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As one of the leading health and wellness companies in the direct sales industry, interested distributors can expect nothing but the best from It Works Global. The company carries some of the best skin firming, contouring, and weight loss products in the market. Join It Works Global as a distributor and earn up to 50% commissions on your retail sales.

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It Works! Global - Our Thoughts

It Works is a direct sales company specializing in weight loss and wellness products. Prior to the company’s launch in 2001, Mark and Cindy Pentecost were an ordinary couple living in Michigan; Mark was a high school teacher and Cindy, a stay-at-home mom. With three kids and a one-person income, the Pentecosts knew they needed some supplemental income to make ends meet. The couple started a home-based telecommunications business and was able to earn more than they ever dreamed of. It was because of the immense success of their home-based business that they were able to break free from all financial problems and was able to spend more time with their children. After the success of their first home-based venture, the couple wanted to venture into something bigger, as they wanted to provide the same opportunity that was given to them to other families so that they, too, can experience financial independence and success. In 2001, It Works finally became a reality with the release of their first product, the Ultimate Body Applicator, a revolutionary weight loss product that offers tightening, toning, and firming in just 45 minutes.

From the release of their first product, It Works Global experienced instant success and a massive following from consumers, including famous celebrities. Now, the company has thousands of consultants all over the world and has moved its headquarters from its hometown in Grand Rapids, Michigan to Bradenton, Florida.

It Works Product Line

Over the years, It Works Global was able to expand its product line. From the first batch of Ultimate Body Applicator skin firming and tightening products, the company has expanded its product base to include firming and toning products for the chin and neck. Now, they offer skin tightening and firming sets that target different problem areas.

Mark Pentecost also introduced a line of vitamins and nutritional supplements in 2005. They offer a wide selection of supplements to take care of the body’s daily nutritional needs. In addition, It Works Global also offers supplements for women suffering from menopausal symptoms, supplements for the muscle and joints, and as well as a variety of detoxifying products to rid the body of harmful toxins and chemicals. The company has also expanded to include anti-aging products and even specialty treatments for scars and stretch marks. Of course, years of experience in the industry have also allowed them to expand their weight loss product line. From weight loss and anti aging to vitamins and supplements, It Works Global carries a complete line of products to help you stay young, fit, and healthy.

It Works Global Business Opportunity

It Works Global was launched as a direct sales company to help other families realize their dreams of financial success and independence. A lot of potential lies in It Works Global’s business opportunity. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom looking to earn some extra income or a full-time executive looking for a venue that would allow you to earn some supplemental income, the company’s business opportunity is open to anyone who is interested. As an It Works distributor, you can sell your products through wrap parties, person-to-person, or even online, it’s all up to you. Since It Works employs a multi-level marketing structure, you will need a sponsor to join. You can either contact a distributor near you or sign up through the company’s website to find an available distributor to sponsor you.

It Works Starter Kit

It Works Global offers two types of starter kit options: a basic kit for $99 and a deluxe kit for $199. The kit comes with monthly specials, sample products, and as well as business supplies including catalogs, order forms, and business cards. A starter kit is required to start your own It Works business. Once you sign up, you simply have to choose the starter kit of choice and you’re all set to launch your new venture.

It Works Distributor Compensation Plan

As a distributor for It Works Global, you can earn money in different ways. The company offers unlimited income potential, allowing you to set monthly goals for yourself. The only requirement to retain your position as a distributor is to make at least $150 in sales.

Personal Sales Commissions

As a distributor, you can earn 25% to 50% commissions on retail sales. Your commission rate will depend on your leadership level and as well as your monthly sales volume.

Downline Commissions

When you start sponsoring consultants into your team, you can earn commissions on your team’s commissionable sales. Earn as much as 15% on your team’s monthly sales.

Generational Bonus

As a leader, you can earn generational bonuses of up to 9% whenever any of your sponsored members get promoted to leadership levels and build their own teams.

Additional Bonuses

Aside from your personal sales and downline commissions, you also get a chance to earn large bonuses for reaching certain monthly sales goals. Receive a $600 car bonus for getting at least 60 customers and generating at least $3000 in retail sales. You can also earn $150 in cab bonuses for every new distributor you sponsor into your team.

Wrap Parties and Host Rewards

It Works Global parties are fun and informative. By hosting a wrap party for the company, you can invite your friends and family over for the ‘It Works’ experience. You also get to earn host rewards for reaching at least a minimum of $200 in sales. Earn up to 2 body wraps, supplements, and other premium products from It Works Global.

Having had more than a decade of experience in the industry, It Works Global has become one of the leading health and wellness companies today. At this day and age where thousands of weight loss and wellness products are introduced every year, consumers have become more particular about a product’s quality and efficacy. It Works Global only provides safe and effective products that improve one’s overall health and wellbeing, making them one of the best health and wellness brands in the world.

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wrote 4 years ago

from body wraps to health and beauty and keto coffee it works got what you need to to get off to a great start in your very own business with a start up cost of only 99.00 you can get started right a way like the day that you sign up begin making money with your first sale join today and see just how quickly you can make your first sale.

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wrote 7 years ago

This stuff DOES NOT WORK. Worst purchase ever. Scam scam scam!!!!!! I'm ashamed I have to put one star in the review. Save your money!

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