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Great meals made easy--- this is what Do You Bake aims to achieve with their delicious recipes and mixes. Whether you are looking for delectable but healthy food recipes to serve your family or to earn some extra money by selling food products that everyone will enjoy, Do You Bake certainly has what you need.

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New Direct Sales Company: Do You Bake?

Having a brand new direct sales company open for business is such an exciting time for the company founders and the representatives that join. The direct sales community is actually a pretty small place so when a new company comes on there is always a lot of activity and excitement.

So who is Do You Bake? and what is their story? We are going to explore the company and give you some information you have been dying to find out. Who knows? Maybe this company will be a good fit for you and a new direct sales business is in your future.

Why Was Do You Bake Started Anyway?

Do You Bake? was started for a few reasons. The two owners saw that something was missing in the industry and knew there was a good way to fill that need by using a direct sales format for the company. One of the main ideas was to have the product focus on natural foods. They felt that there are too many chemicals and boxed foods in our society and while we still have a need for easy to prepare foods, we can have them without the unhealthy additives. All products and ingredients are from the USA only.

Another reason Do You Bake? was created in the direct sales model was that the owners saw a need for work at home moms and dads to be able to create a work at home business that could provide a good income while still being involved with the family life.

Do You Bake? is a fast growing direct sales food company and it has been in business since 2010.

Do You Bake? Product Line

The product line for Do You Bake? is made up of pre packaged goods that the consumer adds a few ingredients to at home while preparing the food. The product is all natural with no preservatives or dyes so you can have all of the goodness of the foods without the harmful chemicals or the guilt.

Do You Bake Recipes include baking mixes, breads and pastas, meal solutions, oils, spices, tea, coffee and much more. Seasonal mixes are added too. How does Chicken Parmesan and Brown Rice Pasta sound? Or what about Coconut Brownie Delight? yum

They also carry some kitchen décor, soaps, candles and offer special new items and some bundled products occasionally.

Sounds Great! Tell Me about the Do You Bake? Business!

Do You Bake? is set up like many of the direct sales business models you may be already familiar with. There is the consultant level where you start and you can move into 4 additional levels in the company. A Consultant is paid on 5 additional levels down as you bring on new consultants. Every consultant has a $200 minimum sales per quarter unless you have reached top level of recruiting with 35 active consultants per quarter. The minimum sales amount will then be waived.

Do You Bake? Commission Structure

- 25% on all party income that generates sales less than $200 gross.

- 35% on all party income that generates sales over $200 per party.

- Website: 20% income from all online sales from your DYB website.

- No charge for the website for the first 12 months

Recruiting Commissions:

Earn up to 12% for your team sales with 6 levels. Recruit must make their first minimum of $200 per quarter before payouts occur. Personal sales do count towards team sales.

Do You Bake? Start Up Kits

There are usually 2 kits available - 1 with minimal product and supplies and 1 with a full party kit. They do have special promos so ask about what is current for the month.

Do You Bake? Hostess Rewards

The Hostess rewards start at 10% of party sales and increase to 15%. Special booking incentives are offered occasionally to help drive sales. Discounted product is available for booking incentives. You don't have to purchase any inventory. The company ship directly to your Host. She distributes the products to her guests.

What else do they offer?

The company offers recipes and product usage tips for consultants and customers. Catalogs with full color photos. Business supplies and hostess kits.

Do You Bake? also has mentorship programs and leadership development opportunities. The company encourages education and personal development for the consultant and for an all-around success rate.

How does Do You Bake? compare to other food companies

There are several other direct sales baking and food type companies that are successful. Do you Bake? offers deeper recruitment levels than some of the other companies and pays at a percentage not at a flat rate. They have a split earning structure while some of the others have a flat rate earning amount. The investment difference is substantial when compared to several of the companies, but it also reflects on the fact that the consultant is encouraged to be holding parties or selling at craft shows locally at Do You Bake? and having a full size kit is critical for successful home shows and local sales. Some of the other baking/foodie companies focus mainly on direct internet sales.

Each company is different in their offerings, so research similar companies and find what appeals to you and what is important to your new business so you can find the perfect fit for your new direct sales business.

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wrote 7 years ago

Best Company! I"ve been a rep for nearly 3 years. The products are awesome, the commission is some of the highest around, and the company support is fantastic. They continue to expand and grow and offer more to customers and consultants!

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