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Est. Consultants
20% - 35%
Downline Commission
5% - 9%
Startup Cost
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Cosmetics & Skin Care
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2803 Colorado Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90404 US

The driving force behind this naturally-inspired brand is that consumers deserve to know the truth about what’s really in their beauty products - and their fan base has responded enthusiastically since their 2013 debut. Sold through a collaboration of independent consultants and social hosts, BeautyCounter’s specially-formulated line of skincare products contain no PEGs, parabens or phthalates - troublesome preservative ingredients known to cause skin irritations in sensitive users. The result is a line of face and skin care products, delicately scented with natural oils, that customers can feel safe and comfortable using. BeautyCounter also gives back, giving $10 of each company membership or consultant kit purchased to one of three worthy charities.

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BeautyCounter - Our Thoughts

BeautyCounter is an innovative direct sales company that centers around the idea that consumers have a right to know – and trust – the beauty products they use each day on themselves and their loved ones. Frustrated that she couldn’t find a company that carried safe, healthy options for cosmetics and skin care products, Gregg Renfrew took matters into her own hands and founded BeautyCounter, ensuring access to body-friendly products for both herself and her family of 4. After partnering with chemists, makeup professionals and health advocates, she emerged from research and development with a line of safe, effective skin care products that kept healthy ingredients in and questionable, harmful chemicals out. Teaming up with direct sales consultants and business leaders, she used her new products to make a real impact on the market through positive change – an impact that new entrepreneurs are very eager to be a part of.

Today, a powerful network of members complements a sales force of independent consultants that deliver Renrew’s message through intimate home party settings and demonstrations nationwide. Each group contributes important effort to the cause of BeautyCounter, and both are open to new applicants that want to vote with their dollars and time for a better class of skin care.

Become a BeautyCounter Consultant

Consultants are the “front line” of the BeautyCounter revolution, explaining the benefits and features of the product line to interested customers. For an extremely affordable $85 investment, a consultant will receive everything he or she needs to get started selling BeautyCounter, including:

  • 15 Opportunity Brochures
  • 20 Client Order Forms
  • 25 Postcard Invitations
  • 10 Host Brochures
  • A pre-loaded USB drive with helpful training guides
  • Online support with access to ordering forms and information on BeautyCounter items
  • Online community support
  • A personalized website with a unique url and sales portal
  • Autoship capability for new product delivery either monthly or every 2 months
  • A 25% discount on all BeautyCounter purchases
  • A generous commission plan that delivers up to 35% on each item sold

In addition to these great benefits, you’ll be able to designate $10 of your investment to go to one of three worthy charities – you’ll be giving back to a good cause before you even begin selling. To help support their consultants in ongoing sales efforts, BeautyCounter also includes a $50 Business Builder fee that is annually automatically billed on a consultant’s anniversary day with the company. This fee covers website maintenance, tracking software and business reports, among other benefits.

Successful consultants that reach $150 of sales each month through their personal and client orders are rewarded for their hard work with a commission check and opportunities to compete for special trips, consultant-only items and exclusive events where they’ll meet and mingle with other consultants.

BeautyCounter Products

When it comes to looking fabulous, BeautyCounter leaves nothing out except harmful chemicals. Their ranges include products especially for the face, lotions and creams for the body, and a luxurious face oil collection that those in the know can’t get enough of. Each item BeautyCounter offers is guaranteed to be formulated without irritating additives like PEGs, parabens or phthalates. Each product packs lots of cleaning and moisturizing power into each package – without the assistance of junk ingredients like synthetic fragrances or artificial volume-injecting SLS. A hit with both conscious consumers and luxury-loving skincare fans, these products do their job and leave nothing behind but gorgeous-looking skin.

What these lotions and potions do offer is a pleasant dose of natural ingredients like skin-soothing calendula, bright citrus and dreamy ylang-ylang for a finished product that smells as good as it feels. Additionally, BeautyCounter has pledged that their products are not and never will be tested on animals – an ethical stance that has both their fans and furry four-footed friends cheering.

Hosting BeautyCounter Party

Intrigued customers that want to hold a BeautyCounter party – called a social - of their own are rewarded handsomely. Paired with a consultant to do all the actual selling and presentation, a host receives fantastic discounts on his or her favorite BeautyCounter items, as well as a free deluxe sample of Lustro Face Oil 2, an exotic jasmine-scented serum for glowing skin.

For each tier of orders received at the social, the host receives a certain number of products at a generous 50% discount. Here is what hosts can expect to earn at their socials:

  • $150-$249 worth of orders – 1 Product at 50% off
  • $250-$499 worth of orders – 2 Products at 50% off
  • $500-$999 worth of orders – 3 Products at 50% off
  • $1000+ worth of orders – 4 Products at 50% off

Socials can include anything from a small group of close friends to several coworkers or even extended family. The wonderful concept behind BeautyCounter’s skin-friendly products means that they appeal to customers of all ages. This versatility also boosts every social’s chance at success and deep discounts for its host!

BeautyCounter Charity

Both consultants and members are able to designate $10 of their membership fees to one of three fantastic non-profit organizations, each hand-picked by the company.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) – this organization protects the health and interests of the public through in-depth research and helpful information. They provide resources for customers to better educate themselves, including the “Skin Deep” cosmetic database that details common makeup and cosmetic ingredients and their impact.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics – this group advocates for the protection of both workers and end product consumers by campaigning to end the use of dangerous additives and chemicals, such as lead and formaldehyde, and to replace them with better, safer alternatives.

Healthy Child Healthy World – this non-profit centers on children and advocates smart lifestyle choices to protect them from harmful chemicals in products and the environment. They use the power of social media to educate, inform and campaign for better choices.

With an affordable start-up kit, an ethically sound set of values and a corporate culture dedicated to giving back to both non-profits and the safety of its consumers, BeautyCounter is more than a direct sales system or home party plan – it’s a lifestyle, and it’s one that would look stunning on you!

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wrote 8 years ago

Beautycounter is such a wonderful company with a wonderful mission. I feel great selling their products and knowing that what I'm selling is safe and effective. The compensation is great, too, and there is lots of support.

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wrote 7 years ago

Talk about a company that cares about the health of their customers. Not only are the products high performing, they are safe. They promise not to use 1500 potentially harmful ingredients.

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