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Candle lovers rejoice! As one of the top trusted household brands in the US, David Oreck, has ventured into direct sales. The David Oreck Candle Company offers a new line of candle products and a new direct sales business opportunity for interested scent specialists.

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David Oreck Candle Company - Our Thoughts

Famous salesman turned independent entrepreneur, David Oreck, recently founded the David Oreck Candle Company. More popularly known for developing vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, David Oreck ventured from his flagship Oreck Corporation to the candle making industry under a direct sales framework. The Oreck brand has been a household name in the US for decades because of the convenience of their household cleaning tools, particularly their vacuum cleaners but having witnessed the personal struggles of women who had families but wanted to earn their own income right from home, David Oreck decided to introduce his new candle company in a direct sales format in order to give women the opportunity to start their own businesses, allowing them to give their families the life they want while still being able to take care of their kids’ needs. What the David Oreck Candle Company offers is a ground floor opportunity in direct sales focusing in an industry that is known to make $2 billion in retail sales annually.

David Oreck Candles

All David Oreck candles are proudly made in the USA. The company takes pride in producing only quality candles made from a blend of natural and sustainable waxes. Their wicks are guaranteed to be lead-free and all natural, which allows for smooth and even burning all throughout the candle’s life. David Oreck offers a wide-range of candles featuring a variety of delightful fragrances. They also offer candle warmers and wax meltables for those who want the full aromatherapy experience of scented candles without an open flame.

Consumers can find a wide selection of superior candles from the David Oreck Candle Company: from tea light candles and votives to pillar candles and container candles, there is a candle made especially to cater to every individual’s taste and preference.

Aside from candles, the David Oreck Candle Company also offers quite a selection of candle accessories and home décor. From traditional candle holders to contemporary holders inspired by everyday objects around the house like wine glasses, goblets, and even trays, there is certainly a lot that one can expect from the company when it comes to decorative candle accessories. They also have decorative plates and beaded candle holders for those who are looking for something distinctly unique. If you are looking for something to decorate your yard or patio with, the David Oreck Candle Company also features candle holders, pots, and jars that you can hang on a fence or leave sitting on your patio to add beautiful decorative touches and as well as soothing scents for everyone to enjoy. Their citronella candles in ceramic pots are perfect for the outdoors, as it keeps away insects, leaves the area smelling great, plus they are aesthetically pleasing to look at.

The David Oreck Business Opportunity

The David Oreck Candle Company is relatively new to the direct sales industry but since its founder has had decades of experience being a salesman and an entrepreneur, interested scent specialists can expect top-of-the-line sales and business training with a very professional approach. David Oreck setup his candle company particularly for the benefit of women who want to achieve financial independence and success without having to completely give up time spent with their families. Starting your own DOCC business will enable you to run a successful candle business right from home. Since the David Oreck Candle Company also employs party-plan marketing, you can sell your merchandise through home parties alongside person-to-person selling and online marketing. Realizing your financial goals can be a whole lot easier with your own business and by venturing into direct sales through DOCC, you can achieve your goals much faster. At the David Oreck Candle Company, you can expect to find superior training and a team of passionate scent specialists who can help you start and run a successful direct sales business.

David Oreck Candle Starter Kits

The David Oreck Candle Company offers two starter kit options to cater to different needs. 

The basic starter kit comes with over $200 worth of samples and a complete set of business supplies. New scent specialists can purchase this starter kit for $99 plus $19.95 for shipping. Scent specialists can avail of this kit for free through the company’s Earn-a-kit program. To receive the starter kit for free, you have to reach $350 in retail sales within your first thirty days. You can also upgrade your kit to the business-builder kit for only half the price if you manage to meet your sales goals within 30 days.

New scent specialists who are looking for a bigger initial inventory can opt for the Business Building Kit option. This kit comes equipped with over $400 worth of product samples and merchandise plus a complete set of business tools to help you jumpstart your candle business. This kit is ideal for those who want to hold a business-builder party to launch their business. It is available to new scent specialists for $175 plus $19.95 on shipping costs.

The David Oreck Candle Compensation Plan

As a David Oreck scent specialist, you can expect to earn 25% on your personal retail sales. When you join the company as a scent specialist, you can take control of your financial future while being given adequate freedom on your schedule and your work hours. It is completely up to you to decide how many shows you want to attend in a month and how much you want to earn. You can also choose to focus on attending shows or focus on online selling or person-to-person selling, depending on which method you are most comfortable with, though of course attending weekly home parties can give your business such a huge advantage which is why it is highly recommended.

You can earn sales commissions on a weekly basis and easily get promoted if you meet certain monthly sales goals. Top performing scent specialists also earn awards, recognition, and free trips. Since the company knows that comprehensive training ands support is necessary to achieve success in direct sales, there are regional sales directors assigned to different areas for easy mentoring. So whether you are looking for some additional income or you want to earn a sizable income as an alternative to a 9 to 5 job, you can certainly find what you are looking for through the David Oreck Candle Company.

DOCC Home Parties and Host Rewards

As a party-plan company, the David Oreck Candle Company wants their scent specialists and as well as their customers to have fun along the way. Through home parties, scent specialists can earn their sales commissions and party hostesses can earn free products and large discounts just by opening their homes to DOCC and its scent specialists. DOCC hosts can earn 10% of their party sales in host credits.

The rewards you are entitled to, as a party host, will depend on your party sales. For minimum party sales of $150 to $199, you can earn $15 in free host credits, which you can use to purchase DOCC products and you can also purchase 1 item for half the price off. Party Sales of $300 to $349 can earn a host $30 in host credits plus two items at half the price off. The maximum amount of host credits that a DOCC party host can earn is $100 for party sales of $1000. This will also give you the opportunity to purchase 6 DOCC products for 50% off. In addition, party hosts can earn for each party guest who books their own show at the party. The amount you can earn for getting bookings will also be relative to your party sales. For instance, if you make minimum party sales of $150, you can earn $30 for booking a new show but if you reach the maximum party sales of $1000, you can earn $200 for getting someone to book their own DOCC show with your scent specialist.

Whether you are looking for candles and decorative accents for your home or you want to make a living selling candles that are not only superior in quality but also when it comes to aesthetics, the David Oreck Candle Company certainly has something for you.

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wrote 7 years ago

Just the best candle ever, all soy, wonderful scents. I go out of my way to Greensboro NC to pick up a bunch!!!

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