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Enjoy all your favorite types of wine courtesy of Traveling Vineyard, a direct sales company specializing in wine and wine accessories. Make a living out of attending wine tasting events by becoming an independent wine consultant and earn up to 35% personal sales commissions every month.

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Traveling Vineyard first started its operations in 2001. A subsidiary of the popular wine cataloger, Geerlings & Wade, it did not take too long for The Traveling Vineyard to make a name for itself in the direct sales industry. What sets the company apart from other companies in direct sales is their product base. While not the only company to distribute wine in a direct sales format, the Traveling Vineyard still offers a taste of something new to interested consultants. In an industry comprised mainly of companies specializing in cosmetics, candles, and home products, the Traveling Vineyard is certainly a breath of fresh air for those who are looking for something new to venture into. Offering a wide selection of high-quality wines distributed all over the United States through their team of independent wine consultants, The Traveling Vineyard successfully merges wine tasting parties with the direct selling home party plan system.

Traveling Vineyard Wines

The Traveling Vineyard offers different wine selections to suit different tastes and preferences. Apart from their wide selection of wines, they also offer a variety of wine accessories to take care of all your wine-drinking and party needs.

The Traveling Vineyard’s wine cellar features some of the finest wines all over the world. You can find different selections derived from some of the best wine grapes that nature can offer. Their selection features Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, Orvieto, and Inzelia, among others. You can find wines prepared in the United States, France, Italy, Australia, Spain, and other countries. Regardless of your budget or whether you prefer white or red, sweet or dry, you’ll find something from the Traveling Vineyard’s cellar that would most certainly tickle your fancy.

Traveling Vineyard Business Opportunity

Interested in becoming a wine consultant for Traveling Vineyard? Well, if you fancy the idea of earning a sizable income from attending weekly wine tasting parties and distributing some of the best wines available in the world to your friends, family, and personal network of customers, then Traveling Vineyard’s business opportunity might be a great option for you. Whether it’s a good table wine or fine wine for a special occasion, you can be assured that your inventory will have what people are looking for. Since everyone loves a good bottle of wine every now and then, it won’t be much of a challenge reaching your personal sales goals and financial goals. Sell through wine-tasting parties, by distributing product catalogs, or through person-to-person selling. To join, you simply need to find a Traveling Vineyard Consultant to sponsor you or you can sign up through the company’s website and they will provide a consultant for you.

Launch Your Wine Business with Traveling Vineyard’s Success Starter Kit

As with most direct sales companies, you need a starter kit to start your Traveling Vineyard wine business. The kit comes with all the essential business tools you need including: party invitations, order forms, consultant manual, and wine tasting supplies such as wine bottle openers and tasting buckets. You also get 3 months free use of your own wine consultant website so you can feature and sell your products online.

Traveling Vineyard Compensation Plan

Your monthly profit will depend on your personal efforts and your monthly sales volume. Traveling Vineyard offers personal sales commissions ranging from 15% to 35% depending on monthly sales performance and leadership level.

The great thing about Traveling Vineyard’s commission structure is that you don’t have to pay for your event tasting sets for as long as you host qualified events each time. For each qualified event with an sales of $150, you earn a 5-bottle tasting set for free.

When it comes to leadership hierarchy, there are 15 different levels available at Traveling Vineyard. New consultants start with the title “wine aficionado” and work they way up, as they increase their monthly sales and reach sales goals for each level.

Apart from personal sales commissions, top-performing wine consultants also get the chance to earn incentive vacation trips. For being consistent when it comes to reaching your monthly sales goals or exceeding monthly sales requirements, you can earn a free vacation. You will also be informed of other incentives so you can properly set your goals.

Wine Tasting Parties and Host Rewards

Anyone who wants to host a wine tasting event is welcome to do so. By hosting an event for the company, you do not only get to taste their delightful wine selection but you also get great rewards for hosting a qualified event. Traveling Vineyard wine tasting hosts can earn host discounts of 10% for minimum party sales of $250 plus one bottle of wine for free. Those who host parties with sales of $500 can earn 20% discount and 1 bottle of wine for free and finally, those with sales of $750 and above can earn 25% host discounts plus a bottle of Traveling Vineyard’s finest wine available. You can also avail of 50% discount on up to 3 items for getting your guests to book their own wine tasting event.

