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Est. Consultants
20% - 50%
Downline Commission
3% - 10%
Startup Cost
$249 - $499
Products Sold
Wine, Of The Month Club
Food & Cooking
Home Office
401 East Las Olas Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 US

Tired of paying retail prices to try new wines? So were the wine-loving minds behind Direct Cellars. This revolutionary new direct sales approach to wines allows customers to enjoy and sample new brands and vintages from around the world, all from the comfort of their own home. With free delivery and stellar hand-picked selections, every glass is an affordable, enjoyable luxury you’ll savor. Ready to sip your way to delicious wine bliss? Sign up to receive your first shipment of Direct Cellar selections and enjoy!

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Direct Cellars - Our Thoughts

Direct Cellars is a direct sales opportunity specifically for entrepreneurs that are passionate about wine and want to share that passion with other refined palates. While not every driven seller has the means to buy their own vineyard, through Direct Cellars, they’ll be able to sample, share and enjoy wines that are carefully selected to appeal to their favorite notes, regions and more.

Savor the Experience

While the familiar “big brands” sold off the shelves might be brought to market through money alone, the worldwide wines that Direct Cellars ships - for free - to members are selected on merit. These special collections are available in monthly shipments of 4 or 12 bottles; each bottle even has a special label that tells the wine’s origin story so you can really get to know your new vintages.

Delicious and Fun

Drinking wine with friends is a natural, no-pressure way to spread the word about Direct Cellars. Whether you pour a few glasses at a dinner party or simply kick back and catch up with friends and loved ones, spreading the word about these great wines is as easy as popping a cork. If they decide to join as a customer or even as a fellow representative in your team, you’ll earn a great commission from their direct purchases and downline sales.

Imagine: the next time you host a dinner party, it could be the start of your own wine empire with Direct Cellars! Socialize, sip and pour your way to a fantastic income opportunity by enjoying what you already love. Get started as a Direct Cellar Premium Wine Lover or Premium Wine Lover Elite today!

Compensation Plan

As a Premium Wine Lover consultant with Direct Cellars, you’ll start earning as soon as you sign up customers or other Premium Wine Lovers. Dual team pay, check match bonuses and uni-level pay tables can grow in volume infinitely, capping out at 20%, 10% and 10%, respectively.

Join Opportunity

Getting started with Direct Cellars is as easy as picking out your wine package. There are 2 options available - the 4 bottle “Premium Wine Lover” starter pack or the 12 bottle “Premium Wine Lover Elite” starter pack, priced at $249.95 and $499.95, respectively. New Premium Wine Lovers can instantly recoup those starter kit prices by signing up two Premium Wine Lover consultants in their network, thanks to a generous quick start bonus. Once enrolled, the only requirement to remain a Premium Wine Lover is purchasing or signing up one auto-ship package of $79.95 monthly. That means that your own 4-bottle subscription is the only thing you’ll need to remain a Premium Wine Lover with Direct Cellars!


  • Easy product catalog - only two sales options for clarity.
  • Low personal sales volume requirements; your subscription maintains enrollment.
  • Three ways to earn commissions; lots of team-building opportunity.
  • Unique proposition with a well-loved, well-known product.
  • Free shipping makes membership more attractive.


  • Pay structure is a little more complex than similar direct sales companies.
  • Commission earnings percentages cap out (though volume does not.)
  • Sales potentials must be of legal age & drink wine.
  • Depending on location, state laws may prohibit sales/shipment of wine.

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wrote 6 years ago

Premium Wine Club and exceptional people! Don't hesitate to contact me for customer and business info. Customers add 3 customers and get their wine FREE!

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wrote 6 years ago

The world of wine is huge and the experience of trying those wines is extremely fun! I love Direct Cellars because it not only gives me the chance to try new wines every single month but it also gives my family a chance to drink our wine for free and earn extra money while doing it. I don't have to be the expert and I enjoy that!! I simply share my love of wine with my friends and family and connect them to the club to experience new wines too each month. As a client or a distributor, you have the ability to earn your wine for free just by sharing it with others - a truly unique opportunity.

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Direct Cellars FAQ

Direct Cellars is a direct sales company that offers premium auto-ship deliveries of wine to customers each month. Shipping is free, and selections are carefully assembled from the finest of worldwide vintners
Direct Cellars offers two packages of monthly wine selections: a 4-bottle tier priced at $79.95 a month and a 2-bottle tier priced at $49.95.
Direct Cellars wine delivery packages are available exclusively through the company’s consultants, called Premium Wine Lovers or PWLs. If you’re interested in signing up for deliveries or becoming a PWL personally, contact your local PWL for more information.