Direct Sales Candle & Home Fragrance Companies

Many direct sales consultants that sell candles and home fragrance products often talk about an addiction; an addiction to their product line. The fragrances are reflected in delicious flavors that sound good enough to eat and smell divine.  Direct sales candle companies are very popular in the home business market due to the product line. Candles and other home fragrance products like melts and reed diffusers are considered a consumable product and the customers for these products often profess addiction too.

Being a consumable product can mean good things for a candle representative.  As you develop your customer base, your clients will continue to burn candles and melt melts so that ordering refills can be a regular occurrence. New products and scents continually flood the market as well as candle holders, melters and other accessories, tempting your customers and adding great reason to be in contact with your client base on a regular basis.

These types of direct sales companies normally sell through home parties, vendor shows, online sales, catalog parties, online parties and one on one sales.  All of them encourage recruiting for additional income and company growth and most of them have good commissions, although there is a large range in pay structures.

Top 4 Direct Sales Candle Companies

There are many candle companies in business today but only the top 4 are included here.  In no particular order:


Partylite sells a wide variety of candle products ranging from tealights, votives and pillar candles in a variety of shapes, sizes and fragrances. Partylite also sells a variety of candle holders, candle accessories and other candle and home fragrance products. Consultants earn 25% on their personal sales as well as possible cash bonuses. View the Corporate Site Here


Scentsy sells wickless candles (scented wax melts) in a large variety of scents. The wax melts are available in bars and brick sizes. In addition, Scentsy sells mid-size and full-size electric wax melters in many different changing designs as well as electric plug-in nightlight warmers.  Consultants will earn 20% to start but can increase with sales volume. View the Corporate Site Here

Scent-Sations Inc. (Mia Bella Candles)

Mia Bella Distributors sell veggie and soy based scented jar candles, votive candles, air fresheners, scented wax melts and electric simmer pots for melting your melts. They also sell a variety of natural mineral makeup (cosmetics) and natural bath and body products. The consultants that join Mia Bella earn 50% in commissions based on suggested retail pricing.  Reps must sign up for direct shipments of product to earn this commission. View the Corporate Site Here

Gold Canyon Candle Company

Gold Canyon Candle consultants sell a wide variety of pillar candles, jar candles, candle holders and a variety of candle accessories. You will also find home fragrance products and body & bath products to round out their product line. When selling for Gold Canyon, you can expect to earn 25% commission on products sales plus additional bonuses. View the Corporate Site Here

Direct sales candle and home fragrance companies are a very popular choice in the home business lineup. Because of the structure of the direct sales companies and the ease in selling this product, many consultants choose to market this product.  The retail pricing structure is such that there is something in every customer’s price range, from $3 votives and $5 melt packs to $20-30 jar candles in varying sizes and accessories that can be even  more expensive.

In your direct sales home business search, you may want to include these 4 strong companies in your search for the perfect business.  By selling candles, you are going to be working in a competitive market, but one that can bring a large client and recruiting base, if the business is worked properly.