Acti-Labs Overview

Est. Ambassadors
20% - 30%
Downline Commission
2% - 10%
Startup Cost
$27 - $120
Products Sold
Cosmetics, Lipstick, Bath & Body Products, ActiDerm
Cosmetics & Skin Care

You know you want to own your own business, but there are so many product niches to choose from – which one is the best direct sales opportunity? With Acti-Labs, you won’t need to choose! This wildly popular European company allows you to tap into the hottest trends of the moment: cosmetics, makeup, weight loss wraps, diet supplements – even skincare! – under the same brand’s umbrella. Once you try their high-quality France-made products for yourself, you’ll have no problem selling them to eager customers: your passion for the products will naturally shine through! Get started today and become one of the first wave of successful American Acti-Labs Ambassadors.

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Acti-Labs - Our Thoughts

  • Company Overview

    A beautiful blend of skin and body care made with exacting European standards and a fun, accessible career, Acti-Labs has “hopped the pond” from Britain. Now available to beauty-savvy entrepreneurs in the United States, the brand – 100 items strong and growing – is finding a huge enthusiastic fan base in the USA, just as it did in the UK. This rising star is driven by the quality of each Acti-Labs product, the sheer variety of brand products available and a team of outgoing Acti-Labs Ambassadors that spread the word through demonstrations, testimonials and sales parties.

    Something to Smile About

    Acti-Labs Product Line

    Acti-Labs has smart, proven products for nearly any beauty concern – from well-made cosmetics and color-rich makeup to inch wraps and diet supplements that help you tone and firm from every angle. Unlike other direct sales beauty companies, the company focuses on a holistic approach to the body and lifestyle you deserve: a little glamour-enhancing boost for the everyday, and body care and skin care products to promote health while chasing off wrinkles, discolorations and other aesthetic concerns without any surgery required. As you smooth, buff, wrap, brush and powder with this wildly popular line, you’ll quickly see why it was so enthusiastically adopted by thousands of smart businesswomen, both in the brand’s native Britain as well as here in America.

    An Excellent All-In-One Opportunity

    A quick peek at the most popular direct sales beauty companies will reveal several facets of Acti-Labs: notably, makeup, skincare, cosmetics, and weight loss products. If you’ve been considering ownership of your own business but weren’t sure what beauty segment to try, this fabulous international company insists you don’t have to choose: you really can have it all. The wide product line ensures that every potential customer can find something that catches their attention – if they aren’t a “cosmetics person,” they may still be very interested in an inch loss wrap – or if weight loss isn’t a concern, skincare is an easy and crowd-pleasing alternative product to switch to. Rather than trying to pitch a single, narrow product line to a potentially disinterested customer, you have access to nearly infinite talking points, helping you bolster your sales success.

    Represent an International Sensation

    Getting in on the “ground floor” of most direct sales companies means taking a little leap of faith. Signing up for brand-new beauty sales companies means hoping that the products will prove popular, that the company will invest well, and that enough interested representatives will cover hot territories. Acti-Labs has already flexed impressive sales muscles internationally, allowing new brand Ambassadors to ride that wave of popularity here in the USA. The concept of imported European skin and body care products is also already associated with luxury, making your new Acti-Labs business one with a very bright future!

    Are you ready to transform your finances, your freedom and your life by partnering with a proven international company? Acti-Labs products are your first-class ticket to the fulfilling, exciting benefits of owning your very own business. Get started today!

  • Starter Kit

    Work from Home with Acti-Labs

    The Acti-Labs Starter Kit

    Becoming an Acti-Labs Ambassador is an amazing opportunity not only to earn excellent commissions and free product, but to give you the power to assemble an amazing team and help each other earn even more! Even getting started is fun – you’ll have your pick of 4 fantastic starter kits, jam-packed with hot Acti-Labs products to sample and share. From a small purse-sized collection to a deluxe kit case brimming with makeup, cosmetics and skin care products, you can snag the starter kit that’s perfect for both your budget and your new business ambitions.

    Once you’ve explored your products and become an enthusiastic brand maven, it’s time to invite your friends to the party! In an Acti-Labs team, driven sellers and recruiters boost earnings for their team by expanding their network, which translates to 3% up through 7% downline commissions as well as sign-on “Glam Bonuses” for recruiters. Team leads are actively invested – quite literally! – in the success of their team, as success helps everyone achieve higher commission checks and more bonuses as the team grows.

    You'll love to use Acti-Labs products, and quickly find that chatting them up never feels like selling – they’re just too good! Made in Paris, loved in the UK and now on tour in America, these products are stars all on their own. Don’t miss your chance to become one of this sensational company’s Ambassadors while you still can.

  • Compensation Plan

    The Acti-Labs Compensation Plan

    Earning with Acti-Labs is easy, thanks to a variety of different earn opportunities. Brand-new beginners earn a generous 20% commission from the very first dollar they sell. From there, boosted benefits like “Diamond Status” (earning $300+ of sales in a calendar month) bumps your commissions up to 25% for the month and earns you “Acti-Cash” Credit Vouchers to use on free product as well. Team-building earns you tiered carat statuses with whole team bonus earnings, and downline commissions of up to 7%!

Acti-Labs User Reviews Add a Review

wrote 7 years ago

When it comes to price, Acti-Labs win hands down! Quality? I LOVE the Quality of their products! They do what they say for factory pricing. The prices and customer service can't be beat! If you try it, you will love it! Love it! Become a party of it. It's cheap to join and you will NEVER lose your team. They have incentives to keep selling, but there is no selling to stay active. You are always active will acti-labs. They will be here for you on your worst selling month and be there for you on your best. I couldn't ask for a better company to hang with.

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wrote 7 years ago

Amazing company, massive support for consultants, top quality products that do what they say on the tin and better still affordable prices . Love love love ❤️

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Acti-Labs FAQ

Acti Labs is a skincare, body care, cosmetics and weight loss solutions manufacturer based in France, popular in the UK and recently introduced in America. Their sell their products through Acti-Labs Ambassadors that demonstrate products, handle orders and host sales parties and events to highlight the versatility of the brand’s offerings.
Products in their cosmetic and cosmeceuticals lines range between $25-$30, makeup products from $12.50 to $30, skincare from $5 through $20 and accessories, such as their makeup brushes, come in very affordably, at no more than $6.50 each. For Ambassadors, the cost of these items can be heavily discounted or completely reduced with Acti-Cash vouchers, which are earned by Diamond Status sellers.
Acti-Labs products can be purchased from your nearest Acti-Labs Ambassador, either in person at a sales party or through a phone or internet order. Your Ambassador can also make product recommendations for your beauty needs and answer any product questions you may have about the various Acti-Labs lines, recently available for the first time in the USA.