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If you love beautiful jewelry that constantly inspires envious gasps of "Where did you get that?", look no further than the offerings of Bella Shaye. Their impressively diverse catalog features jewelry pieces that range from graceful to bold, ensuring that there are treasures for every sense of style. With new periodic catalogs, "Bling of the Month" features and lifestyle products in addition to traditional pieces, everyone will find something new to love at a Bella Shaye party. Whether you're attending to build your own collection or want to sell their premium direct sales products personally, you'll quickly fall in love with the fresh, fun brand.

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Bella Shaye Jewelry - Our Thoughts

The subtle sparkle at a wrist or ear, the elegant drape of a necklace - the right jewelry can make a woman feel sensational. Bella Shaye is a home party sales company that uses this idea to connect jewelry lovers to the stylish pieces they crave in a fun environment that’s both social and friendly to the wallet. By keeping the cost of their items affordable, Bella Shaye has positioned themselves as a very strong up-and-coming jewelry manufacturer that’s accessible to hostesses and representatives from multiple demographics. They also offer a variety of pieces in both casual and dressy styles, avoiding the “same-old, same-old” perception that other companies are burdened with across their product lines.

Why Bella Shaye Jewelry is Special

The company sidesteps cost-prohibitive solid gold or silver jewelry in favor of thickly plated pieces with the same look, saving their customers money and ensuring representatives don’t struggle with the ever-present pricing hurdle. Here are a few interesting facts about their jewelry:

  • For pieces that feature 14kt Gold Plating, a layer that’s 20 microns thick used.
  • For pieces that feature Rhodium Plating, a layer that ranges between 2 to 3 mils thick is used.
  • For pieces that feature cubic zirconias, or “CZs,” graded stones between AA and AAAAA - the highest rating available - are used.

All of these attributes are a minimum of double the US or industry standard for the same materials, which highlights the level of care and quality that the company uses for their jewelry.

Selling and Hosting with Bella Shaye

Starting with the company is easy and much lower in cost than many of the jewelry companies in the direct sales market at the moment, making it a clear fan favorite. Beginners are offered two starter kit options and a low monthly option for maintaining an online sales portal, if they desire. In return for this first entrepreneurial step, they gain access to a variety of discounts, quick-start bonus plans, free products and sales materials and more. Representatives can make up to 40% base commissions and have an opportunity to recruit other representatives and gain a downline commission from their team in the process. Hostesses enjoy a generous percentage of their party’s sales, discounts on up to eight catalog items and access to exciting monthly sales promotions and hosting bonuses. Working as a team, a representative and her hostess enjoy a sensational opportunity for a lucrative income stream, a chance to collect discounted or free Bella Shaye jewelry, and the feeling of freedom that comes with owning a business.

Start with Bella Shaye Jewelry Today

The equation is simple - add an affordable price tag, home office support and a well-structured sales model to a variety of sparkling chic styles and the result is success! Don’t wait to start your Bella Shaye career - grab your kit today before another would-be representative decides this opportunity is simply too valuable to pass by. A fun, fabulous future of jewelry sales is waiting for you with Bella Shaye!

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Bella Shaye Jewelry FAQ

Bella Shaye is a high-quality fashion jewelry manufacturer that offers their products through direct sale home parties. Their lines include rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in addition to more unique products like belly rings and toe rings. Bella Shaye uses double-thick precious metal plating in their jewelry designs and backs each piece with a warranty and replacement program.