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Tweens don’t have much in the way of choices for personalized skincare, but Willa is changing that, one party at a time! This girlpower-driven skincare brand is using the power of direct sales to empower young women and help them earn generous commissions as they talk about the products they love. Earn money for college and clothes at a sleepover, stash some cash for a summer trip while you’re hanging out with friends – Willa helps you reach your goals and learn how to run your own business. Sound exciting? That’s because it is! Grab your starter kit today and find out how to be a Willa Girl!

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Willa - Our Thoughts

Composed of a full line of high-end skincare products made specifically for young women, Willa is a company that neatly fills the much-needed niche of skincare for girls. The brand’s products are made for pre-teens and teens that want solutions for their skin, but not necessarily the expensive, adult-focused ones used by their parents. In fact, that’s the reason Willa was founded – inspired by an 8 year old, no less! – in the first place: Willa Doss noticed that there were no specific product lines available for her skin, the way there were for her mother’s anti-aging regimen, or her baby sister’s delicate skin. With a little ingenuity and the inspiration of youth, it wasn’t long before her namesake collection was hitting stores with some help from her mother, Christy Prunier.

The Shift to Direct Sales

While Willa products were doing very well in stores nationwide, Doss’ mother found found that travelling from store to store each time a new product was added was demanding a great deal of effort. She also noticed that she had great sales success when she was able to talk directly to customers, as opposed to a buyer or store manager, and she had an “Aha!” moment. Soon after, the company shifted to a direct sales model, bringing its loyal fans along in the process. Today, young female consultants – called “Willa Girls” – drive this successful brand to even greater heights with each sales party, helping them earn money at a entrepreneurial job that’s chock full of girlpower.

Skincare from Head to Toe

While the star products of the line are undoubtedly the acne-fighting facial moisturizers, cleansers and exfoliators, Willa also offers products like sparkling lip tint and concealers made especially for the demanding lifestyle of today’s young women. Their “Bespoke Beauty Box” is a fully customizable set of 3 Willa products that can be sent monthly or every other month and swapped out for other products at any time. This is an “easy sell” for new Willa fans, as it gives them an affordable way to try everything the company offers. Additionally, it provides Willa customers with a convenient way to restock everyday products like cleansers and concealers while providing their Willa Girl consultants with a steady stream of income.

Great Skin, Great Ethics

More than just skincare and cosmetics, Doss’ company reflects the ethical needs of a modern, educated girl by offering a full suite of products that have not been tested on animals, don’t use harsh chemicals like DEA or sulfates, and are made right here in the United States. That means Willa fans can lather up, rinse off and beautify without worrying that their skincare regimen is hurting the planet. This is a huge benefit in an industry that all too often neglects to consider young women as budding individuals that are prepared to advocate for what they believe in.

Willa is a direct sales cosmetics company with a ready-made audience, and an attractive proposition for young entrepreneurs that would rather work for themselves than at an ice cream shop or retail store for the summer for extra money. Are you ready to be a Willa Girl? An excellent income through premium skin care products awaits – get started today!

Compensation Plan

Willa Girls earn 10% to 25% of their retail sales as commission to start, with a monthly potential earning range that extends up to $3500, depending on how many parties are booked and how many products are sold. This commission can be earned from one-off products sold through a party or personalized sales website, or through ongoing commissions from Bespoke Beauty Box subscriptions.

Join Opportunity

Joining Willa as a consultant is as simple as purchasing a $129 starter kit, packed with not only the samples and display products needed to inspire interest in the Willa line, but brochures, order forms and other business materials needed to organize your new business and recruit other consultants to your team. Additionally, new Willa Girls will have access to a personalized sales website for throwing virtual sales parties, as well as the easy-to-use Willa app, which allows them to check up on their business and make sales on the go. Access to the app and website are included in the cost of the kit for the first year, and a $50 technology fee will be due at each anniversary as a consultant. Willa’s starter kit is specifically designed for young entrepreneurs that use social media to connect with and sell to their peers.

In a nod to the importance of saving for the future, Willa extends a unique benefit to its young consultants – they match 10% of contributions into a Willa Girl’s 529 college fund account. This free matching encourages successful young entrepreneurs to continue their mastery of business – or another subject of their choice, of course – beyond High School to achieve their life goals.

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wrote 7 years ago

I love being a willa consultant! No other company offers a Founding Owner opportunity like this one! The products are incredible, and business opportunity is even better!

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