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Est. Consultants
20% - 37%
Downline Commission
2% - 9%
Startup Cost
Products Sold
Wax Warmers
Candle & Home Fragrance

Working with Scentsy will light up your life, all without a single wick! This popular direct sales company uses high-quality home fragrance products to entice a wide variety of customers, along with a special warmer system that encourages repeat sales of their highly-fragranced scent bars. Fun, fresh product lines are continually expanded and updated, forming a catalog that delights fans and newcomers alike. Want a direct sales opportunity that sells itself? Become a Scentsy rep today!

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Scentsy - Our Thoughts

Today, Scentsy is such a huge name in direct sales and home fragrance, it’s hard to imagine CEO Orville Thompson and his wife Heidi starting it out of a shipping container in 2004. Famous for its line of warmers and wickless scented wax, Scentsy has built an empire on high-quality products, a fun party atmosphere and empowered representatives that love to talk up their experiences and invite others into the company.

Crossing Borders with Fun Fragrances

In 2009, only five years after launching as a direct sales company, Scentsy expanded to Canada to share its beautiful scents with our neighbors to the north. A huge 8,000 square foot distribution center was opened in Lexington, KY earlier that year to help support the expansion. The following year, mentions in INC and Direct Selling News lists helped fuel “Scentsy Mania” even further, and in 2011, Ireland, the UK and Germany joined the “Scent U.N.” of the wildly popular direct sales company.

An Innovative Company Culture

Over 100k reps strong, Scentsy isn’t a flash in the pan – or, more appropriately, a warmer. Each year, the company adds more products and scents to its catalog, ensuring those hardworking reps are never stuck selling the same old fragrances to saturated customers. In addition to its iconic warmer and wax combinations, Scentsy also manufacturers scented plush toys, hand soap, cosmetics and even laundry boosters so that fans can enjoy their favorite scent wherever they go.

A Positive Sales Experience

The only thing better than a direct sales company that gives back to its sales team is one that gives back to its community – and Scentsy’s proud to do both! Through various charity-based initiatives, Scentsy gives back hundreds of thousands in donations each year to noble causes – over $646,000 went to Rethink Breast Cancer and The National Breast Cancer Foundation in 2014 alone! Scentsy uses a combination of drives and branded products to increase awareness and gather much-needed funds for worthy causes like Autism Speaks and the Ronald McDonald House.

A Product Everyone Loves

The genius of Scentsy is that their only real demographic restriction is individuals that love great fragrances! With lines that offer everything from traditional options like Black Raspberry Vanilla to tongue-in-cheek options like the Scentsy Man addition of Cold Pizza (yes, really!), there’s literally something for everyone. This wide range of scents and innovative forms help representatives introduce customers to products they’ll actually use and love – and, more importantly, will keep returning to buy.

If you’re ready to start your journey with this wickless wonder of a company, you’re in for the sweet smell of success. Scentsy reps love making their own schedules, hosting fun parties and talking about a product they personally use and love. Representative perks such as discounts on products, an impressive profit margin and a partnership with a company on the cutting edge of customer satisfaction make Scentsy not only a popular direct sales company to start working for, but also one to stick with for years to come.

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wrote 8 years ago

Love the simplicity and safety of Scentsy. Wide variety of warmers to fit every decor and fragrances for everyone. Love the new diffusers that use water and essential oils for an amazing sensory experience. Top notch customer service.

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wrote 8 years ago

Velata a sister company of Scensy is a wonderful group of people who love family and food. Fondue is not all about chocolate. There are many things Velata opens up in the food and party industry.

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Scentsy FAQ

A direct sales company centered around a unique wickless candle concept for home fragrance, Scentsy is best known for its warmers and scented wax accessories. Other products made by the company include Scentsy Buddies – stuffed animals with interchangeable scent paks, laundry products and a line of bath and body items.
A single highly-fragranced wax bar from the company – their flagship product – costs around $5 or less, depending on current promotions. Warmers range between $20 for plug-in varieties up to $50 for limited edition deluxe versions. Laundry and bath products are priced between $7 and $20, while plush “Scentsy Buddies” are $25.
Scentsy products can be purchased several ways, most often during an in-person Scentsy home party held by a representative or through a digital (online) Scentsy party. Customers can also order through a representative’s website, which will list scent descriptions and money-saving promotions to help shoppers decide which products are right for them.