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Anyone who is familiar with the direct selling industry has heard of Mary Kay. For over four decades now, the name Mary Kay has been tantamount to quality and success. With more than two million independent consultants all over the world, Mary Kay is continuously expanding its horizons to offer better business opportunities to everyone.

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The Mary Kay Story

Mary Kay is known to a lot of people as one of the most successful direct selling companies in the world but it is not known to many how this world-renowned company came to be. A woman named Mary Kay Ash established Mary Kay, after she resigned from her position as National training director at a direct selling company. Like many women in the corporate world, Mary Kay Ash found herself being overworked and yet underappreciated.

Soon after she left the company, she set out to start her very own direct selling company with the help of her son. Mary Kay Ash used up all of her savings to start “Beauty by Mary Kay”—a lifestyle direct selling company that is aimed at making every woman, regardless of occupation, feel special.  She opened the very first office in a small business location in Dallas.

When Mary Kay first opened its doors in the fall of 1963, they were only limited to selling skincare and makeup products. It did not take too long for Mary Kay to expand its product base, in 1965, Mary Kay launched its first clothing line—a selection of suits made especially for women who wanted to dress for success. 

Mary Kay Ash started Beauty by Mary Kay primarily to give women a chance to make something out of their lives without having to give up their family life to launch and maintain their careers. The Company now has over 2 million independent consultants, serving 35 markets all over the world. Mary Kay is, without a doubt, one of the biggest and most successful direct selling companies in the world.

Mary Kay Beauty Products

Mary Kay offers a wide-range of products that every woman can enjoy. The company is best known for their skincare and makeup products, as their line of Mary Kay makeup and skincare has been around since the company’s inception in 1963. From basic skin care to anti-aging products, there is a Mary Kay product for all women regardless of age.

Mary Kay also features a line of fragrances for both men and women. Their line of Mary Kay products for men also includes basic skin care and sun care. Having been in the industry for almost five decades, the company ensures that all products are sold with their customer’s satisfaction guaranteed.

When Mary Kay Ash founded the company in 1963, she knew that for any company to succeed it was necessary to provide products that are of high quality while still managing to keep prices at a reasonable rate. She wanted a company that was made especially to understand the needs of women and this is exactly what Mary Kay is all about—a company that provides great opportunities for all women from all walks of life. Having been in the direct selling industry herself before she started her own company, Mary Kay Ash knew that for any salesperson to succeed it was necessary to believe in the products that she sold. With Mary Kay products, every distributor can be assured that what they are selling their customers have been tested for quality and since the company has already built a name for itself in the direct selling industry, selling the products need not be as difficult as selling a new product that is unknown to the public.

Whether you want to focus on selling Mary Kay cosmetics alone or you want to branch out into their other collections, you can choose which products and how much of each you would like to sell.

Mary Kay Business Opportunity

As one of the biggest direct selling companies in the world, interested consultants are presented with a business opportunity that would be very difficult to refuse. An opportunity to earn large amounts of profit in retail sales, comprehensive training, and a host of great rewards are but a few of what Mary Kay consultants can expect from joining the company.

Anyone can join Mary Kay and become an independent consultant for just $100 and this fee is inclusive of all the tools you need to get your business launched successfully. With the number of ways that one can market and sell Mary Kay products, profit is almost always guaranteed for all consultants. Be it in person through one-on-one consultations and hostess parties or through the Internet marketing, the possibilities are endless.

Mary Kay Starter Kit

Upon joining the company and paying the $100 fee, you will receive your Mary Kay starter kit in the mail within a few days. The kit contains sample products so you can market them immediately to friends and family. The kit contains enough products for thirty people and several free catalogs to share with your customers. The kit is also inclusive of a free personalized makeup kit with colors of your choice and as well as free business cards for your business. Mary Kay consultants also get an announcement e-mail for free to help them announce the launch of their business. The Mary Kay starter kit is essential for all new consultants, as it is their key to launching their business to start earning money.

Mary Kay Compensation Plan

Mary Kay offers one of the most attractive compensation plans in the direct selling industry. Mary Kay consultants get a chance to earn 50% profit in retail sales. This is one of the highest rates in the industry and since it is up to you to decide how much you want to sell, you have complete control over your schedule and how much you earn.  Whether you just want to earn a few extra dollars to cover the bills or you want to match how much you used to earn with a full-time job, you are given complete control over your financial future.

Mary Kay’s rewards program has always been around even when the company was just starting out. All Mary Kay consultants are given the chance to earn great rewards and bonuses, as the company wants to make sure that all your hard work for the company is paid off. With enough hard work and dedication, you too can own a Mary Kay company car or a free vacation with your special someone all courtesy of the company. You can also choose other great prizes such as elegant jewelry pieces, a television set, and everything else that your heart desires. Mary Kay has been providing these items of luxury to top consultants for almost five decades now and the company’s rewards system just keeps getting better and better.

With a business that allows you to earn your own income and be your own boss plus great rewards for your milestones, consultants can’t really ask for more. Mary Kay stays true to her promise of making every woman a success.

Mary Kay Parties and Hostess Rewards

With the company of great friends, fun makeovers, and a chance to purchase high-quality beauty products, what woman wouldn’t want to host a Mary Kay party? Aside from getting the chance to enjoy the company of great people, Mary Kay hostesses are also in for a lot of great rewards and treats just for hosting a party.

Mary Kay hostesses can earn free products for opening up their homes to Beauty Consultants. You get to choose what rewards you want in exchange for hosting a party. You can earn up to 20% in FREE Mary Kay products for hosting one party and booking two new parties or you can choose to avail of a $40 discount when purchasing Mary Kay products. The company also has special rewards that are available for a limited time only so you should make sure to ask your Beauty consultant about this at your party.

Hosting a Mary Kay party isn’t that difficult, as you will get all the help you need from your beauty consultant. Just be creative when organizing the party and you’ll surely end up with happy guests, a happy consultant and a host of new Mary Kay products all to yourself. 

Mary Kay has been in the industry for 48 years and its founder has been into direct selling for 25 years before she started the company. With this much experience in direct selling, consultants can be assured that their mentors at Mary Kay are already industry experts. Mary Kay is one of the few companies that deliver what they promise. They do not boast of attractive compensations only to leave their consultants disappointed, instead, they make sure that each product sold is credited to the consultant in terms of commission and retail sales.

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wrote 7 years ago

No other skincare products have consistently delivered results I could depend on. I know I could spend more on other brands, but I won't get more for what I spend. I have confidence that I am using the very best in skincare on the market today.

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wrote 7 years ago

Started using MK @ 11yrs old for my skin. Became a consultant at 18 to help put a single mom through college. At 44, 2 successful adult children and 1 more still in college, 2 grandkids & and 24 yr marriage blessed by the values of Faith, Family, & Career being a focus; Mary Kay is still a tradition thats beauty is much deeper than makeup. The philosopher Cicero once said, "The face is a picture of the mind as the eyes are its interpreter." Itheater is an honor & privilege to have relationships w/ my clients. Skin care & make-up is merely the Avenue to which I put more smile...

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