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Eclipse Candle Company is a new direct sales fragrance company specializing in wickless candles and body melts. Join their exciting ground floor opportunity and earn 30% commissions on your personal sales and up to 8% commission overrides from your downline representatives.

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Eclipse Candle Company - Our Thoughts

Eclipse Candle Company is one of the newest fragrance companies in the direct sales industry. Specializing in wickless candles and wax meltables, Eclipse Candle Co. prides itself with providing no less than high-quality products made out of premium wax. This Texas-based candle company operates under the principle of providing nothing but the best scents to the direct sales market through their line of products exclusively distributed by their team of direct sales representatives. Founded by four friends with a passion for creating superior candles and scents, Eclipse Candle Co. quickly made its way across the country and even has consultants reaching as far as Puerto Rico. With its exciting new business opportunity and line of competitive products, it comes as no surprise that Eclipse Candle Co. is attracting more and more people into its consultancy program.

Eclipse Candles and Scents

Eclipse Candle Co. specializes in wickless memory melts, body melts, fragrance sprays, and as well as container candles. Its signature product, wickless memory melts, comes in dozens of scents. Choose from classic favorites like floral scents of lavender and fruity scents of ripe oranges and pears or you can also choose from their wide-selection of gourmet wax melts. Eclipse Candle Co. also offers a wide selection of scents inspired by favorite movie characters. Buy a scent inspired by the famous Twilight characters or choose a scent from their Pop Culture collection, citing many famous song titles of the past and present.

Among their products offerings are body melts, which have become a consumer favorite overtime. These body-melts come in sweet flavors like cotton candy and vanilla and as well as floral and fruity scents. They can be used alongside your favorite memory melts for a truly rejuvenating aromatherapy experience or by itself to keep your skin smelling good all day. Eclipse body melts are part of ECC Believes! Collection, a line of products designed especially to fund ECC’s sponsored charities. 100% of the sales under this collection are donated to ECC charities.

Eclipse Candle Co. also offers a selection of candle warmers that can be used with their memory melts. Choose from different designs depending on your personal taste and preference. Just plug in, put a wax melt on the plate, and wait for your favorite scents to envelope every corner of your home. To freshen up your room and cars, you can also find a line of fragrance sprays from ECC’s collection; simply spray it to get rid of bad odor and to keep your car or rooms smelling good all day long. If container candles are more your type, ECC also offers three types of container candles available in their signature scents: choose from 8 oz or 12 oz jars or tins. These candles also feature scents from ECC’s brighter days, Classic, beloved characters, and pop culture collections.

Eclipse Candle Co. Business Opportunity

Eclipse Candle Co. offers a profitable business opportunity to interested consultants. With such low startup fees, being an Eclipse Glow representative is fun, easy, and affordable. Start your own business and achieve your personal financial goals in just a few months. Being an ECC Glow representative will not only give you an amazing product inventory but it will also allow you to choose how much you want to earn each month. So whether you are just looking for a part-time opportunity or a full-time career in direct sales, Eclipse Candle Co. has an opportunity in store for you. Joining is very easy, you can either sign up with an existing ECC consultant or sign up through the company’s website by filling out the new consultant application form and ordering the starter kit of your choice. You can sell through home parties, online through your own consultant website, or even person-to-person through your own network of customers.

Eclipse Candle Co. Starter Kits

Eclipse Candle Co. offers two types of starter kits for new consultants:

Option 1: Eclipse Candle Company Mini Kit

This mini kit is available to new consultants for only $49. It comes with the following items: 1 full size warmer, catalogs, Glow-on-the-go sample products, memory melts, business cards, order forms, a consultant handbook, and a sample kit for your first party.

Option 2: Eclipse Candle Company Starter Kit

This starter kit is available for $89 and comes inclusive of 1 full size warmer, 1 oz sample tins in various scents, memory melt, 1 busy body melt with sample spoons, 1 12 oz candle, 8 oz candle, and as well as a 12 oz container candle tin. It also comes with the following business supplies: catalogs, order forms, a fundraising brochure, a sample kit, and a consultant handbook.

The ECC Compensation Plan

The Eclipse Candle Co. offers a base commission of 30% for personal sales and as well as a personal sales bonus of 7% for consultants who are able to maintain a personal volume of at least $1000. As a Glow team member, you also get a chance to sponsor new consultants and earn downline overrides from their commissionable sales. You can earn 2% to 8% downline overrides, depending on your leadership level. You can also sponsor up to 6 levels of downline representatives when you reach the rank of executive director. Get access to leadership promotions, sponsorship bonuses, and performance bonuses when you join the Eclipse Candle Company as a Glow representative.

ECC Parties and Host Rewards

ECC parties are open to anyone who is interested. If you want to host a party for the company, you simply have to contact an ECC Glow representative to schedule a date. If your party makes the minimum required in sales, you will be eligible for rewards and discounts under the company’s host rewards program. Earn 10% to 15% of your party sales in free products and get a chance to purchase up to 4 items at half the price off. Parties should meet minimum sales of $150 and above to be eligible for the rewards program.

The Eclipse Candle Company does not only offer superior products and profitable business opportunities, they also do their part in giving back through their ECC Believes! Program.

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