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Downline Commission
2% - 10%
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Bath & Body Products
Cosmetics & Skin Care, Health & Eco Friendly

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wrote 3 years ago

I love everything about Cove Creek. The products are truly amazing. My skin has never felt better. The mission of the company is fantastic. They strive to leave the smallest footprint with eco-friendly packing. Things such as ocean waste plastic, aspen wood shavings as package stuffing, and compostable boxing and tissue paper. A portion from every product sold also is donated to sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation. The comp plan is generous. Just couldn't get better. Well, every time I say that, it does!!

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wrote 3 years ago

I am very picky about the products that myself & my family uses. Cove Creek has the same beliefs I do when it comes to natural products! Cove Creek is launching Sept. 1st. and will offer natural hair, skin, body, spa & bath products for the entire family including pets! I have gotten to try the Invigorating Shampoo & Conditioner Bars. My hair has never looked better! Healthy, shiny, soft & manageable! They smell amazing with just a hint of Peppermint. The Oatmeal Body Bar leaves your skin soft and feeling so clean! Join us by Aug. 12th and get in at the top as a Founding Consultant!

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