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If you could buy great health for a minimal monthly cost, using supplement packs to feel better, think more clearly and even slim down - why wouldn’t you? Le-VEL is a direct sales monthly supplement company backed by science and supported with amazing results from its users. With a powerful blend of proven nutrients, minerals, vitamins and more, each monthly delivery of the company’s Thrive line of products brings your body that much closer to your goals. Whether you’re striving for an ideal weight, a better immune system or improved general health, it’s time to Le-VEL up your efforts.

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  • Company Overview

    More than the things you own, the hobbies you enjoy, or even the food you eat, a solid base of optimal health and well-being is vital to truly enjoy life. Le-VEL is a direct sales company that addresses that need with a perfect blend of modern technology and nutrition, along with the convenience a busy lifestyle demands. With four targeted nutritional supplements as well as a trio of “Plus” line supplements to get you to your goals faster, Le-VEL’s Thrive products will help you transform you in ways that will leave you happier and healthier than ever before.

    Products to Count On

    Each product in the Le-VEL lines is specially formulated and enhanced to increase attributes such as strength, digestion and mental clarity - even the specific needs of male and female users. Packaged in handy monthly kits, the transformation begins with the “Thrive 8 Week Experience” - the company’s term for the premium life-changing effect that users experience after only two months of taking the Le-VEL product collection that’s been matched to their needs. Supplements are “micronized” for easy digestion, allowing them to be absorbed and put to work quickly, unlike other supplements that require considerably more time to digest.

    Getting Involved with Le-VEL

    Le-VEL customers that experience the amazing lifestyle change the supplements bring often want to share the good experience with others, so the company offers a very lucrative option for direct sales. In addition to receiving their own Thrive products for free, Le-VEL representatives can earn great profits from every user they introduce to the monthly supplement plan. In fact, in addition to free Thrive products and commissions on monthly auto-ship sales, Le-VEL reps can earn great incentives like iPads and even luxury cars by building and growing a solid team of representatives beneath them. Better yet, the team lead continues to earn downline income from these team members as well as the tech and vehicle incentives.

    Le-VEL and You

    If you’re serious about balancing health, wellness, weight loss and fitness, Le-VEL is a direct sales company and product line that will fit right into your life. Use and sell products that promote the things you’re passionate about - you’ll get to jump start your own health through the “Thrive 8 Week Experience” and help others discover their best selves through the products too - and make a profit while you do! Start your Le-VEL experience today and discover why it’s not enough just to live, it’s time to boost your body, your wallet and your life by making the switch to Thrive.

  • Products

    Le-VEL has made a huge name for themselves in the supplement market by taking the guesswork out of supplements and nutritional balance. Enthusiastic fans are raving about the difference that the “Thrive 8 Week Experience” has made for them, leaving them with benefits like more energy, more fat-burning ability, better digestion and even mental clarity.

    Everything You Need

    Struggling with dozens of different bottles, powders, pills and blends can make any approach to a healthy lifestyle seem like a chore rather than a positive step. Le-VEL removes this frustrating “musical chairs” aspect of supplement choice and delivery in favor of a monthly collection of shakes, supplements and other fast-delivery supplement formats that are specifically tuned in to your goals. With the company’s plus line, you can even incorporate additional supplemental emphasis into problem areas for better results.

    Fast Absorption, Fast Results

    Each facet of the products in their Thrive lines has been carefully adjusted for maximum results in minimal time, with speed-boosting innovations like micronized particles and their revolutionary patent-pending skin patch, called DFT, or derma-fusion technology. This commitment to lifestyle ease reflects the company’s attitude about health and well-being: namely that it shouldn’t be a time-consuming struggle to get the body and lifestyle you want.

    Inspire Confidence in Yourself and Others

    Le-VEL knows that direct sales efforts work the best when the salesperson truly believes in what they’re selling. Rather than just hyping their products and relying on brochures to sell the Thrive line, Le-VEL encourages all potential representatives to get into the program themselves, even facilitating the transition by making their supplement package free after only two auto-ship sales. Once you’ve experienced the difference that the “Thrive 8 Week Experience” has made in your life, it will be very easy to explain your enthusiasm to potential customers using personal, first-hand knowledge.

