers a new line of skincare products specialized to suit the different needs of women. Through their special Skinscope diagnostic tool, you never have to worry about how to best take care of your skin's needs. In addition, 3000BC also offers a business opportunity with unlimited income potential and fast career growth.

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3000BC - Our Thoughts

3000BC is a direct sales company specializing in all-natural skin care products. Aside from its direct sales franchise, 3000BC is also widely popular for their spa services in various locations in Philadelphia.

Korin Korman established 3000BC out of the desire to provide safe and effective skincare products to women suffering from common skin problems. Korin had suffered from acne herself when she was in her early 20s and found that no other skincare product worked as well as those made out of aromatherapeutic botanical ingredients. Shortly after receiving her MBA at the Wharton School, she set up to start her own chain of spas and a line of skincare made from 100% botanical ingredients. Taking inspiration from the healers of the Ancient Egyptian civilization, Korin Korman named her enterprise 3000BC. Making full use of what nature has to offer combined with modern-day innovations; Korin Korman successfully launched her line of skincare in a direct sales framework. Now, 3000BC has achieved much success in the direct sales industry as one of the leading manufacturers of all-natural skincare products and has provided business opportunities for women all over the country.

3000BC Skincare and Spa Products

3000BC offers a wide-range of skincare products targeting different skin problems. It took 20 years of research and experimentation before their product base was completely developed. What 3000BC offers women is different from other skincare brands because they offer personal skincare analysis and a customized beauty regimen that is designed especially to take care of the individual needs of each of their customers. Through their revolutionary skinscope analysis, women are able to find out their skin type, their primary skin problems, and as well as the type of 3000BC products that would best suit their needs. There are three categories under 3000BC’s skinscope analysis and each are represented through a color: brown represents sun damage and is commonly recommended for older women to combat the early signs of aging; purple represents dehydration and is recommended for women suffering from dry skin; and yellow represents excessive oil production and is recommended for women with oily skin.

Each problem type has an entire line of skincare products especially designed to prevent and eliminate the underlying causes associated with each problem. 3000BC offers five important steps: clean, defense, repair, quench, and shield. To achieve this, 3000 BC offers different types of cleansers, day serum, moisturizers, and SPF moisturizers to protect the skin against sun damage and harmful elements. Regardless of your skin type and problem, you can be assured that 3000BC has something for you.

3000BC Business Opportunity

3000BC offers an opportunity for interested women to become part of the company as a skincare advisor. Whether you’ve always wanted to start your own business or you are looking into other career paths that would give you more time with your family or the things that you love to do, 3000BC offers a great business opportunity to help you achieve your financial goals and aspirations. As a skincare advisor, you will be representing 3000BC’s line of skincare products be it through home parties or online. You can even sell these products to individual customers whenever you get the opportunity. Plus, you also get personal discounts on your own purchases so if you personally love 3000BC; you can get your supply at a much lower rate. Joining is easy, you simply have to sign up either through the website or through an existing advisor, purchase the starter kit that would best suit your needs, and launch your business.

3000BC Starter Kit Options

3000BC offers 1 type of starter kit with two optional add-ons, depending on your needs.

The Basic Starter Kit

The basic starter kit comes with the skin scope set, $90 worth of skincare products, a training manual, business supplies for up to 4 shows, a personal skincare advisor website, and a host of online tools to help you design your site and market your business online. The contents of this kit is valued at $850 but is offered to new advisors for $199.

Starter Kit Add Ons

In addition to the basic kit, 3000BC offers the following kit add-ons to enhance your business:

Option 1: Business Builder #1

This add-on option will give you access to the complete line of 3000BC products for their 3 problem areas. This will make it easier for you to market your products and show your customers what your business has to offer in terms of product inventory. Aside from the products, you also get two private sessions with the 3000BC director of Field development to help you further enhance your business. You also get a one-on-one talk with Korin herself. This add-on is valued at $1000 but is offered to new advisors for only $299.

Option 2: Business Builder #2

This add-on contains product samples of all of 3000BC products, as an additional source of product inventory during shows. It also comes with two private sessions with the Director of field development and 1 private meeting with Korin. The kit is valued at $750 but is offered to new advisors for $299.

3000BC Compensation Plan

3000BC offers a base commission of 25% for skincare advisors but you can earn up to 35% on personal sales commission depending on your sales and leadership level. In addition, skincare advisors who exceed their monthly sales requirements can earn 5% to 10% volume bonus. You can also sponsor new advisors and receive a sponsorship commissions from up to three levels of downline representatives. Plus, you can receive 2% to 4% coaching bonus for every new recruit who achieves the minimum required sales under the SmartStart program within their first 90 days.

Skincare Advisors can expect to earn great leadership bonuses for each time they move up a rank in the company’s leadership hierarchy. You can earn up to $10,000 in bonuses when you reach the rank of executive director plus a matching bonus of up to $10,000 when you promote one downline representative from your first level into a higher leadership rank.

3000BC Shows and Host Rewards

Anyone who loves 3000BC is welcome to host an event for the company. You don’t only get to share the experience with your friends and family but you also get to earn rewards and discounts for each time you host an eligible party. Hostesses can earn 10% to 20% of their party sales in free products for reaching party sales of $150 to $600+. Plus, you also get to purchase up to 5 items at half the price off, depending on your party sales.

Thousands of women have benefited from 3000BCs superior line of skincare products. Few companies offer expert advice and a skincare solution that is tailor-made for one’s needs. It is these rare qualities that allowed 3000BC to rise to the top despite only being in this industry for a few years. Offering a great product base and an unlimited potential for income, 3000BC is certainly the perfect company to venture into for women who want to start their own business.

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