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25% - 40%
Downline Commission
3% - 8%
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Chocolate, Desert Mixes, Treats
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Chocolate lovers everywhere have found a new home in The Cocoa Exchange. Whether as a source of ready-to-eat chocolate treats, baking ingredients and supplies, or even tea and smoothie beverages, The Cocoa Exchange offers sweet treats to satisfy every chocolate craving. They also offer a profitable business opportunity for those who want to make a living out of their love for chocolates.

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The Cocoa Exchange - Our Thoughts

The Cocoa Exchange was orginally branded Dove Chocolate Discoveries and was launched back in 2007 as a subsidiary of Mars Incorporated, one of the biggest manufacturers of chocolates and confectionery in the world. Launched as a direct sales company, The Cocoa Exchange offers everyone the rare opportunity of becoming part of Mars’ 100-year history in chocolate and candy making. Mars launched Dove Chocolate Discoveries, which later morphed into The Cocoa Exchange, to cater to the direct sales market and to give those who want to start their own direct sales business with the opportunity to represent a new company backed by a brand that several generations have come to know and love. Despite being relatively new to the direct sales industry, The Cocoa Exchange has managed to recruit thousands of consultants across 48 states in the country. Known as Chocolatiers, The Cocoa Exchange's sales force is dedicated in satisfying everyone’s sweet tooth all over the country and eventually, the world, just as its parent company has done so successfully.

The Cocoa Exchange

Just like its parent company, which successfully changed the world with their chocolate products including the famous M&M’s, Snickers bars, Mars bars, Milky Way, and Twix, The Cocoa Exchangealso specializes in sweet delights and treats. Offering a wide-selection of products including ready-to-eat chocolate treats, dessert mixes, Chai tea, cookies, caramel dessert sauces, chocolate truffles, sugar-free dark chocolate treats, and all sorts of sweet snacks that delight one’s taste buds, The Cocoa Exchange Chocolates are quickly gaining a reputation all around the country for their delectable and irresistible desserts.

Aside from the classics, The Cocoa Exchange also offers chocolate martini mixes, chocolate covered espresso beans, cookie mixes, and chocolate accessories such as chocolate dippers for fondue. Baking supplies are also available including, spatula, professional scrapers, parchment sheets, and pastry bags. The Cocoa Exchange certainly has all of your chocolate and confectionery needs taken care of.

A Sweet Business Opportunity with The Cocoa Exchange

Do you have an insatiable desire for chocolates? If you love chocolates so much and want to share the love while earning a decent income on the side, then The Cocoa Exchange might just have the perfect opportunity for you. Whether you want to get discounts on your personal purchases or you simply can’t think of the perfect venture to start than a chocolate and confectionery business, The Cocoa Exchange Chocolates has something sweet in store for you. You don’t need to be a professional baker to become a The Cocoa Exchange Chocolatier; you simply have to have a passion for running a business and the motivation to succeed. What better way to brush up on your entrepreneurial skills than by representing a direct sales company like The Cocoa Exchange?

By becoming a The Cocoa Exchange Chocolatier, you do not only get to represent some of the best chocolate products that the company has to offer but you also get the advantage of being part of a company that is affiliated with the very same company that manufactured some of the best chocolates in the world.

In the United States alone, chocolate sales amount to about $16 billion annually so by becoming a part of The Cocoa Exchange Chocolates, you get to be part of such a lucrative industry. The Cocoa Exchange Chocolates are so deliciously irresistible that you don’t even need much effort to sell them, as they can easily sell themselves. You can sell your merchandise through fun home parties, one-on-one, or even online, it’s all up to you. Since you need a sponsor to join, you can contact an existing The Cocoa Exchange Chocolatier to sign up or look for one near your area through the company’s official website.

