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As one of the pioneers of direct selling, Tupperware is considered to be an expert in the industry. The company has helped millions of independent consultants achieve success as entrepreneurs and has catered to millions of customers all over the world. By becoming a part of this multi-million dollar company, you too, can achieve financial success.

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  • Company Overview

    Long known as the leader in the direct sales industry, many companies strive to create what Tupperware has developed and excelled in over the last decade. Did you know a Tupperware party starts about every 2.2 seconds? And more than 100 million people attend a Tupperware party each year around the world. That is amazing stats!

    Started in 1942, Tupperware is currently ranked #2 in home furnishing brands in the U.S. with sales of $1.8 billion in over 100 countries. Today, Tupperware is one of the world's leading direct selling companies, with nearly one million independent salespeople bringing Tupperware's premium food storage containers, serving products, microwave cookware and children's goods to their consumers.

    Tupperware Products

    Tupperware is known worldwide for their plastic containers that help to preserve your foods. Remember the lids you had to "burp"? Well, thankfully you no longer have to do that, but our product line reflects the quality products our customers love year after year. With the Lifetime Guarantee, there are people out there with original bowls and containers manufactured from 40 to 50 years ago. That's awesome!

    • Tupperware Sipper Cups
    • Tupperware Nesting Bowls
    • Tupperware Pantry Sets
    • Tupperware Refrigerator Sets

    From unbreakable childproof sipper cups that you probably used as a kid to nesting bowls with matching lids, our kitchen products are usually un-destructible in normal usage. Beautiful pantry sets help you save money by allowing you to buy in bulk and keep your kitchen color coordinated too. Freezer and refrigerator storage sets to extend the life of your fresh and frozen food and many different chefs tools to help in the preparation of your foods.

    For quick and easy meals, look at our microwaveable cookers and lunch containers that help you save time and money. For on the go items, our ever popular cake takers have been loved for years and they have expanded to include cupcakes and pies too. Tupperware manufactures and carries thousands of items for you to help make your life just a bit easier.

    Start Your Own Tupperware Business

    For a million people, Tupperware is the home based business of choice. The company is structured in a typical direct sales model and you can start your business for under $130. There are Two Kit options for you to choose from:

    1. Select the Executive Business Kit with a great selection of products and support materials for $119.99 and a retail value of $525.00
    2. Select the Business Kit for $79.99 with a retail value of $355.00.

    (Kit contents, product colors and prices are subject to change).

    If you are going to work your business fulltime and do several home parties a week, the Executive Business Kit is the one you need. It comes complete with enough product and supplies to get your business going and making money immediately.

    Tupperware Commission Structure

    Consultants just like you can enjoy a 25% commission on all regular sales and a 35% discount on all demo products for sampling and displaying at your parties. There are bonuses available depending on your sales.

    Bonus Commissions - 5% with $1200+ in retail sales in month

    Bonus Commissions -10% with $3200+ in retail sales in a month

    You also have the ability to earn more commissions by growing your own team. Contact me for the structure and details on this.

    How to Sell Tupperware

    Most consultants find the best results selling Tupperware via in home product demonstrations and parties. By using cooking and time saving party themes, your hostess can enjoy a fun time and you can easily sell your products. You can also have a web site for $7.95 per month and promote your business via the web. There is an online party section too where hostess can hold a 2 week party on your site.

    Tupperware Hostess Rewards

    There are several different options a hostess can choose for her rewards from her party. Exclusive Hostess only items can be bought with your credit. You can choose the Monthly Gift special just for Hostess or you can use your credit on any items in the catalog. Minimum party sales are $250 to qualify for your first reward. Here is the basic structure:

    SalesEarns½ Price Selections

    250-449 10% 1

    450-999 15% 2

    1000+ 20% 3

    If you feel that Tupperware is a great work at home business, just like I do, contact me for more information on how you can get started with your own direct sales business where you have to freedom to work it as you like. Thanks for your interest.

  • Tupperware Starter Kit

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wrote 1 year ago

Over the last seven decades, the retail environment has changed dramatically. But Tupperware parties will still happen!

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wrote 7 years ago

love this company been out 68 yrs.. and nothing is better than tupperware. i love being a manger, great supportive team, long lasting products, they give u replacements for free, when u send them off, to top it off amazing awsome team! i wouldnt change my business with tupperware for anything, people look for tupperware when they here theres a rep automaticlly a garenteed sale!... trips lots of free stuff, and confident starts, im overstocked in products from recruits, and sales i love my tupperware . best company ever!

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