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Close to My Heart has been active in the direct sales industry for 15 years. Offering unique scrap booking products, acrylic stamps, and other great craft supplies, the company offers a great business opportunity with unlimited income potential to interested consultants.

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Close to My Heart Story

Close to My Heart was founded in 1996 by direct sales expert, Jeanette Lynton. The company itself has been around for 15 years but Jeanette has had more than 25 years of experience in the direct sales industry, making her a suitable leader for the company. Specializing in scrapbook supplies and stamps, Close to My Heart has contributed a lot to the success of the industry in the 15 years that it has been around.

Established in Pleasant Grove, Utah, Close to My Heart has expanded its operations in several other US states and as well as in Canada. With thousands of Independent consultants all over the country, Close to My Heart continues to invite passionate consultants into their community. Inspiring thousands of customers to pursue the art of scrap booking, Close to My Heart has certainly done very well in the last decade.

Close to My Heart Scrapbook Products

Close to My Heart offers a wide range of scrap booking materials that would allow anyone to unleash their creative side and make beautiful scrapbooks out of their fondest memories. From special papers, ribbons, and decorative accents to rubber stamps, punches, and special scissors, Close to My Heart provides just about everything you need to create a special scrapbook. You can find papers in various sizes so that you can personally handcraft your own photo albums or you can also make use of their special digital software to allow you to create unique designs and easily integrate them into digital photos. Close to My Heart also offers a special line of themed Acrylic stamp sets so you can easily incorporate your favorite themes or your favorite seasons to your designs. Regardless of the season, the occasion, and the number of memories you want to keep in your scrapbooks, you can make each page truly one-of-a-kind. Anyone can make creative memories out of these great products and have it on display for friends and family to appreciate.

Close to My Heart products are a joy to both consultants and customers, as they feature fun designs and are made out of high quality materials, making them easy to market and sell to the public. Close to My Heart Products can also be used for other hand-made crafts such as party invitations, greeting cards, gift bags, and other special works of art that just about anyone can create.

Close to My Heart Business Opportunity

Those who are looking for a direct sales business venture to join may find interest in becoming a part of Close to My Heart. For years, Close to My Heart has been dedicated in helping people build their own careers as independent entrepreneurs while ensuring that they get the support and training they need to succeed. There have been many success stories of stay-at-home mothers earning a supplemental income for their families and even of full-time executives leaving the corporate world to pursue their own Close to My Heart business. The great thing about joining direct sales businesses like Close to My Heart is the fact that they offer unlimited income potential. By becoming an independent consultant for Close to My Heart, you get to do what you want while still earning enough money for necessities or even for luxuries, if you sell enough products. You also do not need previous business experience to become a consultant, as you will be carefully guided through the ins and outs of direct selling by passionate Close to My Heart team leaders. Earn money while encouraging others to unleash their creative side. Sell Close to My Heart scrap booking materials through home parties, private shows, or even through the Internet, there is a wide-array of venues that you can use to sell Close to My Heart products.

Close to My Heart Starter Kit

Close to My Heart starter kits are made available for a very low price of $99 and the kit contains over $300 worth of Close to My Heart products. The kit is available for consultants in both the US and in Canada. Close to My Heart starter kits all come equipped with a wide-range of scrap booking products from their signature paper to stamps and other related merchandise, you get everything you need to successfully promote Close to My Heart products to your customers. The kit also comes with business tools and manuals, Close to My Heart catalogs, order forms, and DVDs that contain valuable information on how you can successfully launch your venture.

Close to My Heart consultants are also given the option to purchase additional collections that include limited edition and seasonal Close to My Heart products for only $40 each. By investing this small sum on your venture, you have the potential to double or even triple your initial investment by attending a few Close to My Heart home parties.

Close to My Heart Compensation Plan

As previously mentioned, Close to My Heart offers unlimited income potential for consultants. How much you earn is completely up to you and since there are no limits to how much Close to My Heart products you can sell, you can increase your orders every month or just order again when your supplies run out. Below is a detailed layout of the company’s compensation plan:

  • Commission on Personal Sales: Independent consultants can earn commissions that range from 22% to 34% on personal sales. The more you are able to sell within a month, the higher your commission rates are, so you can significantly increase your profits on retail sales the longer you stay with the company.
  • Sponsorship Commissions: Close to My Heart consultants are also offered with attractive commissions for recruiting new people to the company. By inviting other interested consultants to join, you can build your own team and be eligible for sponsorship and team commissions. Close to My Heart consultants can also earn 2% to 7% of their downline’s commissionable sales, depending on team performance and level of leadership.
  • Bonuses: Top-performing consultants can earn vacation bonuses and a host of free products on their first ninety days. Close to My Heart consultants all get large discounts on purchasing Close to My Heart products. Bonuses may vary depending on monthly personal sales and levels of leadership but everyone can earn performance bonuses.

Close to My Heart Home Gatherings and Rewards

Since most Close to My Heart consultants earn a bulk of their income from home gatherings, hostesses are given attractive rewards and discounts for opening up their homes to the company. It is easy to become a Close to My Heart hostess, as all you have to do is sign up for the program and a consultant will be assigned to you. Your consultant will bring Close to My Heart products to your home so they can demonstrate and show customers the potential for Close to My Heart scrap booking supplies. By becoming a hostess for Close to My Heart, you can earn a minimum of $25 free Close to My Heart products for party sales of $150 and as much as $200 free Close to My Heart products for party sales of $1050 and above. You also get a chance to purchase four products and an idea book for half the price.

Home gatherings are not only a venue for consultants to earn money but it is also an event where everyone can have fun in the company of great people. Hostesses and guests can also sign up to become consultants at home gatherings so everyone really has something to gain out of attending a Close to My Heart gathering.

Close to My Heart is one of the top-selling scrap booking direct sales companies in the industry. Known as industry experts to many, Close to My Heart offers a legitimate direct sales business opportunity for those who want to become consultants. Close to My Heart is a company that sees and believes the potential for success in every consultant that signs up for them, which is why they offer unlimited support and training to their members.

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wrote 6 years ago

I have been a consultant for over 23 years now and have been veryu happy with the innovative products this company comes out with every year. Card making is one of my favorite things to do - I love to teach the art of stamping and I am given all the tools I need for that. If you love scrapbooking, you want to see some of our great tools we offer and easy kits for you to get started.

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