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20% - 37%
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2% - 9%
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Working with Scentsy will light up your life, all without a single wick! This popular direct sales company uses high-quality home fragrance products to entice a wide variety of customers, along with a special warmer system that encourages repeat sales of their highly-fragranced scent bars. Fun, fresh product lines are continually expanded and updated, forming a catalog that delights fans and newcomers alike. Want a direct sales opportunity that sells itself? Become a Scentsy rep today!

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  • About Scentsy

    Discover the Magic of Scentsy: Transform Your Space with Fragrance

    Scentsy has become a household name for fragrance enthusiasts, offering a wide range of products that can transform any space into a haven of delightful scents. Whether you're new to the world of home fragrances or a seasoned connoisseur, Scentsy provides an array of options to suit every taste. In this article, we delve into what makes Scentsy so special, the variety of products they offer, and how you can incorporate these fragrances into your daily life.

    What is Scentsy?

    Scentsy is a direct selling company that specializes in home fragrance products. Founded in 2004, Scentsy has grown exponentially, thanks to its unique wickless candle bars and electric warmers. Unlike traditional candles, Scentsy’s products use low-watt light bulbs or heating elements to melt specially formulated wax, releasing long-lasting fragrances without the flame, soot, or smoke.

    The Scentsy Product Range

    Scentsy offers an impressive array of products beyond their iconic wax bars and warmers. Here's a closer look at what you can expect from their collection:

    Wax Warmers and Bars

    At the heart of Scentsy's product line are their beautifully designed wax warmers and a vast selection of wax bars. The warmers come in various styles, from classic to contemporary, ensuring there's a design to match any decor. The wax bars are available in an extensive range of scents, from floral and fruity to spicy and woody, catering to every preference.

    Diffusers and Oils

    For those who prefer essential oils, Scentsy offers a range of high-quality diffusers and essential oils. These diffusers not only add fragrance to your home but also serve as stylish decor pieces. Scentsy's essential oils are sourced from natural ingredients, ensuring a pure and authentic aroma.

    Scent Pods and Air Purifiers

    Scentsy's innovative scent pods are perfect for on-the-go fragrance. Paired with their portable fan diffusers, these pods provide a convenient way to enjoy your favorite scents wherever you are. Additionally, Scentsy's air purifiers help improve indoor air quality while delivering the signature Scentsy fragrance.

    Laundry and Cleaning Products

    Scentsy extends its fragrance experience to household chores with a line of laundry and cleaning products. From laundry detergents and fabric softeners to all-purpose cleaners and dish soaps, Scentsy's products ensure your home smells fantastic from top to bottom.

    Body Care

    Indulge in Scentsy's body care products, which include lotions, body washes, and fragrances. These products are designed to pamper your skin while leaving you enveloped in your favorite Scentsy scent.

    Why Choose Scentsy?

    Safe and Flameless
    One of the standout features of Scentsy products is their safety. Without an open flame, there's no risk of fire hazards, making them an ideal choice for homes with children and pets.

    High-Quality Ingredients
    Scentsy prides itself on using high-quality ingredients in their wax bars and oils. This commitment to quality ensures that each product delivers a rich, authentic fragrance experience.

    Customizable Fragrance Experience
    With such a diverse product range, Scentsy allows you to customize your fragrance experience. Mix and match different scents to create a unique ambiance in every room of your home.

    Community and Support
    Scentsy operates on a direct selling model, meaning you can purchase products through independent consultants. This creates a sense of community and personalized service, as consultants often provide tailored recommendations and exclusive deals.

    How to Get Started with Scentsy

    Ready to explore the world of Scentsy? Here are a few steps to get you started:

    Find a Consultant
    Connect with a Scentsy consultant who can guide you through the product range and help you find scents that match your preferences.

    Explore the Products
    Take your time to browse the extensive catalog of Scentsy products. Don't hesitate to ask for samples or recommendations.

    Host a Party
    Consider hosting a Scentsy party, either in-person or online. This is a fun way to experience the products with friends and earn rewards.

    Join the Community
    If you fall in love with Scentsy, consider becoming a consultant yourself. It's a fantastic opportunity to share your passion for fragrance and earn an income.


    Scentsy offers a world of fragrance possibilities that can transform any space into a sanctuary of scent. With their commitment to quality, safety, and variety, it's no wonder Scentsy has garnered a loyal following. Whether you're looking to enhance your home, pamper yourself, or find the perfect gift, Scentsy has something for everyone. Dive into the delightful world of Scentsy and discover how fragrance can elevate your everyday life.

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wrote 8 years ago

Love the simplicity and safety of Scentsy. Wide variety of warmers to fit every decor and fragrances for everyone. Love the new diffusers that use water and essential oils for an amazing sensory experience. Top notch customer service.

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wrote 8 years ago

Velata a sister company of Scensy is a wonderful group of people who love family and food. Fondue is not all about chocolate. There are many things Velata opens up in the food and party industry.

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Scentsy FAQ

A direct sales company centered around a unique wickless candle concept for home fragrance, Scentsy is best known for its warmers and scented wax accessories. Other products made by the company include Scentsy Buddies – stuffed animals with interchangeable scent paks, laundry products and a line of bath and body items.
A single highly-fragranced wax bar from the company – their flagship product – costs around $5 or less, depending on current promotions. Warmers range between $20 for plug-in varieties up to $50 for limited edition deluxe versions. Laundry and bath products are priced between $7 and $20, while plush “Scentsy Buddies” are $25.
Scentsy products can be purchased several ways, most often during an in-person Scentsy home party held by a representative or through a digital (online) Scentsy party. Customers can also order through a representative’s website, which will list scent descriptions and money-saving promotions to help shoppers decide which products are right for them.