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1% - 5%
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Bath & Body Products, Personal Care, Cleaning Supplies, Household Supplies, Eco Friendly
Cosmetics & Skin Care, Home Decor & Storage, Health & Eco Friendly

Take care of your "trigger finger" and put down the spray bottle - a clean, fresh chemical-free cleaning solution is only a cloth away with Norwex! Come discover what thousands of satisfied fans already know about this Norway-born cleaning company and its magical microfiber cleaning cloths. You'll be shocked at the powerful results they provide with only a little ordinary water. Along with other home and personal care products, Norwex offers customers a cleaner, more earth-friendly approach to their lifestyle, from antimicrobial toothbrushes to luxuriously creamy lotions and even special devices that will save you money on dryer sheets, dishwashing detergent and so much more.

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Norwex - Our Thoughts

Throughout the course of a day, consumers use a wide variety of products to clean themselves, their families and their home.  As modern shoppers have shifted towards eco-friendly “green” products and lifestyles, their new goals highlight the potentially harmful chemicals found in these personal and home care products. Conscientious buyers now know to closely examine product labels, but can feel overwhelmed trying to assemble a “team” of products deemed safe and gentle on both humans and the planet. Thankfully, Norwex has solved that problem elegantly with an impressive suite of products formulated to remove worry as efficiently as they do dirt, dull skin or dust bunnies.

Direct Sales, Direct Impact

More than simply a group of products, Norwex addresses an overall need to reduce harmful chemicals and give customers appealing tools for more mindful living. Although they’re probably best known for their namesake home cleaning cloths and accessories, Norwex also brings their low/no chemical approach to everything from toothbrushes to deodorant and lip balm. This not only gives customers a “one stop shop” approach to reducing their reliance on chemical-laden, mass-produced gels, sprays and personal care items, it provides representatives with easy segueways into introducing Norwex’s various product lines and new items.

Better For Families

Homes with young children or pets are constantly faced with the dilemma of getting things really clean or avoiding materials that could be toxic to their families. With Norwex, the choice is as simple as selecting a non-toxic descaler, or a naturally-derived toilet cleaning solution. Countertops no longer need to reek of bleach, thanks to the company’s silver-infused cloths that activate with regular water. Best of all, busy moms and dads no longer need to literally throw money away with paper towel after paper towel - Norwex cloths, mop covers, mitts and more can simply be machine washed, adding value into every sales proposition.

A Versatile Catalog

With so many lifestyle products to choose from, representatives can focus their sales techniques on the lines they feel resonate with their customers. A Norwex direct sales representative addressing a “mommy” group, for example, might choose to highlight cleaning products that can keep up with messy toddlers. Attendees with high school-aged children, alternately, might prefer to hear about the powerful yet gentle laundry products available. Interested buyers without children can be swayed with Norwex’s luxurious towels, or even car washing products. No matter what sort of party a representative is presented with, they have plenty of “sales ammo” to choose from under the Norwex umbrella.

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wrote 8 years ago

$9.99 start up cost which includes the Large Superior Mop System! You also earn free kit enhancements the first 90 days as a consultant to pad your demo bag! Monthly consultant incentives for free product as well as office supplies. Yearly trip incentives! Great 35% discount & commission with No credit card processing fees paid ever. Generous Hostess plan that the company pays for. Plus our mission to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in our home & personal care products!

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wrote 4 years ago

Wow! Great and Generous Company that cares for your health and the environment. Started because I am a bit of a germaphobe and this is the midst of COVID 19. Now I want the world to know how to clean faster and safer while saving money. The 35% commission is just the tip of the iceberg! Incentives are everywhere in a big way. AND the people are simply kind and helpful. Amazing really!!!

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A direct sales company started in Norway in 1999, Norwex offers consumers a wide variety of low-or-no chemical products for home cleaning, personal care and lifestyle needs. Their flagship product, a microfiber cleaning cloth, uses the power of ordinary water to delivery a clean, fresh result without the need for chemical cleansers.