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Est. Consultants
20% - 35%
Downline Commission
Startup Cost
$49 - $149
Products Sold
Candle & Home Fragrance, Jewelry

If your love of fabulous fragrances is eclipsed only by your passion for glittering jewels JewelScent is the perfect fit. Whether a devoted customer or an enthusiastic Consultant, be drawn to this company’s dedication to premium ingredients, lovingly crafted fragrances and the intrigue of the hidden baubles that make the finders smile. Light the candle, melt the tart, open the beads or wash with soaps and scrubs -- all products will surround you with scents to treasure and surprise with sparkling gems to flaunt. Easy as sharing a link, open your own JewelScent business and share this incredible sense of joy and discovery while earning real financial rewards

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JewelScent - Our Thoughts

The mission of JewelScent is summed up by one word -- love. Founder Sara Nguyen combined a love of family, a love of fragrance and a love of making others feel valued to create JewelScent. While using her degree in mathematics and economics to help her husband’s family long-time fashion jewelry business Sara experienced both the angst and the joy of entrepreneurship, discovering also how rewarding it is to bring delight to customers who love the beauty of her products, especially when her determination was to provide only the highest quality items to keep bringing them back.

After taking a brief break to start a family Sara knew she needed to add to her young family’s income and regain that feeling of sharing beauty and value. Pondering the possibilities, she fell back upon her love of fresh and evocative aromas and remembered the pleasure the family’s jewelry brought to customers in search of an affordable piece of glittering elegance.

Thus JewelScent was formed, offering lushly scented candles and personal care products studded with gleaming rings set with sparkling stones in a rainbow of colors, marketed through a direct sale model. The company launched in 2013, featuring soy blend wax candles, wax tarts, beads, hand soaps and body scrubs, each product handcrafted and containing a hidden ring.

The secret prize waiting within every JewelScent product is a beautiful high-fashion ring valued from $10 to $7,500. Inspired by the happiness the family business brought to everyone, regardless of budget constraints,with their luxurious looking jewelry Sara added a little mystery to the traditional candle and soap direct sales product set.

Every time a candle is lit or hard working hands get a rub-a-dub scrub a sense of great anticipation melds with the glorious fragrance that fills the room. JewelScent customers enjoy wonderful aromas while keeping an eye out for that glint of gold or silver foil signalling the treasure hunt has been successful.

JewelScent knows what it is like to be raising a family, torn between the need to work to put food on the table yet wanting to be there to see their precious children enjoy every morsel. Budding entrepreneurs who value balance in their lives will find the lucrative business opportunity with JewelScent to be tailor made for them because the founders share this value.

Consultants and customers alike are treated like family by JewelScent, with generous commissions for consultants and reduced prices for loyal customers. All transactions are handled automatically online, their scented products winging their way to homes across the nation with just a click, revealing hidden glamour as lovely fragrances perfume a room or soften and scent skin with love.

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wrote 7 years ago

really love how the candles smell as well as the soap, beads, body cream, scrub and wax tarts .

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JewelScent FAQ

JewelScent is the happy result of a perfect fusion of founder Sara Nguyen’s love of handcrafted scents and her husband’s family’s jewelry business. Sharing beautiful and uniquely fragranced candles, soaps, beads, scrubs and wax tarts, each with a gorgeous hidden ring valued from $10 to $7500, can be your dream business opportunity.
Beads, tarts and soaps from JewelScent are a wonderful value, hidden rings assessed from $10 to $7500, priced less than $20. Classic candles with a ring are about $25 while Signature Candles boast rings worth at least $15 at a cost of $24. Perfect Gifts $40 Occasion Candles feature two rings and special edition $50 Trio rings have three.
JewelScent is sold online through the websites each Consultant receives from the company. No in-home parties are required although online events are encouraged, often shared through social media. Products are shipped directly to the customer so Consultants do not need to maintain an inventory. Consultants simply share their link and sales follow