Starter Kits for The Cocoa Exchange Chocolatiers

Can’t wait to launch your own The Cocoa Exchange Chocolate business? After signing up with your sponsor, you are only one step away from fulfilling your dreams. Just purchase the The Cocoa Exchange Chocolate business kit of your choice and you’re all set. Dove offers two types of starter kits for new Chocolatiers:

The Standard Business Kit

The standard business kit comes with over $300 worth of The Cocoa Exchange Chocolate products but is available to Chocolatiers for only $159. Some of the products that come with this kit include: 1 chocolate baking mix, white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, pastry bag, 1 fondue set, fudge brownie mix, 6 packets of Chai tea and smoothie mix, and 1 box of cinnamon-dusted almonds. It also comes with the following business tools: 1 cooler bag with wheels, a Chocolatier apron, 25 catalogs, 50 business cards, 25 entertaining guides, 50 order forms, 25 host planners, and recruiting brochures.

Master Chocolatier Kit

The Master Chocolatier kit is perfect for those who want more inventory products and business supplies. This kit comes with over $800 worth of products but is made available to Chocolatiers for only $449. It comes inclusive of the same products as the standard business kit but more in volume and comes with the same business supplies but with the addition of 3 textured design transfer sheets, 1 magnetic chocolate mold, 3 chocolate dippers, 12 parchment sheets, 1 professional scraper, and 1 offset spatula.

The The Cocoa Exchange Compensation Plan

The Cocoa Exchange's commission structure offers unlimited potential for income. The Cocoa Exchange offers a fixed base commission of 25% to all Chocolatiers. However, those who reach certain sales goals are eligible for personal sales bonuses, which can significantly increase their monthly income. Those who manage to meet $2000 in sales can earn a 5% personal sales bonus, giving them a chance to earn 30% of their personal sales. Those who sell $3000 worth of products can earn 10% personal bonus and those whose monthly sales volume reach $4000 and above can earn as much as 15% personal bonus. Added to the base commission, Chocolatiers have the potential to earn as much as 40% of their sales per month.

You can also sponsor new Chocolatiers into your team. By building your own team, you can earn 3% to 5% overrides on your downlines’ commissionable sales. You can be a team leader just by maintaining a monthly sales volume of at least $250 per month and have 3 active downlines under your team. Being a leader earns you more rewards and bonuses and your team can also earn recognition and bonuses if you reach certain group sales goals.

The Cocoa Exchange Chocolate Parties and Host Rewards

Whether you want to explore the The Cocoa Exchange business opportunity or you want to shop for their products in a stress-free environment while getting the chance to earn some free rewards along the way, hosting a The Cocoa Exchange Chocolate home party will not only satisfy your sweet tooth cravings but it can also be a very rewarding experience. To host a chocolate tasting party, you simply have to get in touch with a Chocolatier to schedule a date and send in your party invitations to your friends and family. If you host a qualified party, you can avail of The Cocoa Exchange's host rewards program. For minimum party sales of $200, you can earn 10% of your sales in host dollars, which you can use to purchase The Cocoa Exchange Chocolate products. Party Sales of $350 to $499 will earn you 10% host dollars plus 2 items at half the price off and sales of $500 to $749 will earn you 15% in host dollars and 3 items at half the price off. Parties that make $1000 and above will earn the host 20% in host dollars plus the chance to purchase up to 4 items at 50% off.

Hosting a The Cocoa Exchange chocolate tasting party is certainly a fun way to spend a few hours of your weekend plus it gives you the chance to earn free products and share the sweet experience with your friends and family.

The Cocoa Exchange offers some of the most delightful chocolates, snacks, and dessert mixes in the industry. The company dedicates the same amount of passion and high regard for quality that its parent company has put into its products. It comes as no surprise then that The Cocoa Exchange Chocolate Discoveries has achieved much success despite being only around for 4 years. You too can be part of this amazing company by becoming a The Cocoa Exchange Chocolatier.

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I am a previous buyer of the Smoothies, but now I can't find a consultant in my area, or near by, is there a way I can buy on line? These are delicious and I want to buy more.

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