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Est. Brand Partners
4% - 35%
Downline Commission
4% - 6%
Startup Cost
$49 - $299
Products Sold
Health Supplements
Health & Eco Friendly
Home Office
13799 Park Boulevard North Seminole, FL 33776 US

Bravenly Global is a new company to hit the direct sales industry. With a husband and wife power team, Aspen and Brent Emery have created a company that empowers others to live a healthy life. Their company is for anyone who wants to create a side hustle to an empire for anyone or even just enjoy discounts and perks of being a Brand Ambassador. They have three products that address things that affect a healthy lifestyle like food cravings, metabolism, blood sugar levels, energy, digestion, and stress. They have easy auto-shipping options to help Brand Partners build and retain commissions.

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  • Company Overview

    Bravenly Global is a new company that thoughtfully created products centered around health and wellness. Aspen Emery, along with her husband Brent, not only started a direct sales company with products in mind but action, but they also provide coaching and wellness tips to you to help make a breakthrough in your health journey. They have recently launched their company and have founding-member opportunities for those who want to go all-in as a Brand Partner.

    Bravenly Global has launched with three foundation products that can be used separately or work together in what they call their Breakthrough Bundle. If you love their products and want to earn perks, discounts and receive inside tips and tools. Signing up to be a Bravenly Global Brand Ambassador is as simple. It’s a small fee to sign up of $9.99 to be a VIP customer and start receiving perks. To join and start selling Bravenly Global Gold Supplements or Bravenly Global Burn Metabolism Supplements, there are two ways to become a Brand Partner. One is to join with a Bravenly Business Kit that has a guide, business tools, and training materials. The second option is to join with an Ultimate Business Kit that has the Business Kit along with two Bravenly Breakthrough Bundles. The “Ultimate Bravenly Global Business Kit” products are worth over $400 at the price of $299. If you purchase this kit, it allows you to earn commissions immediately after you sell the products.

    Bravenly Global is run by a social media guru, Aspen Emery, which allows you a ground-floor opportunity that could have a social media brand frenzy. They have tools, tips, and training with their Bravenly University making it easier to hit the ground running with your Bravenly Global Brand Partner business.

    They give back to the community with their Beyond Bravenly Foundation that helps to assist the underserved.

    The three foundation products that Bravenly Global has launched are the Bravenly Gold, Bravenly Burn, and Bravenly Balance products.

    Bravenly Global Gold is a product crafted to boost metabolism, burn fat, empower the immune system, and diminish food cravings. It’s in a powder form that is easy to add hot tea, power snacks, or even stir into a milk product. It is formulated with Tumeric is known to help with inflammation, coconut milk, black pepper, cinnamon, and more. It’s a great way to start the day by adding it to a smoothie.

    Bravenly Burn is a supplement that is traditionally taken with a meal, one to three times a day. It aids in digestion, can help with curbing cravings, boost one’s immune system with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and other ingredients that also assist with blood sugar and energy levels.

    Bravenly Balance in Mixed Berry is the third product in the powerhouse trio of products offered by Bravenly Global. It’s packed with 50 carefully formulated ingredients that assist with nine different issues for your body to function at full capacity. The nine formulas that the Bravenly Balance blend helps with are stress, fiber, whole food & prebiotic, metabolism, immune system, veggies, detox, digestive, and probiotic. Scoop this and mix it into a glass of water or add this to a breakfast smoothie with the Bravenly Gold powder.

    The ultimate Breakthrough Bundle by Bravenly Global is a three product savings bundle that offers all three products, Bravenly Gold, Bravenly Burn, and Bravenly Balance.

  • Starter Kit

    There are two ways to join Bravenly Global as a Brand Partner. One way is to join with the Bravenly Business Kit which is only $49.99. It contains no products but has training tools and a business guide to help you launch your business.

    The other starter kit is called the Ultimately Bravenly Business Kit for $299.99 that contains two Breakthrough Bundles. The Breakthrough Bundles contain Bravenly Gold, Bravenly Burn, and Bravenly Balance. It has not just one Breakthrough Bundle, but two! It also contains the Bravenly Business Kit. This kit allows you to start earning a commission on day one and start enjoying and sharing products with future Bravenly Global clients.

  • Compensation Plan

    Minimum commissions start at 4% and go up to 35% as you build your downline and create your own business. As you build your team of Bravenly Global Brand Partners and Ambassadors you can earn 4% to 6% on your team.

    There are three phases of the Bravenly Global Business Plan. The first is the Foundation Phase where a Brand Partners earns personal retail commission and adds VIP clients with Brand Ambassadors, selling to them with a discount while earning commission on repeat, loyal clients. The second phase is called the Growth Phase where a Brand Partner continues to sell Bravenly Global products and grows a personal team and builds a downline of Brand Partners and Brand Ambassadors. Growing a team will allow different avenues of commission. Phase Three is Leadership where you grow teams with their own downline and have multi-generational downline. This is where you can really benefit from your massive team and elevate yourself even further to the Executive Level where you share in the National Pool of commissions.

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros: Bravenly Global a new company that provides solutions to problems that affect millions of people every day. It’s a product with auto-ship to keep orders coming in for Brand Partners. They offer Brand Ambassadorship to create loyal, VIP clients who may end up joining a Brand Partner’s team. Bravenly Global is a technology and social media-focused company. With Aspen Emery’s media background she has the leadership and understands the power of brand identity and online reviews of the product boost recognition and sales. They have a Bravenly University for new Brand Partners to learn the business using virtual tools. With it being a new company they have a Founding Brand Partner Club for those who want to really go all in and build their business. It ends April 30th, 2021 so join soon to get going on it!

    CONS: You have minimums to meet of $100 Personal Qualification Volume (PQV) which is actually on the low side for some direct sales companies. However, 51% of your Bravenly Global Personal Qualification Volume must come from customers, whether that is retail sales or Bravenly Global Brand Ambassadors. Product line is weak. Product genre is impacted. Product is marketing based.

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Bravenly Global can be purchased from a Brand Partner through the Bravenly Global replicated website. Prices range from $49.99 to $199.99. Purchases can also made directly from their Bravenly Global Brand Partner. Easy ship subscription models are made it easy for automatic shipping. There is an option to become a Bravenly Global Brand Ambassador to receive discounts on orders and other fun treats like a birthday gift and referral perks.
Bravenly Global is a direct sales company focused on health and wellness. The company strongly focuses on social media and Brand Ambassadors and Brand Partners to create perks for promoting Bravenly Global. The company provides smartphone tools and Bravenly University for Brand Partners to learn about the products and how to build their business. Team building and retail sales are ways that a Brand Partner earns a commission. The Breakthrough Bundle is the best deal for Bravenly Global clients because it packages all three products, Bravenly Global Gold, Bravenly Global Burn, and Bravenly Global Balance for a discounted bundle. Those who want to purchase the Bravenly Global Balance in Mixed Berry for a discount can join as a Brand Ambassador and enjoy the perks of membership.

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