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Join one of the biggest skincare direct sales companies in the country and get access to personal discounts on their top-selling products! Start your own skincare business and reap the generous rewards of the $2.5-billion skincare industry.

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  • Overview

    Most women know that the key to healthy skin is a good and consistent beauty regimen. However, good skincare is not possible without using the right kind of products that are designed especially for one’s skin type. Different people have different skin types and while department stores and drugstores carry various lines of skincare products designed for different skin types, there is still nothing that can compare to specialized skincare treatment by an experienced and knowledgeable dermatologist. Unfortunately, personalized skincare products are often not found on department store and drugstore shelves. This is what Rodan and Fields, a direct sales skincare company, hopes to change by making effective skincare products that are designed especially to target the different needs of different people more accessible to consumers.

    Rodan and Fields was founded by two dermatologists, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. With their vast experience and expertise in the field of dermatology, the two set out to start their own skincare direct sales company to make high-quality skincare products a lot more accessible to those who need it. Dr. Rodan is a cosmetic dermatologist in Oakland, California. She is also currently a clinical assistant professor of Dermatology at Stanford University. Among her most impressive accomplishments was co-founding the popular acne treatment brand, Proactive Solutions. Dr. Kathy Fields is a medical and surgical dermatologist in San Francisco and is also an Assistant Clinical professor of dermatology at UCSF. While the brand “Rodan + Fields” used to be distributed through retail stores, Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields decided to pull out their products from department stores and reintroduce their brand using direct selling as their primarily method of distribution. They went into direct sales because they wanted to give women everywhere access to effective, high-quality skincare products while giving them the opportunity to start their own business. Now, Rodan and Fields is one of the most successful skincare companies in the direct sales industry, represented by thousands of independent business owners all across the country.

  • Products

    Rodan & Fields Products

    Rodan and Fields offers a complete line of skincare products for different skin types. From acne and blemish treatments to anti-aging and soothing products for women with sensitive skin, you’ll find a line of skincare products that will best suit your skin type and will address your skin’s problems.

    The company has four flagship skincare lines: the Reverse Line that takes care of skin dullness, eliminates brown spots, and prevents sun damage, the Unblemish line is perfect for those who are battling with acne or post-acne marks, the Anti-Age line for preventing the early signs of aging such as wrinkles, enlarged pores, and loss of firmness, and the Soothe line is designed for women suffering from facial redness and sensitive skin.

    Also among Rodan and Fields’ product offerings are product enhancements to improve your daily skin care regimen. Their Enhancements line features mineral powders, a special mineral peptide brush, micro-dermabrasion lip cream, and a micro-dermabrasion body scrub. You can also find body scrubs, sunless tan products, and moisturizers from their essentials skincare line.

    Rodan and Fields has everything you need to keep your skin smooth, soft, and health-looking from head to toe. These products are all available through independent business owners across the country.

  • Business Opportunity

    Rodan + Fields Business Opportunity

    The skincare industry is perhaps one of the most lucrative industries today, with anti-aging products making up a significant part of the industry’s sales. So if you’re looking for a direct sales business opportunity with a large potential for growth and income, joining a skincare company like Rodan and Fields is certainly one of your best options. With an established brand name, a line of the highest quality of skincare products in the direct sales industry, and the best direct sales training and support you can find, you really can’t go wrong with Rodan and Fields.

    If you want to tap into a $2.5 billion industry like anti-aging and skincare, then joining Rodan and Fields as an independent business owner might just be the business venture you are looking for. As a business owner, you will be presented with all the business tools and supplies you need to jumpstart your new venture. To join, you simply have to sign up through an existing business owner or sign up through their website so they can help you get started on the sign up process.

    Rodan + Fields Business Kits

    Rodan and Fields offers three types of starter kits for new independent business owners. Once you sign up as a business owner for the company, you can choose which kit you’d like to invest in to start your own Rodan and Fields venture.