    Clear Labeling, Clear Results

    Everything offered by Le-VEL and their Thrive product lines is carefully formulated, monitored and packaged by the company, ensuring consistency. When you use the Thrive monthly supplement package, you’ll never have to worry that one part of your supplement equation is sub-par, or that the purity or volume of some off-brand supplement is suspect. Le-VEL drives their business on results, and only delivers the best products to keep that positive momentum going for their customer base.

    If you’re tired of being tired, weak, hungry or overweight, it’s time to make a change. Don’t just live - Thrive today!

  • Compensation Plan

    If you’re looking to pick up some extra income, what better way than telling people about a user-friendly, life-changing product that you use yourself? Le-VEL not only offers a premium product with health and wellness in mind, they’ve built a direct sales opportunity designed to bring you excellent profits in exchange for spreading the word about their supplement packages. The company offers free product after only two sign-ups, but that’s only the beginning of the benefits you’ll enjoy.

    Health, Wealth and….Cars?

    Once you’ve signed up your first two happy clients and enjoyed the “best you that you can be” courtesy of your free monthly supplement packs, you’re well on your way to a bright future with Le-VEL. 20% commissions add up and up, and as you build your team of promoters, you’ll earn bonuses based on their sales and how quickly the progress - top-tier earners even get an $800 monthly bonus towards a luxury car!

    A Lucrative Start

    Once you decide to begin your direct sales career with Le-VEL, you’ll get great incentives right out of the gate. The GO VIP bonus rewards you for hard work in your first 14 days as a rep - up to $800 of additional income and $200 of product credit are yours for the taking once you hit your beginner’s goals. Love high-tech gadgets? You’re in luck - Hit 4,000 in qualification volume in your first month and you’ll be tallying up your profits on a free iPad mini, courtesy of another Le-VEL promo.

    More Than Supplements

    Le-VEL and their Thrive Premium Lifestyle Products are more than just traditional supplements, they represent an intrinsic addition to the user’s day to day lifestyle and health goals. Thanks to this setup - which provides a monthly customized supplement solution - promoters are less likely to “shed” customers. Additionally, the time span on the initial “try out” period (The 8 Week Thrive Experience) requires at least two months of commitment, which makes the customer even less likely to opt out down the road. Combine this built-in loyalty with unique innovative products like the DFT patch - Derma Fusion Technology that works via a patch adhered to the skin - and you have a product line that invites excited exploration, not refusals.

    Le-VEL has risen to fame on their Thrive product experience, and promoters are finding a health-focused pool of potential customers that are ready to listen, learn and buy into the Thrive lifestyle. Position yourself as the person to get them there and you’ll enjoy everything from free product to the opportunity to earn free cars and iPads, all for talking about a product you already believe in.

  • Pros / Cons


    High-profit health supplements sector.


    Health supplements sector.

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wrote 6 years ago

This is no fairy tail, and I’m not some castle living princess but I was a skeptic who thought this was going to be just like all the other fads Out there. It was day 7 when I realized that just like cinderella got her shoe back, I felt like I got me back. I had this energy and my my mom brain was thinking clearly.. I love how I feel, I am ACTUALLY AT MY GOAL WEIGHT

Helpful (5)
wrote 8 years ago

Le-vel is an amazing line of products that offers so many benefits! If you are lacking energy, wishing for better sleep at night, more mental clarity, than Thrive is for you! There are also many other benefits you will have by using these products!

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Le-Vel Thrive FAQ

Le-VEL is a direct sales company that manufactures and sells nutritional supplement packages through a network of representatives. Plans are available to address a variety of concerns, such as energy, mental clarity and nutritional requirements at every age and activity level. Kits come in convenient monthly packages for easy dosing.
Le-VEL products are sold in special packs designed to be taken over the course of a month. These packs start at about $100 for the base-level lifestyle pack and move up to $300 for a couples’ pack that comes with formula-infused skin patches for a boost to overall program results.
Le-VEL products, including their monthly packs and the patent-pending DFT skin patch, can be purchased through a company representative in your area. Once you try the “ Thrive 8 Week Experience” and want to continue, your representative will be able to provide additional monthly supplements and suggestions for enhancements based on your goals.