Aside from all the great rewards you can receive for hosting a qualified party, all your party guests can avail of discounts as well. Guests who buy 11 bottles of wine at an event can earn 1 bottle of their choice for free. Since most wine selections are under $20, it’s hard to resist not splurging on all your favorite selections.

Whether you are interested in joining as a wine consultant and building a career in direct sales or you want a venue to shop for wine in a stress-free environment where you can carefully taste each selection, Traveling Vineyard will certainly not disappoint.

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15% - 35%
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Users Say
11 months ago

I have been with this company for 12 years and it continues to improve and grow year after year. The wines are an incredible deal and 98% have won awards! Not to mention, getting to try before you buy for free, will leave you loving your discount as a wine guide and filling up your wine rack with fine wines for much less. Who doesn't love saving money on fine wines? Our hosts and guests agree that sipping and sampling in the comfort of home is the best way to try wine. Host a free wine tasting or start your dream job today--your tastebuds will be thrilled!

6 months ago

Traveling Vineyard is an awesome company to work for. I have had such a great experience being a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide, and in every sense of the word! It is awesome to do something you love and get paid for it too. It's the holy grail of jobs - I am able to work when I'm available, I have time for my family, I help our household bottom line and I get to drink great wine with great people. Best decision of my life was being with Traveling Vineyard.

6 months ago

I truly love being a Wine Guide. I have worked with Traveling Vineyard for about 2 years. I had no idea I will have a job I cherish so much. I joined with the intention of making some extra money to fill some financial gaps. However, as I grew my business, my team and I was rewarded with a significant financial compensation. I developed life-long friendships with new clients, reconnected with old friends and had a lot of fun at the various vacations the company finance. Becoming a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide was a great decision, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me.

5 months ago

The Traveling Vineyard is a great company to work for! Not only do I get to set my own hours, but I get to make money while socializing with friends and meeting new people. The wines we sell are all reasonably priced and taste delicious. I love putting together wine tasting events and teaching others about pairings and different wine regions. The Traveling Vineyard also offers plenty of online resources so I can always continue learning about the different wines. Being a Wine Guide doesn’t feel like work, it honestly feels like a fun hobby where you get paid for doing what you love.

2 months ago

Working with the Traveling Vineyard has been a great experience so far. Being with them means complete independence; I'm able to work from the convenience of my own home, set my own hours, and stay in complete control of my work / play life. I've been a wine enthusiast for some time now, so I really appreciate having access to all the informational content they give me access to. I'm learning more and earning more as a result!

2 weeks ago

It is an amazing privilege to work with this awesome company. I've been with the Traveling Vineyard since 2007 and find that it's easy to be successful when you are marketing a selection of high quality wines and accessories. Many of my customers throughout the years have been to repeat events and have hosted multiple times. That says a lot about our wine, accessories and of course the Traveling Vineyard. All of this with a support staff that goes above and beyond not only for our customers but also the Wine Guides too. So blessed and grateful to be associated with TV.

1 week ago

Joining Traveling Vineyard was the best thing I ever did for myself. I have been with the company for four years and my only regret is not starting sooner. When I started, I knew nothing about Direct Sales and had never even been in any kind of sales job. Traveling Vineyard gave me everything I needed to succeed and thrive. The friendships I have made within the "tribe" are the best parts of this journey for me too! Being able to lead and mentor a successful team is truly the most gratifying part of this business. I love this company and I love the collegial culture & climate we created!

