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Est. Ambassadors
20% - 30%
Downline Commission
2% - 5%
Startup Cost
$115 - $175
Products Sold
Educational, Toys, Children
Children's Products

If you’ve ever struggled to work through problems in math, reading or other learning opportunities with a reluctant child, you know what a lifesaver the right tools can be for coaxing a breakthrough. Fundanoodle products are perfect for helping your child make connections, learn new concepts, and have fun while doing it! Explore the full range of fun-tastic learning products through a Fundanoodle Ambassador today.

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Company Overview

Fundanoodle is a success story of form following function...following fun! The roots of this education readiness program come from a collaboration with a innovative NC-based office supply manufacturer - the beginning of their famous “pads,” each packed with games, information and engaging puzzles intended to help little minds grow and learn. With the help of a pair of pediatric occupational therapists, Fundanoodle quickly became a hot-ticket item in stores like Toys R’ Us, Target and other large chain retailers. As the company became more popular, they started receiving more and more requests to buy directly and partner up directly. Fundanoodle branched into direct sales, and now enjoys incredible success through an enthusiastic network of representatives.

Fundanoodle Samples

Today, these representatives - called Fundanoodle Ambassadors - earn generous commissions on every sale as they help young children across the nation tackle subjects like math, reading, comprehension and more through Fundanoodle’s proprietary toys, learning aids, and famous interactive pads. In a world that’s increasingly filled with “screens” - tablets, smartphones, televisions and computers - these Ambassadors represent a growing movement towards an “unplugged” approach to early education, and parents and teachers alike are loving it.

If you want to be a part of a company focused - quite literally - on the future through the education of children, consider becoming a Fundanoodle Ambassador. You’ll not only be improving the lives of the parents, educators and children that use your products, you’ll be earning a great income and having fun while you earn. Have fun, run your own business and discover the difference “screenless” educational materials make!

The Fundadoodle Compensation Plan

As a Fundanoodle Ambassador, you’ll earn a 20% commission from your very first sale - surpass $1500 in lifetime wholesale volume and you’ll bump up to 25%. Earn even more by building teams, which offer level, team and generational bonuses!

Fundanoodle Compensation Plan Detail

Fundanoodle Compensation Plan

Work from Home with Fundanoodle

The $119 Junior Fundanoodle Enrollment Kit is packed full of bestselling Fundanoodle products, but that’s only the beginning of your journey into education-rich, innovative products with great earning potential. Once you join, you’ll also have access to the optional Senior Fundanoodle Enrollment Kit, which has even more Fundanoodle products inside for particularly motivated Ambassadors. Combine that cache of sample and showcase products with the company’s 90 day quick-start program to make your presentation stash incredible. The program gives you the opportunity to earn $150 of product through achieving personal sales goals your first 3 months, with additional earning opportunities for building a team in the same period of time.Fundanoodle Starter Kits - Actual Contents Subject To Change


Focused product lines, targeted audience.

A company with longevity; 10+ years of operation.

Low price points make products accessible to a wide audience.

Multiple applications; appropriate for both home and school usage.

Easy to demonstrate with children during Playdate sessions.


Limited opportunity to sell - children-focused only.

Smaller product lines mean reorders are less likely.

Only made for younger children middle school age or below.

System made to work with itself; may not integrate well with other lesson plans.

Standalone products don’t need additional modules or refills.

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wrote 7 years ago

Fundanoodle is committed to providing quality school readiness materials for kids. The products are perfect for parents, teachers and kids as they work together to build an educational foundation. Joining is one of the best decisions that I've made. I love being a Fundanoodle Ambassador. It's rewarding to hear from parents and teachers about how much a difference this product has made with their children!

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wrote 7 years ago

My children have fallen absolutely in love with these educational products, as have I! Not only is it rewarding to spread the love of learning to other children and their parents, but you can also make an income! What I love most of all about being a Fundanoodle Ambassador aside from helping children across the United States; is I get to do this with my children! It's not just my business, but also my family's!!!

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Fundanoodle FAQ

Fundanoodle is a direct sales company offering “screen free” early education aids and tools such as activity pads, each designed to help children with skills like reading, writing and math.
Fundanoodle products are very reasonably priced, with activity pads sold at $9.99, with accompanying accessories like scissors as low as $3.99. Proprietary learning sets like their uppercase and lowercase Letter Fun Kits are available for $64.99.
Fundanoodle is exclusively available through Fundanoodle Ambassadors, independent representatives that sell online via their personalized website, through one-on-one meetings, cash-and-carry events like book fairs, or special sales parties.