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Fans of Guy & Eva jewelry now have more reasons to fall in love with the brand, as their beautiful pieces are now available through their team of style advisors. You too, can join this exclusive business opportunity as a style advisor and earn as much as 51% on personal sales commissions plus discounts on your own jewelry purchases.

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Guy & Eva - Our Thoughts

Originally launched as a retail jewelry line, Guy & Eva is certainly not a stranger to the fashion industry. The brand has been known for years not only for delivering superior jewelry pieces but also for its affordable price tag. Over the years, the brand name Guy & Eva has been made synonymous with style, practicality, and affordability. Widely popular as a jewelry brand of choice among many celebrities, Guy & Eva offers a great venue for many women to shop for classic and contemporary jewelry without costing them an arm and a leg. The brand has certainly made quite a name for itself in the retail fashion industry and due to its large following, many people started becoming interested in selling Guy & Eva merchandise. This opened up an opportunity for the company to venture into direct selling. Guy & Eva’s direct sales franchise was launched in August 2009 and opened up new business opportunities for women who were interested in selling the brand’s jewelry. Guy & Eva has achieved much success after venturing into the direct sales industry. Employing the home party-plan system, Guy & Eva has not only made it possible for women to start their own businesses but they have also made their line of jewelry accessible to a wider, much bigger market.

Guy & Eva Jewelry

Guy & Eva prides itself with delivering high quality jewelry pieces that are not only superior in craftsmanship but also in style. The company promises superior pieces to its customers and offers a lifetime repair and replacement policy against any manufacturer’s defects, proof of their dedication in delivering customer satisfaction. Guy & Eva offers jewelry pieces from earrings and necklaces to rings and jewelry sets. Most of their pieces are plated either with rhodium or 18K gold.

From classic jewelry pieces such as pendant necklaces and drop earrings embellished with various gemstones to more contemporary, bold pieces like large cocktail rings with gemstones, floral rings embellished with clear cubic zirconia stones, and jewelry featuring honeysuckle quartz, amethyst, soladite, and clear crystals, you can find quite a selection of pieces from Guy & Eva that embody your personal taste and style. Since all their jewelry are set in high-grade metals, you can be assured that with proper care, your jewelry can last for a lifetime. Their jewelry sets consist of mostly classic pieces that include sets of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Whether you are looking for simple but elegant pieces that you can use everyday or bold statement jewelry that you can use for a night out or for special occasions, Guy & Eva certainly will not disappoint.

Guy & Eva Business Opportunity

Part of the reason why Guy & Eva decided to venture into direct sales is because of the overwhelming number of people who wanted to start their own business selling Guy & Eva jewelry. Whether you’ve always been a fan of the brand’s jewelry or you are looking for more ways to earn money or you simply have a passion for jewelry and you would like to share your passion with other women, Guy & Eva has something for you. Guy & Eva style advisors do not only get the opportunity of starting their own jewelry business when they join the company as consultants but they also get the advantage of representing the company’s exclusive line of jewelry. As a style advisor, you get complete freedom over your work hours, your schedule, and most importantly, your financial future. Earn more than a decent income by selling your merchandise online or through style sessions where you can meet new people, widen your connections, and get more contacts and customers. Being a style advisor is fun, easy, and financially rewarding. To join, you simply have to sign up with an existing style advisor, as you will need a sponsor to get into the company’s consultancy program. If you don’t have a sponsor in mind, simply get in touch with the company through their website and they will assign an advisor to you.

Guy & Eva’s Business in a Box

Guy & Eva offers two versions of their business-in-a-box starter kit. You will need your kit to get you started, as it contains everything you need to launch your new venture.

Option 1: Standard Version

This starter kit option comes with $800 worth of preselected jewelry, which will serve as your initial inventory. It also comes with your very own Guy & Eva tote, which you can carry around with you wherever you go. In addition, you get 10 catalogs, 30 mini collection books, a ring sizer, a polish cloth, order sheets, and your own display tools. You also get your own advisor website and an online back office where you can log into any time to check your earnings and the status of your orders. This kit is all yours for only $149.

Option 2: Tailored Version

This starter kit option comes with the same business supplies as the standard version. It also comes with $800 worth of Guy & Eva jewelry, the only difference is you can choose which pieces you would like to receive with your kit. This will make it easier for you to choose pieces that you know your personal network would love and enjoy. The kit is available to new advisors for $199.

Style Advisor Compensation Plan

As a Guy & Eva style advisor, you have control over how much you earn. Style advisors can earn personal sales commissions ranging from 30% to 51%, depending on their leadership level and monthly personal sales volume. You can also sponsor new style advisors and receive sponsorship bonuses for each advisor you personally sponsor into your team. When you build your team, you get more venues to earn, as you can receive commissions from up to three levels of downline representatives. For as long as you are able to meet the sales volume requirements for your level and mentor enough advisors, you should have no trouble reaching the top of the company’s leadership hierarchy. Top performing style advisors also get a chance to receive free vacation trips with the whole family.

Guy & Eva Style Sessions

Anyone can host a style session for Guy & Eva, you simply have to contact a style advisor to book a date. Guy & Eva hostesses can earn 20% of their party sales in free jewelry. Hostesses also get the chance to purchase as much as 5 items at half the price off, depending on party sales. You can be eligible for Guy & Eva’s hostess rewards program for minimum party sales of only $100.

Guy & Eva has certainly proven that they can succeed in any sales format. Be it retail or direct sales, their line of jewelry will always have a steady following from consumers. So if you are looking for the perfect company to venture into, you certainly won’t go wrong with Guy & Eva.

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