1 week ago

When I joined Traveling Vineyard I thought I was joining another DS company but that had a unique concept: marketing wine at free in home wine tastings. BUSINESS WAS GREAT! Until 2 years later when my 44 yr old husband was diagnosed with brain cancer & given less than a year to live. But this company rallied around us in every way. Ted passed away 10.5 months later & our CEO created a charity wine (Bella Mente) in Ted's honor. Partnering with the ABTA, we donate $1/bottle to them. In less than 2 years, we have donated over $45,000! Turns out I didn't join another DS company: I joined...

1 week ago

I became a Wine Guide with the Traveling Vineyard while in the middle of a job transition. It sounded fun and I figured I could make extra income while I decided what I wanted to be when I grow up. Six years later, I'm still figuring that out, and still love doing Traveling Vineyard "on the side"! It's a very simple business, so I make good income for the time that I spend, and I've moved several times. No "inventory" so no cash tied up. I love that my tasting events include men, women, couples, anyone who likes wine. Having a mixed group makes it fun and my events usually have 15-20 guests.

1 week ago

I have been with the Traveling Vineyard for almost 5 years and I love being on the ground floor of something amazing! TV is serious about their wine making. The wines are an incredible value and 98% have won world wide awards! The company is growing so fast and our support system is incredible! They are always providing us with amazing tools to make our jobs easier! Our events are educational and fun at the same time and of course financially rewarding! I've been working in education for 22 years and I cannot wait to retire and make this my F/T 'job'.

1 day ago

I've been with this company for 3.5 years now and it is AMAZING! The product is great, the compensation is better, and the support is the best! I can't imagine working for any other Direct Sales Company that could possibly do better. They listen to what we need and get it to us and they know what we need when we don't know and give us that too! FANTASTIC!!

13 hours ago

I have been with the company for almost 4 years now. When I started I had no prior knowledge on any kind of sales at all. The company goes above and beyond to keep it promise to provide us (Wine Guides) with all the knowledge and tools needed to be successful. I never ever would have thought I (ME!) would climb to the top of the leadership ladder. With the guidance Traveling Vineyard has provided, as well an dozen of other amazing personalities within the company, I have been successful at reaching (and CRUSHING) my goals thanks to their support. My only regret is I wished I had joined sooner!

12 hours ago

I have been traveling vineyard for one year. This company has given me everything that I need to succeed, and I am succeeding! I love the friends, connections and income I am making with TV! Our product is high quality, award winning and reasonably priced and I am proud to promote it 100%! But my favorite part is the the people. We are run by REAL hardworking, honest, kind people who care about us as consultants. They constantly strive to make things easier and better for us. I am so proud to be a member of the Traveling Vineyard family.

12 hours ago

I have been a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard for over two years now. The company culture is the most caring, motivating, innovative company bar none! The training resources given to us so we can bring a true educational wine tasting to our host and their guests is something you can't get anywhere else. Our wines are special because our team of wine makers go out and meet the growers and select the grapes and then with all their passion for wine craft the perfect bottle for us to share. I have been in the wine industry for over 10 years and Traveling Vineyard does it right. Cheers!

11 hours ago

I have been a wine guide for almost a year now and it has been such a great adventure! I love going out, meeting new people, expanding my wine knowledge as well as those I come in contact with, and having fun! It's also a bonus being paid to drink wine! The company is amazing and has been very supportive and attentive in helping me on my journey!

9 hours ago

Joining Traveling Vineyard has been the best experience that I have ever had with a direct sales company! I LOVE having access to a product and experience that people are hungry for. I have been with the company for 9 months now and have not had a slow month yet. Hosts are eager and ready to participate in these tasting events, and our wines are second to none. I have made so many friendships, changed my professional goals, and certainly made a nice income with Traveling Vineyard. Best decision I've ever made!

1 hour ago

Chose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life! Never, ever, did I think at 46 yrs old that I would end up working for a DS company - but heck! It's wine!!! Simple said, The Traveling Vineyard provides us (wineguides) with everything we need, including wine, to LOVE our jobs and the ability to share this love and passion. And unlike many other DS companies, once our clients get their wine, it is often gone in 30 minutes and they want more! When you LOVE your company and you treat your clients right - you get a formula for tremendous success!