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Looking for a new direct sales fragrance company that offers unlimited income potential? For Every Home might just be the company for you. Sell high-quality soy candles and fragrances and earn up to 38% commissions on your retail sales just by attending weekly home parties.

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For Every Home - Our Thoughts

Launched in 2007 as a direct sales fragrance company, For Every Home’s roots can be traced back to Becky Anderson’s kitchen. Like many women today, Becky Anderson’s main priority was her family. Before she started For Every Home, she had her hands full taking care of her nine children, her husband, and the family farm. Armed with an extensive background in Chemistry, Becky Anderson decided to start her own home-based fragrance business right in her kitchen. She wanted to start a business that would enable her kids to help around so that they will learn to value hard work and develop a good work ethic. It didn’t take too long for Becky, with the help of her kids, to take her fragrance business out of their kitchen and into an actual retail store. Her business allowed her to take care of her family while giving them a venue to work together. Due to the immense success of their family business, Becky Anderson took a leap of faith and changed For Every Home’s business model from retail to direct sales. She launched the company as a direct sales company in the year 2007 not only to expand its operations but as well as to give other women the opportunity to start their own home-based businesses. For Every Home achieved much success despite being a newcomer to the industry. Becky’s innovative ideas, superior products, and the hard work of her children combined made For Every Home what it is today, a successful direct sales company that empowers women all across the country.

For Every Home Products

As a fragrance company, For Every Home is dedicated in delivering superior and lasting fragrances in the form of candles, lotions, home cleaning products, and wax melts. To ensure their products quality, For Every Home sticks to all-natural ingredients, which do not only provide a safer choice for families everywhere but also allows for a better, more superior performance, especially when it comes to the life span and burning quality of their candles.

For Every Home offers different types of candles in just about every scent imaginable. Their candles are made out of soy-based vegetable wax, which allows for a smoother, cleaner, and longer, burning process. Out of every soy wax candle made by For Every Home, you get to maximize every penny you spend and you get to really appreciate its scent. You can find container candles and wax melts from the company’s candle collection.

The company also offers a line of lotion and shower gels for both men and women. Delight your senses and leave your skin smelling of your favorite scents all day; from fruity flavors and gourmet scents to floral scents, you can find a wide collection of scents from their product offerings. For Every Home also features a line of all- natural cleaning products, room sprays, and odor absorbing gel to keep your entire home clean and fresh. You can also find candle accessories and home décor to decorate your personal space with; they offer all sorts of interesting pieces that would certainly capture the attention of any guest.

For Every Home’s Business Opportunity

For Every Home wants to give every woman the opportunity to earn their own income, be financially stable and independent while still giving them enough time to spend with their families. For Every Home’s business opportunity is open to any woman who wants to start their own business in direct sales. There is no denying the fact that the candle and fragrance industry is a very lucrative one and more and more people are choosing to shop through direct sales home parties because of the convenience and comfort they offer. Starting your own For Every Home business has all the potential for success. As an independent consultant, you will have the freedom to set your work hours and choose how you want to sell your products. Be it through home parties, person-to-person, or online, your possibilities are endless. Plus, you get all the training you need to ensure your business’ success.

For Every Home Consultant Starter Kits

For Every Home offers two types of starter kits to every new consultant:

  1. The Innovation Starter Kit

    You can purchase this kit for only $99.99. The kit comes inclusive of the following business supplies: 50 party invitations, 25 order forms, 25 product catalogs, 1 issue of Celebrating Women magazine, 100+ fragrance samples. It also comes with 1 of each of the following products: OAM spray, 4oz nectar, 14 oz odor absorber gel, 7.3 oz wax cubes, 10 oz candle, and a deluxe candle warmer.

  2. The Advanced Starter Kit

    This kit is available for $249.99. When you purchase this kit, you’ll receive the following product samples: 2 OAM sprays, 1 4 oz nectar, 8 candles, 3 odor absorbing gels, 7 wax cubes, 4 deluxe candle warmers, 1 body lotion, 1 pack freshening beads, 1 bath salt, and 1 green living soap. The kit also comes with the following business supplies: 100 party postcards, 10 magazines, 40 product catalogs, 50 order forms, a consultant manual, and 100+ fragrance samples.

Compensation Plan

As a For Every Home independent consultant, you can determine how much you earn in a month. Consultants can earn personal sales commissions ranging from 25% to 38%, depending on monthly sales volume and leadership level. You can also sponsor new consultants and build your own team. By doing so, you can earn team bonuses for exceeding required monthly group volumes. You can also earn personal bonuses and leadership bonuses for every milestone you achieve. Earn up to 13% additional commission for going beyond your level’s personal sales volume.

Home Parties and Host Rewards

Host a party for the company and enhance your shopping experience. If your party makes at least $150 in sales, you’ll be eligible for the company’s host rewards program. Earn 10% to 20% of your party sales in free products and get the chance to purchase up to 3 items at half the price off.

For Every Home may have only been in the industry for five years but their dedication in providing nothing else but quality products to consumers and their passion in helping other women find success for themselves has made the company one of the most successful in the industry.

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