    The Personal Results Kit is offered to new consultants for $395 and comes with an Anti-Age regimen kit, a Multi-Med regimen kit of your choice, and other products in the company’s collection. The Big Business Launch Kit can be purchased for only $695 and comes with four multi-med therapy regimens, anti-age regimen kit, and other products. If you want to start with a business kit that comes with a wide selection of the company’s top selling products, then the RFx Express business kit is perfect for you. For $995, you can receive Rodan and Fields’ most comprehensive business kit option and get the most out of your new business venture. All of these kits comes inclusive of a business portfolio, which is a comprehensive guide to understanding what Rodan and Fields is all about.

  • Compensation Plan

    Rodan and Fields Compensation Plan

    When you join Rodan and Fields as an independent business owner, you can earn through four ways: through personal retail commissions, team commissions, leadership commissions, and performance bonuses for when you go beyond your monthly sales goals.

    Since you are your business’ best advertisement, Rodan and Fields encourages their business owners to use the products for themselves so they’d be able to show off real results to their customers. As a business owner, you are required to spend at least $100 a month on Rodan and Fields products, which you can either use yourself or add to your product inventory. Aside from the products, you’ll also receive your own website, an online back office, a PR team, and everything else you need to ensure your new venture’s success.

    To reach your goals as a new business owner, you have to be able to sign up at least 16 PCs or preferred customers within your first 60 days or about 2 customers per week. The goal is to get at least 8 repeat customers a month, which will earn you about $100 on average. Of course, once you start sponsoring new business owners to your team, you’ll receive higher commissions. You can earn as much as 25% once your sales volume and your team grows. There really are no limits to how much you can earn, as your earnings are relative to your sales volume and number of sponsored business owners.

    Home Parties

    Rodan and Fields does not officially use the home-party plan method for marketing and selling their products but it’s at your discretion as a business owner if you would like to invite interested hostesses to host home parties on your behalf.

    All in all, Rodan and Fields offers one of the best business opportunities in skincare and direct sales. If you want to represent an established brand rather than start from scratch, then joining them as an independent consultant is highly recommended!

Rodan + Fields User Reviews Add a Review

wrote 6 years ago

I watched my sister and cousin grow their Rodan + Fields business in very part time hours, and after researching the company and using the products with phenomenal results, joining the business was a no brainer for me. Backed by 2 world renowned dermatologists, RF is the fastest growing skincare company and in my opinion, the only way to fast track to financial independence. This business has been such a blessing! Contact me to learn more.

Helpful (2)
wrote 6 years ago

I use Unblemish to assist me with my adult acne and Reverse Brightening to help with skin discoloration, along with Lashboost to help my lashes appear thicker and longer and Multifunction under eye cream and active hydration eye serum. I could not be happier!! My skin is looking better every day and I get compliments on it all the time! I have never found a product that I love as much as these. Everyone needs to try this brand!

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Rodan + Fields FAQ

Rodan and Fields is direct sales company specializing in anti-aging and other skincare products. While originally a retail brand of skincare and anti-aging products, the brand was reintroduced in 2008 using a direct sales format. Featuring some of the best skincare products in the skincare industry today and one of the best business opportunities in direct sales, Rodan and Fields aims not only to make you look young and healthy but financially secure as well.
Rodan and Fields' flagship skincare regimen features four different product types for different problem areas. Each set comes with four products that all work together to treat, correct, and prevent various skincare problems. Their flagship "Anti-Age" line retails for USD 193 and their "Reverse", "Unblemish", and "Soothe" product lines retails for USD160 per set. They also offer beauty kits, which comes with additional products to further enhance each treatment. Perskinality Kit prices range from USD 189 to USD 334, depending on the type of treatment.
Interested in Rodan and Fields' personalized line of skincare? Buying Rodan and Fields products is easy, you simply have to get in touch with a Rodan and Fields independent business owner. You can do this either by getting in touch with one directly over the phone or by visiting a business owner's website online for convenient transactions. All the products you order will be delivered straight to your home for extra convenience!

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